Where to enjoy wild life animals in their natural habitat in india?

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natural habitat of wild animals
Spending some time in a forest is different from having fun in the zoo where the animals are locked in their respective homes. In a real forest, the animals are free to move around (natural habitat) and not locked in cages. Usually, when you go to any real forest, there is a lot of risks involved as you may be attacked by wildlife animals. That is the reason safari packages are offered by various travel agents, where you enter the jungle in vehicles, like a jeep, with some experienced people who act as a guide for you in the jungle, as they are used to it. The guides exactly know about the restricted areas where there is a danger, and so you remain safe while exploring the wildlife with them.

One such forest where you can enjoy watching the wildlife animals in their natural habitat is Jim Corbett national park. It is one of the oldest and largest national parks in India covering an area of 520 square kilometers. If you are a bird lover than to let you know this is a home for more than 650 species of residents and migratory birds. It is among the few tiger reserves in India that allow overnight stays in the lap of the National Park. You could watch and enjoy all sorts of wildlife animals such as black bear, sloth bear, Yellow-throated marten, Otters, Sambar, Hog Deer, Walking Deer, Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephants and much more. To get the complete list of animals found in Jim Corbett National Park visit jimcorbettnationalpark.com.

This park actually represents the scenic beauty of a dense forest where the wildlife is quite rich and varied which is difficult to be found in any other national parks of India. You can also enjoy the picturesque landscape, pleasant climate and verdant natural greenery in the Corbett. The major attraction of the park is Bengal tiger as most of the people think that to witness the Bengal tiger in its natural habitat is one of the greatest wildlife experiences. According to a survey, Corbett reveals the highest density of population of tigers in the country with 20 tigers in every 100 sq km of the area with total 164 numbers of tigers and 600 elephants (source: corbettnationalpark.in ). People with great photographic passion would enjoy here most while taking pictures of rarely seen wild animals and tigers. Elephant safari is also available in Jim Corbett Park, where you can ride on the elephant and enjoy everything from there.

But be aware as the tiger may attack you. Here is a video showing a real attack by a tiger on a person, sitting on the elephant in the Jim Corbett National Park. But when guns are fired tigers run away.

How to reach Corbett National Park?

Corbett Park is located in a small town called Ramnagar, which comes under Nainital district, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand and Dehradun Airport is the nearest airport to Ramnagar. There is no airport in Ramnagar or Nainital. If you are an international tourist take a flight to New Delhi (the capital city of India) and then book another flight from New Delhi to Dehradun. You can book online on sites like makemytrip.com. Once reaching Dehradun, Ramnagar is just 214 km away and that can be covered using a bus or private taxi. The minimum time a bus takes to reach Ramnagar from Dehradun is 5h 09m. The fastest way to reach Ramnagar from Dehradun takes you 4h 16m, which is to hire a taxi from Dehradun to Ramnagar.

But the way mentioned above is complicated and it is better to reach Ramnagar by taking a train from New Delhi and that would take only 4h 40min of time. The rail distance from New Delhi to Ramnagar is 248 km. Here are two trains from New Delhi to Ramnagar.Hope that helps.

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