A place where car moves upward on a slope with engine off against gravity

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magnetic hill
Usually, what happens is, if there is a falling surface (slope) on a road, the car or bike can easily move along the surface, without gear (in neutral gear), from the higher level of the surface to the lower level. Even if the car engine is off then also the car will slope downward due to gravitational pull. But there is a road near Leh, Ladakh (in Jammu & Kashmir) where a vehicle can move in the upward direction on the road, from lower to higher level of the slope, in neutral gear and even when the ignition in the engine of the car is off.

In a way, we can say that the car is being pulled upward on a rising slope, against gravity, with the engine of the car being off. Though the slope is rarely steep, still it's something magical even at a lower slope. Even without the slope, the car moves ahead automatically though no one is pushing the car from behind, and also no one is even driving the car from inside. But it happens, on a particular area of the road only, where there is a slight slope. How is that possible?

Check this video where a biker is exactly pointing out that place, where it is happening with his motorcycle. The road is actually passing from the front of a hill (which has been given the name "magnetic hill"), and this magnetic hill might be the culprit for making it all happens so, but it may not be so, because science has another theory to explain this phenomenon called an optical illusion.

Due to its magnetic properties, this hill has really gone very popular among the tourists, who are on their two or three wheeler journeys, passing through this road which is in front of this magnetic hill. This magnetic hill is located at a height of 11,000 ft from sea level, and it is at a distance of 30 km, if you start your journey from Leh, while moving on the Leh > Kargil > Srinagar national highway. The exact spot where it happens can be recognized by a board, that has been fixed on the ground on the side of the road, and it's written on the board as below. The board can be seen in the youtube video mentioned above.

Magnetic Hill
Park your vehicle in the box marked
on the road and experience the
phenomenon that defies gravity

The pull on the vehicle actually happens towards the magnetic hill. If the back of the car is facing towards the hill, then the back of the car would move towards the hill, and this would look like a car is on the reverse gear, though it's not, as the engine is off. The rules of the gravity are being completely ignored in this magical place and that is the uniqueness in it. This is not only the place of its kind, but there are hundreds of recognized gravity hills around the world. Here is the list of some on Wikipedia. You could think there might be hidden some huge magnet inside the hill, and it's pulling cars and bikes towards it. But it may not be so, as optical illusion could also be the reason behind this. To know more about optical illusion read the article on Vargis Khan's blog where he has explained optical illusion nicely.

If the hill is magnetic then it is possible to pull things only made from iron. But there is another place in the Indian state of Gujarat, called as Tulsishyam, where even a football or water is moving against gravity on a rising slope. Check out this happening in this youtube video and you will feel amazed. These two places as mentioned above could be the ideal spots to visit if you are planning your trip for holidays.

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