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Kingdom of Dreams
Kingdom of Dreams is a complex, and novel tourist destination, located in the city of Gurgaon in the Indian state of Haryana. The country of India has rich culture, according to different Indian states, and this culture is depicted through different dance forms, traditional clothes, traditional exotic food, customs, arts and crafts, music, variety of languages, etc and all these can be seen and enjoyed at one place called Kingdom of Dreams.

Also, one can shop here for different products coming from different Indian states. It was recently opened in the year 2010 and getting tremendous popularity after that. Kingdom of Dreams was also rewarded with the "Best Tourist Destination" Award, by India Travel Awards in the year 2014. It is spread over a land of 6 acres, and a handsome amount of over INR 2 billion was spent for its making, and it is run by a company called Great Indian Nautanki Pvt. Ltd. (GINC). The complex receives around 7,00,000 visitors annually.

In the year 2014, when the company (GINC) faced funds crunch, then the promoters of this company asked for help from ministry of tourism of India, and said that KOD (Kingdom of Dreams) of India is an answer to Royal National Theatre in London, The Esplanade in Singapore and the Opera House in Sydney. So clearly this complex is something that really makes the difference when it can be compared with other world-class complexes as mentioned above.

There are mainly three entertainment zones in KOD - Nautanki Mahal Theatre, a cultural and cuisine area called Culture Gully, and Showshaa Theatre. There are two famous shows that are run in the KOD - Zangoora & Jhumroo, and both these live shows are held in Nautanki Mahal auditorium (having 835-seats) for a time period of 2.30 hrs. This auditorium looks absolutely marvelous. There are no movie shows held in KOD but only shows based on performing arts like Zangoora & Jhumroo are run. Zangoora is an epic drama, whereas the other show Jhumroo is a musical comedy based on Kishore Kumar's style of singing. If you are going for these shows at weekends, then tickets must be booked in advance, and that can also be done online on sites like bookmyshow.com. The shows may run out of tickets during the weekend and also otherwise. So booking in advance is preferred.

Another musical fantasy stage show for 1 hr duration also recently started, and it is meant for kids and families. This show is called Wizwits and it is also held at Nautanki Mahal auditorium, and can be booked online at bookmyshow.com. All these live shows are full of vibrant colors, lights (with background effects), singing, dancing, music, themed costumes, etc based on a mixture of Bollywood and Indian culture. Infect, each and every portion of the complex is beautifully decorated and structurally built with great artistic skills.

Culture Gully is fully air-conditioned space showing the diversity of Indian culture through themed restaurants, folk dance and art, live arts and crafts village, mystic center, street bars and much more. Once you enter the Culture Gully, you will feel like you are under the open sky, though the area is enclosed from the top and all other sides. This happens due to the presence of artificial blue sky above, as you move through the culture gully. One can enjoy more than 250 different regional cuisines, in 14 different Indian states restaurants, in the culture gully.

There is also a shopping store built, for each Indian state, based on some famous structure in that state. For example, the shopping store for Mumbai is in the shape of a metro rail, which is quite famous in Mumbai. One can also enjoy the local traditional songs and dance for each state, performed live by artists in the culture gully. For example, the performance of Bhangra dance by Punjabis, and Puppet Shows by Rajasthani people. Culture Gully also houses two lounge bars "The Mehkhana Bar" and the "Kerela Bar" to enjoy drinks. If you want to get a glimpse of the culture gully just watch this youtube video from GottaDoIndia. Finally, ShowShaa theatre is meant to host an array of events with different seating options. To know more about ShowShaa you can visit kingdomofdreams.in

Location or address of Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams
Great Indian Nautanki Pvt. Ltd.
Auditorium Complex,
Sector 29,
Gurgaon - 122001.
Haryana, India

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