What is the significance of Exalted Venus (Venus in Pisces) in Vedic Astrology?

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As already explained before Venus is your love and passion in life. Pisces (or 12th house) is a very spiritual and isolated sign. If your Venus is in Pisces sign (Exalted Venus) it means you are a divine personality. You are in the category of highest level of human beings on the earth. Your love and passion are not for the materialistic things of life. But it is more so true if your Venus is exalted in the Navamsa Chart (D9). The planets in the birth chart only show your life's situation while the planets in the Navamsa Chart shows how you are from inside.

Suppose you are a Yogi and reside in the Himalayas and spend most of your time in chanting mantras and doing meditation. So here, your passion is for meditation and accomplishing the spiritual tasks in an isolated place, the Himalayas. Then obviously your Venus should be in Pisces in your birth chart as your life's situation is to have passion and love for isolation and spirituality as Pisces sign is all about isolation and spirituality. But that doesn't mean from inside you feel like exalted Venus. It may be your Venus is debilitated from inside and that may be the reason you went to the Himalayas to improve your Venus. In that case, your Venus will be debilitated in the Navamsa Chart though it may be exalted in the birth chart.

So to feel like exalted Venus from inside it should actually happen in your Navamsa Chart first. Many people have an exalted Venus in the birth chart but they are taking the drugs and remain cut-off from society (isolation). So it is not always so that you are a divine personality if your Venus is exalted in the birth chart. You need to look at the placement of your Venus in the Navamsa Chart (D9 chart) as well. But one thing is sure that an exalted Venus > if it is happening in the birth chart of a man then definitely his wife (incoming if not married) will be of a character of an exalted Venus as Venus represents the wife in man's birth chart.

Exalted Venus people are peaceful from inside and they are more about the divine and pure love than the love for the perishable worldly things. They have a love for humanity and so want to represent the masses in some way by being on the stage. They mostly want to be alone (but collective at the same time > but divine collectivity) and run away from the public during working hours. But that doesn't mean they are afraid of the public, just they are introvert. They want to be collective when on the stage when it comes to divine enjoyment through music, dance, singing, etc. as divinity is expressed through music, dance, singing, etc. Also, when you work over the internet you may be alone (in your room) but still interacting with people (collective) from behind the scenes via the internet.

They mostly choose the type of work where they can work in isolation (avoid public dealings) or remain behind the scenes like painters, musicians, drummists, singers, computers (you are behind the scenes when you work on the computer using the internet), journalists, social workers, etc. Venus is creativity and so the creativity is enhanced when the Venus is exalted.

Venus in Libra people wants to make a lot of relationships with other people. But Venus in Pisces people doesn't believe in making relationships. They are very creative people and so want to spend their time doing something very creative like designing, coding, meditation, yoga, etc.

But the sign of Pisces has it's negative effects also as Pisces (12th house in astrology) is a sign of dream world too. If Mars is not well placed 'Venus in Pisces' people can enjoy sexuality a lot especially if they are not married. For example, if Mars is in 8th house as 8th house is of sexual activities too. But if Mars is, say in 10th house or 9th house where it is very strong, then the person will be highly dignified and then Exalted Venus will make him very creative whatever he does.

Exalted Venus people believe in true love (or divine love). If a woman or a man is of materialistic nature then they cannot connect with them. Just give up your desires and become innocent like a child and be romantic (but with divine love) and then you will be winning the heart of the person with exalted Venus. If you are too much social then you cannot go along with 'Venus in Pisces' person because he/she is intoxicated in his/her own world.

One major reason Venus is exalted in Pisces because Venus represents women and the main job of a woman in this life is to remain behind the scenes (12th house isolation) and take care of the home and the children. A man has to be in front and take care of the expenses (6th house of work).

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