Which part of India is known for Sapphire and Saffron (Kesar)?

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As you know, sapphire is a gemstone used in the making of jewelry. There are more than 200 recognized gemstones, and sapphire is one of them. All these gemstones occur naturally on earth in the form of minerals, and they are mined from places where they exist. Sapphire is the 2nd hardest substance on earth after diamond. Since it is very hard, it doesn't get broke even when thrown or released from hand on some hard surface, like marble. Sapphire somewhat glitters, and looks very beautiful and attractive, and that is the reason it is used in the making of jewelry. Different sapphires may have different shades of blue color, but sapphires are also known to exist in other colors as well. Sapphire is expensive, as it is rarely found on earth, and some of the countries where it is mined are India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. In India, Sapphire can be found in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. To know more about sapphire you can visit gemselect.com.

Saffron is another very expensive product cultivated in the Indian state of Kashmir. Saffron is a spice or herb, and only a very small quantity of it is added, in various food products and dishes, as a flavor for good taste and smell. Saffron is a very common household item in India, and it is better known by the name kesar in the Hindi Language. But saffron is mostly used in some of the foods and drinks, during special occasions only, as it costs a lot and not affordable for all families. Saffron is specially used, after stirring a small amount of it, in the milk given to a pregnant woman. To know more why pregnant woman uses saffron in milk visit babycenter.in. Saffron, however, is also used for making various medicinal and cosmetic products. One can buy saffron online on sites like puremart.in

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So, there are two famous products in Kashmir, and both are expensive and rarely found on earth. One is saffron, which is cultivated on thousands of acres of land, and another one is sapphire, which is a mineral mined from the mines of Kashmir. The exact place in Kashmir which you need to target as a tourist, to look for saffron cultivated lands and sapphire mines, is the town of Kishtwar, which is also a district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Paddar is the scenic valley in the Kishtwar district of Kashmir, and this is exactly the spot you need to target, as a traveler, to look for sapphire and ruby mines. This valley is also famous for hot springs, hiking and a river which is ideal for canyoning. Moreover, blue diamonds are also produced in the largest quantity in Paddar, and you can also look for them at this place.

On the other hand, saffron is being cultivated in various villages of Kishtwar district like Tund, Matta, Pochhal, Hidyal, Bera-Bhata, Chirhar etc. To know more about saffron cultivation in Kashmir visit kishtwar.com, and read the content under the headline "Saffron", or watch this youtube video from discovery channel on saffron production. Kishtwar district is also famous for other tourist attractions like Chowgan, Chingam, Sintham Top, Warwan etc and you can know more about them on the official website of Kishtwar tourism.

Another great reason, to travel to the town of Kishtwar, is to experience the scary road journey on Kishtwar Kailash Mountain. Kishtwar Kailash is the Himalayan Mountain located in East Kishtwar district of Jammu & Kashmir. Mick Fowler and Paul Ramsden were the first to reach to the peak of Kishtwar Kailash (21000 ft from sea level), after starting their mountaineering expedition from the base camp. Even if you don't want to reach to the peak of Kishtwar Kailash, still you should try and reach up to the base camp, located somewhere on this mountain, from where expedition to reach the peak starts. I am telling this so that you can experience one of the scariest roads in the world, which reaches base camp after starting from the base of the mountain at Kishtwar district. Just watch on this youtube video, how dangerous and fearful it looks, while the vehicle is running on the road on this mountain. One can also visit the city of Gulmarg which is also a great tourist attraction in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

How to reach Kishtwar?

If you are an international tourist take a flight to Jammu city from New Delhi. Flights to Jammu city are available from all major cities of India and can be booked online on sites like makemytrip.com. After reaching Jammu, it is easy to reach Kishtwar by hiring a private taxi or reserve a seat on a bus if you don't want to spend more. There is no railway station in Kishtwar, as it is located at such a great height from sea level. One can also reach Jammu by train from different cities of India. However, the nearest railway station to Kishtwar is at Udhampur, and trains to Udhampur are available from all major cities of India.

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