Which tourist place is famous for hearing of self echo?

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echo point
As you know, echo is a voice that reflects back, and you hear it as the same voice which you shouted loud. If the voice contains some words, in a particular language, then those same words will listen to you back as an echo, after reflecting from some point, on a vertical or horizontal surface. It looks like someone is teasing you by repeating the same words. Shout loud "Hello", and the reflected voice will also say "Hello". Eco happens at some particular places only and not everywhere. Just shout loud at a place (like your home or office) where you are sitting now, but you may not hear the echo.

Actually, when you shout loud or speak something loudly, the sound waves, in the air, starts moving in the direction of the sound and reflects back after striking to some surfaces. Some surfaces absorb the sound waves, instead of reflecting, and so echo is not produced. Surfaces which are flat and hard, reflect back sound waves to a great extent, and so echo is heard. Soft and uneven objects like carpets, curtains, and cushions are sound absorbers, and so echo is not heard after the sound waves reflect from such surfaces. Water wells and some types of hard mountains are examples of sound reflectors. To know more in details about > why echo doesn't work everywhere visit gcsescience.com , or watch this youtube video where the example of a compact tunnel, with flat surface, has been given, which reflects sound waves perfectly and echo is so clear.

There is an adventures place, 13 km away from Munnar town, in the Indian state of Kerala. This place is called Echo Point, and this is the place you need to target to experience echoing of self-voice. You can watch people shouting loud, to hear their echo at this great tourist destination in this youtube video. Its a fact, you will certainly hear your echo at echo point, if you shout louder, and have chosen the right spot. One can also enjoy high-speed boating in the lake, at echo point, and while boating the scenic beauty looks awesome all around. Going for a cup of tea would also be a better idea, to try out the taste of local production, as tea gardens are famous in this place. One can also hire his/her own boat, which is a paddle boat to enjoy self boating.

Munnar is not an ordinary town, but its a well-known hill station in Kerala at a height of 1600 m or 5250 ft from sea level. The climate remains pleasant here, throughout the year, and its called the Kashmir of South India. Though there is no snowfall in Munnar as in Kashmir. It is also one of the best honeymoon destinations of India, in the state of Kerala, which has a hundred percent literacy rate. Other than echo point, Munnar is also known for its beautiful waterfalls, green tea gardens, great valleys, eye-catching lakes, mountain peaks, tiger reserves, trekking, boating and much more. To know more about the different tourist attractions in Munnar visit the official website of Kerala Tourism.

How to reach Munnar?

If you are an international tourist, nearest airport to Munnar is located at Kochi, major port city in Kerala, in the district of Ernakulam. The airport is known as Cochin International Airport. This airport is reachable from all major cities of India. Direct flights to Kochi can be booked online from different cities of India on sites like makemytrip.com. Hotels near Echo point can also be booked online at makemytrip.com.

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