What is the speciality of Chandipur beach in Orissa? (an essay or story)

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Chandipur Beach Orissa
The Chandipur beach in the Indian state of Orissa(Odisha) has some unique features. The sea waves striking the shore and then staying there, and then again striking the shore, is a common phenomenon at coastlines. But at the Chandipur beach it happens that, at some point of time, the magnitude of waves striking the sea shore starts decreasing, and ultimately the sea water retreats back to at least 5-6 km away from the shore, and gets disappeared, leaving behind the sand of the beach on a hard surface. But after a few hours, it comes back to strike the shores, and remains there for many hours before retreating again.

One can also chase the sea water by running behind it, once it is retreating and moving away from the shore. But you need to be present on the beach at that time, and this happens only twice a day when the sea retreats. This is quite surprising for everyone, and lots of people stay on the seashore for long, to experience that moment. Usually, this happens at an interval of 12 hrs, and the locals there are mostly aware of the time when it usually happens. You will find some locals driving a motorcycle on the hard beach when the water disappears.

Just check this youtube video uploaded by Khoj India Television. You will find that the sea looks so vast and infinite, in front of you, at some point of time, but later when the water disappears, it looks like a barren land far and wide, as if, there was no sea there ever. But it's good for shell collectors, as there are a variety of shells of different shapes and sizes available on the sea bed without water. Also, the birds can find prey for their food on the sea bed, without water, in the form of small sea creatures like fishes and crabs.

The water of the sea is however muddy and not clear. To see nice pictures of the sea you can visit peaknomadism.wordpress.com , as some tourist uploaded the photos of the beach who already visited there. To know more about other tourist attractions near Chandipur beach please visit official website of Orissa Tourism.

Another unusual thing is that, during full moon day (purnima) and no moon day (amavasya), the sea waves are having highest magnitude, and people are warned not to go near the sea on those days. This happens because the rise and fall of sea levels depend on the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by heavenly bodies like sun and moon, and also the rotation of the earth. A major shift in positions of sun and moon alter the gravitational forces acting on things on earth, including the sea. To know more on this in detail visit moonconnection.com .

We can call Chandipur as a sea resort (on the Bay of Bengal) as it's outside the nearest town Balasore which is 10 km away from Chandipur. Best way to reach Chandipur beach is to first reach Balasore railway station, which is connected to Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa (Odisha), through railway lines and roads.

Flights and trains are available from all major cities of India to Bhubaneswar, and from Bhubaneswar, it's easy to reach Balasore by train. After reaching to Balasore a private taxi or auto can be hired to reach Chandipur beach, and nothing to worry about stay, as the accommodation at Chandipur is plentiful. Best hotel to stay could be OTDC hotel Panthanivas which can be booked online on sites like visitodisha.org . Chandipur beach is just 16 km away from Balasore.

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