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Povvar Island
There is a coastline village called Poovar, in the Indian state of Kerala, which originally was a fishing village, but now it has also become a great tourist attraction. This village is almost at the southernmost tip of the Indian state of Kerala. Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the two adjacent states located in the south of India. Kerala is quite famous for its beaches, as the Arabian Sea touches Kerala from its west. The village is also famous for its beach called Poovar beach, from where you can see the river Neyyar, with its fresh water, meeting with the Arabian Sea, with its salted water, and thus making an estuary which is adjacent to the beach. In an estuary, when salt water of the sea is mixed with the fresh water of a river, something wonderful happens, as if, by magic, a life-supporting habitat is created for hundreds of species of fish, birds, and mammals. To know more about an estuary you can watch this youtube video. To see this estuary, should be the main aim to travel to the Poovar beach of Kerala, as nothing more is exciting than the estuary.

River Neyyar (56 km in length), as mentioned above, enters into the village Poovar from the east, and it also flows through Thiruvananthapuram, a district of Kerala. Also known as Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram is the district and also the capital city of Kerala. Village Poovar is also located in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. River Neyyar, after entering into Poovar, covers a large area of it, and ultimately it gets merged with the Arabian Sea near Poovar Beach. Poovar beach is quite long, and you need to reach the exact point on the beach, where river Neyyar merges with the Arabian Sea, to see the wonderful estuary. Actually, the only way to reach the Povaar beach is by boat, as it is surrounded by water from both sides (east (the Arabian Sea) and west (Neyyar River)) and there is no 3rd or 4th way.

Poovar village can be easily reached, after 45 min of drive, from the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, to reach the nearest boat jetty in the Poovar village. This boat jetty is the place where bargaining starts, and you get offers by boatmen to take you for a trip to various tourist places in the village of Poovar. Their offers also include dropping you to the exact location, by boat, where you can see the estuary on the Poovar beach as mentioned earlier. Actually, the boat services are offered by various local villagers, and it is only through the boat trip, you will be watching all that is the beauty of that place.

Motorboat riding is a faster way, while a boat which is manually handled by a boatman, will take a longer time to complete the Poovar island trip. During the boat trip you can enjoy things like chirping of birds (Kingfisher bird is famous here), watching dense forests called mangrove, golden sand beach of Poovar, floating restaurants (enjoy seafood here if you want), Ayurvedic resorts along the backwaters, hundreds of species of spices, exotic flowers, banana and coconut groves, elephant shape rock, Mary and Jesus statue, floating cottages, etc. The boat will also pass through Poovar Lake, and Virali Lake, after starting its journey from Neyyar River. Coconut lagoons on the way are also a delight to watch. Here is a nice video showing all that will come on the way during the boat trip in Poovar. The boatman will give you enough time to enjoy at the golden sand beach where you can watch the high tides of the sea.

On the Poovar beach, you can easily see Neyyar River on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side. If you want to see this amazing view of separation, as taken from the sky, just check the first picture of the animation on the home page of estuaryisland.com . Just wait, till the site loads completely as it takes some time. The scenic beauty of this place is simply awesome and cannot be described in words. The estuary located adjacent to Poovar beach is one among the natural wonders where sea, lake, river, and beach meet the land. Sometimes the mouth of the river is closed, due to the accumulation of sand, and so the estuary is not open during that time. One should visit after the monsoon (in India) till the month of December, as during those months river level is enough to make an estuary.

There are three major royal resorts for overnight stay in the Poovar Island, if you want to stay for a longer duration. Otherwise Poovar is just a one day trip. These three resorts are known by the names Poovar Island Resort ( poovarislandresorts.com ), Estuary Island Resort (estuaryisland.com ) and Isola Di Cocco ( isoladicocco.com ). You can simply visit the official websites of these resorts, to know more about the services offered by them. Isola Di Cocco is more Ayurveda specific resort. The boatman will drop you to these resorts if you will ask for it. If you need a tour operator, who can book your Poovar trip online, in advance, with all the facilities provided, then you can opt for Leela Backwaters in Poovar.

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