Which ride in Adlabs Imagica can give most thrilling experience?

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There is a high elevation swing ride on a "swing and rotate machine" called scream machine, located in the Adlabs Imagica Theme Park. Adlabs Imagica has gone very popular since its inception in April 2013. It's an amusement park for kids and families, spreading over 300 acres of land, near the city of Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. A ride on the scream machine is a complete thrilling experience, but it will make you scream at the same time, once the machine starts swinging in the downward direction, after reaching a high elevation point. The downward motion is so fast and steep, that it may cause your heart to faint, and that is really going to make you scream out of fear. Watch this youtube video where you can see the scream machine in action along with its riders.

The scream machine ride is actually more fearful than any other ride at Adlabs Imagica, as the machine not only swings, but also rotates at its axis, the same time. The base of the scream machine is circular in shape, where adjacent seats are built for the riders to sit, and fasten themselves with belts attached to each seat. Once the machine starts its motion, the rider is mesmerized and doesn't understand which direction he/she is moving, whether it's up or down or sideways. The location of the rider is also changed, once he gets down from the machine after the ride is complete. The ride takes approximately 3 minutes of time to complete, and for that period of time you will scream, either due to fear or excitement, depending on the level of your toleration. But its actually not meant for faint-hearted, and so be careful while taking a seat in the scream machine. Pregnant women are not even allowed at the entrance of this ride.

I sometimes don't understand why people pay for such rides, as I feel they are punishing themselves for 3 minutes till the ride is complete. When I rode on this scream machine for the first time, I somehow hold by breath for 3 minutes and just prayed to God for my fainting heart, and waited eagerly for the ride to stop. Later I told myself, that I will never try such things in my life again. I saw some people had a fearful face, and others were sweating when they just got down from the machine after completion of the ride. But many others seemed to be enjoying and laughing. It was the toleration factor playing differently in different people. But I would say, that if you have done something wrong in life, and want to punish yourself (for your sins) then just ride on the scream machine at Adlabs Imagica Park. I must say God will forgive all your sins by doing that.

Adlabs Imagica was built with a cost price of INR 1650cr by a stock listed company called Adlabs Entertainment Limited (ADL). The company has a future plan to make this theme park as India's Disneyland. The park has the capacity to accommodate as much as 20,000 visitors a day. Some of the attractions in the park are like > five themed restaurants, a water park named Aquamagica, a 300 room hotel, different characters roaming throughout the park to entertain kids, 25 different rides and attractions which include family rides, kids rides, themed attractions and thrill rides. To know more about the rides, and to book online you can visit the official website of Adlabs Imagica > adlabsimagica.com . Scream Machine is only one of the thrill rides as mentioned above. There are lots more to entertain you.

Adlabs Imagica is quite new and still, not many people know about it. The company is advertising heavily this theme park, over the internet, and I am sure the company is going to blast with revenues and profits from the operations of this park in the near future. So, there is also a good chance to make some money by buying shares of this company, as Adlabs Entertainment is a stock listed company. As I am writing this piece of information, the stock price of the company is Rs.142.50. I am sure the future price will be much higher. I have already bought the shares of this company and going to hold for the next 2-5 years at least.

Address or location of Adlabs Imagica

30/31, Khopoli-Pali Road,
SH 92, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way,
Sangdewadi, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410206, India
Phone : 022 4213 0405

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