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battle of haldighati
Before we know how red roses replaced red blood, we need to know the story behind it. In ancient times, there lived a brave ruler named Maharana Pratap (also called Pratap Singh). He was the ruler of Mewar, a region in the current Indian state of Rajasthan. Mewar was his kingdom. The state of Rajasthan in India was founded on 30 March 1949, and no such name like 'Rajasthan' existed when Maharana Pratap ruled from 1572 to 1597. The only famous state, in western India, at that time was Mewar whose ruler was Maharana Pratap, and Chittorgarh was the capital of the Sisodia Dynasty of Mewar.

Maharana Pratap is still a common name in the books of History in India. He is widely regarded as a fearless warrior who successfully fought his those opponents who wanted to overthrow him, and thus safeguarded his people till death. You can know more about the life of Maharana Pratap and his battles against Mughal Emperor Akbar at

All the weapons used by Maharana Pratap, in various battles, in ancient times, are showcased in a museum located in the Balicha village in the district of Udaipur, in Indian state of Rajasthan. This imaginative museum, completely dedicated to Maharana Pratap, was started in the year 2003 and given the name as Maharana Pratap Museum, Haldighati. Haldighati is the exact location where a fierce and final battle took place between the forces of Maharana Pratap and Raja Man Singh of Amber, general of the Mughal emperor Akbar, for the honor of the motherland and Rajputs. Haldighati is a mountain pass (valley) in the Aravalli range of mountains, and it's quite near to Balicha village where the museum is situated. That is the reason the museum is sometimes also called a Haldighati museum. Currently, Haldighati connects the Rajsamand and Pali districts of Rajasthan.

More than 20,000 soldiers were killed, and many were injured, in the fierce battle between the forces of Maharana Pratap and Akbar, at Haldighati valley. The loyal horse (named Chetak) of Maharana Pratap died, after suffering from an injury in one of his legs, but the horse skipped his master from the battlefield and saved him before it died. The Maharana wept on the death of Chetak, and it is said that the sky also cried in the form of rain, and it rained heavily on that day. As the rainwater accumulated, a pond of blood was formed called Rakt Talai and that blood was of all those heroic soldiers, who died to save their motherland. The interesting fact is that now at that same place red roses are coming out from the earth as if paying homage to the people who died in the Haldighati massacre. First red blood and then red roses at the same place, isn't that signifying something for the heroic deeds?

The land which was barren, and where only thorny bushes can be seen, and hardly any vegetation, rose flowers are being cultivated now at this land, and the products obtained from these roses are being exported to many countries. However, the roses bloom only for a month in a year during the season, and no other flowers can be cultivated here as the soil is not suitable for other flowers. Beauticians and doctors all over the world prefer products made from chaitri rose, for its proven therapeutic benefits, and the same chaitri rose is being now cultivated in the valley of Haldighati.

Mohan Shrimali, a teacher in Udaipur school, who was born and brought up in the valley of Haldighati, invested on his own, without taking help from the state and central government and built the Maharana Pratap Museum. Shrimali spent every penny in his pocket, including his ancestral property, to complete his dream project of building a museum in the honor of Maharana Pratap (source: A gallery holding various models and paintings are the major attractions in the museum, which depict the time and life of Maharana Pratap. All the original weapons used by Maharana Pratap like the swords, spear (bhaala), armor, etc were preserved by the ancestors and can still be seen in the museum.

The museum is a great place to visit, to check with at least 400 years old weapons, used in the wars by Mewar ruler Maharana Pratap. However, the museum is also the home for a wide variety of collections of weapons used by the Mughals as well, such as handguns, axes, arrows, knives etc. All these can be seen in this youtube video. The best feature of the museum is a light-and-sound 30 min movie, in a cave-like structure, based on the life of the ruler and this movie is a must watch for all tourists. The city of Udaipur (headquarter of Udaipur district) itself is also well known for its tourist attractions and is called the land of lakes. To know about these tourist attractions in Udaipur visit You can also know about the life of Maharana Pratap through an Indian television serial called Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap, which is the best serial I found, based on the life story of Maharana Pratap. All episodes of this serial can be seen over internet on youtube here.

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