Which is the place where three seas meet together in South India?

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Triveni Sangam
There is a small town known by the name Kanyakumari in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the two adjoining states at the extreme south of India. Kanyakumari is the town located at the southernmost corner of Tamil Nadu, and that is where the land of India ends in the south and the sea starts. Beaches are usually the places where the land ends and the sea starts. Kanyakumari beach, in Kanyakumari, is a great tourist attraction. After reaching this beach you can view the three seas meeting together.

Assuming you are standing on the beach, with your face towards the water in the ocean (your back towards northern India), these 3 seas are Arabian Sea (coming from your right), Bay of Bengal (coming from your left) and Indian Ocean (coming from your front). This place is named as Triveni Sangam, where the three seas meet together. At Triveni Sangam, the waves of three seas strike with each other and fall apart, and one can distinguish the waves by their different colors, through the naked eye. So, this is what Kanyakumari is famous for. Triveni Sangam is considered an important place for a sacred bath, and that is the reason a lot of people come here to take bath. It is said, all your sins will get washed, after taking a sacred bath on Triveni Sangam.

Another important tourist attraction in Kanyakumari is the sunrise and the sunset. You can see the sun rising in the morning (6 am) from anywhere on the beach, and even from your hotel, if you have booked the hotel like Sea View Hotel which is located right at the sea beach. But usually, the gathering takes place at sunrise point, located behind the Amman temple on the Kanyakumari Beach, to see the sunrise. But the rush is too much here in the morning. You will already find lots of people taking the photographs here of the sunrise. Sunrise here is simply eye-catching, and it is different in the sense, that the sun here comes out from sea level, and it looks like a magical ball in orange color, and then as it rises above the sea level, it seems like spreading all its glory on the waves of the sea. It appears, as if, the whole sea is covered with fire waves. Even though the sun is at a distant horizon, we feel that we could touch the sun. All this cannot be expressed in words, you need to experience it. Watch sunrise in Kanyakumari in this youtube video.

Like the sunrise, sunset can be viewed from anywhere you like, but usually, there are two places where the majority of the gathering is there for sunset. One is from sunset point and other is from view tower. A very nominal fee of Rs.25 (25 cents) is charged to see the sunset from view tower. You will enjoy more while viewing from 'view tower' than 'sunset point' because of the excess crowd. As you know, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. So over the same beach, in the morning, you will have to turn your face towards the Bay of Bengal to see the sunrise, while in the evening you will have to turn your face towards the Arabian Sea to see the sunset. So it is a question of just turning the faces to see two different things on the same beach.

Kanyakumari is also a good place for meditation. There is a specific place called as Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial, built on a big rock located some 400m from the seashore. In fact, there are two rocks side by side projecting out of the sea. The rock is approachable only by boat, which provides a pleasure cruise into the sea. Inside the Rock Memorial, there is a special room for meditation, and that is where you need to meditate, as this place is very peaceful and well known for its divinity, as Swami Vivekananda himself meditated here after he got his enlightenment. This youtube video shows that place with a peaceful song being played at the same time. To know more about other tourist attractions in the town of Kanyakumari, please visit the official site kanyakumari.tn.nic.in .

How to reach Kanyakumari?

If you are an international tourist you can first reach to Trivandrum International Airport, located in the Thiruvananthapuram city of the Indian State of Kerala, as there are no direct flights to Kanyakumari. Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to Kanyakumari. To reach Kanyakumari, you should then book a ticket on a train from Thiruvananthapuram railway station. Flight tickets from New Delhi (capital city of India) to Thiruvananthapuram can be booked online, on sites like Yatra.com. Instead of going through all these hassles, you can directly book a Kanyakumari tour package on sites like yatra.com , which would be a better option to spend holidays in Kanyakumari. Hope that helps.

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