Which is the place from where entire Eastern Himalayas can be viewed?

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Eastern Himalayas
If you go through this Google Map, you will see that the Himalayan range of mountains is covering a distance of 2400 km, starting from the state of Jammu & Kashmir, in the Northern India, to Arunachal Pradesh, in the Eastern India. If you notice carefully the map, you will find that the Himalayan range of mountains also passes through a small state in India called Sikkim. Sikkim is located between three countries, Nepal in the east, and Bhutan in south-west, and China on north, and north-west respectively.

There is a place in Sikkim, known by the name Thambi View Point, which is at a height of 11,600 ft from sea level. Thambi View Point is exactly the spot, you need to target, to get a view of the entire Eastern Himalaya, including the high peaks of the Mount Kanchenjunga. Thambi View Point is at a distance of 14 km from Zuluk on the famous Zig Zag Road, and its altitude is around 10,000 km from the sea level. Since Thambi viewpoint is at a greater height (11,600 ft) than Zuluk (10,000 ft), you still need to travel higher to reach Thambi View Point after starting your journey from Zuluk.

The roadway to Thambi ViewPoint from Zuluk has plenty of bends and geometric curves, and so you enjoy a zigzag path while traveling, and this zigzag path looks quite unusual when looked from Thambi View Point (after reaching there). What great skills the people had, who created those zig-zag paths on the mountains in three different levels. These zigzag paths are also called Bhul Bhulaiya in the Hindi Language. Zuluk is even smaller than a village, and so it is called a hamlet with only 700 people as its population. Zuluk is located on lower Himalayas in Eastern Sikkim.

Thambi View Point is also one of the best spots, to see the sunrise in the Eastern Himalayas (Kanchenjunga range of mountains). Just before the sunrise, the area above the Eastern Himalayas will get filled with orange and yellow colors in different shades. The white snow over the mountains would start glowing when white snow will look like turning into orange and yellow colors due to sunrise. It is an amazing view to watch and cannot be expressed in words. You can also watch this view in this youtube video, uploaded by some tourist who already visited there. The eastern Himalayas and peaks of Kanchanjungha can also be viewed, while traveling in air through a cable car in the hill station of Darjeeling, in the Indian state of West Bengal, which touches Southern Sikkim. I have mentioned this in another article > Ride on a cable car and enjoy sights of peaks of Kangchenjunga.

Yeti is famous among the local people residing near Thambi View Point, and a group of local people admitted that they watched Yeti in that Himalayan area. You will often find people in that area talking about Yeti. If you don't know, Yeti is an unusual dark hairy Ape like creature that walks on two legs like human beings, and its height is more than the average height of a human being (see photo below). Yeti is usually said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Though there is no any conclusive evidence for the existence of Yeti, but some people still caught the sights of Yeti in their cameras and those can be seen in this youtube video. You can also watch a complete documentary on Yeti in this another youtube video. They are often called mysterious monsters.

How to reach Zuluk?

The nearest airport to Zuluk is Bagdogra, which is located in the city of Siliguri, in the Indian state of West Bengal. Bagdogra airport is connected to all major cities in India. After reaching to Bagdogra one can hire a taxi to reach Zuluk. If you are an international tourist, you can book flight tickets online from any major city of India to Bagdogra on sites like makemytrip.com.

The other way is to reach New Jalpaiguri Railway station, in the city of Siliguri (West Bengal) by train, and from there a taxi can be hired to reach Zuluk. Train from New Delhi can be taken to reach New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. However, there are a lot of restrictions and written permission is required from some authorities to reach places like zuluk, and so it is better to book a travel package directly with people like sikkimsilkroute.com . They will give full instructions on what everything needs to be done so that your trip is successful.

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