Which dish is named after the film actor Sanjay Dutt?

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Noor Mohammadi Hotel
If it happens sometimes that you get a chance to visit Mumbai, and if you are a non-veg food lover then you must not forget to give yourself a chance to rush to a restaurant known by the name Noor Mohammadi Hotel . This restaurant in Mumbai is well known for a dish called Chicken Sanju Baba whose recipe was sanctioned by the great Bollywood film actor Sanjay Dutt. The owner of the restaurant revealed to Hindustan Times that Sanjay Dutt often used to order this dish at a place where he was shooting or when he was at home. The restaurant owner also said that people like Salman Khan was also a great lover of Chicken Sanju Baba dish.

Noor Mohammadi Hotel is not a big fine dining restaurant owned by some rich person but it's a very ordinary and small restaurant owned by a simple person, Khalid Hakim. So you don't really need a big budget to spend some time in this restaurant and have the taste of Chicken Sanju Baba dish. It will be prepared and served within just 15 minutes to you. There is not much rush in the hotel except during Ramadan as this is a Muslim area. The hotel also serves other dishes which are favorites of Sanjay Dutt like nalli nihari, shaami kabab and white biryani. This hotel is also Ramadan food special. The restaurant is called to be semi air-conditioned in the sense that only the dining hall upstairs is air-conditioned and meant for some special customers only who pay more.

Here is a nice youtube video giving the review of Sanju Baba dish at the restaurant itself. This restaurant is also said to be often visited by foodies including Tabla Maestro Zakir Hussain. The great Indian painter and film director M F Husain also once visited this restaurant and drew a painting on the spot and that painting is still hanging on one of the walls of the restaurant reminding of his memories. M F Husain died at the age of 95. The dish like Chicken Sanju Baba gives you an idea about the taste of great film actors like Sanjay Dutt, and so it gives a good reason to try out this dish at least once in a lifetime. This restaurant is ideally the best place for meat eaters in Bhendi Bazaar in Mumbai. Bhendi Bazaar is a market in South Mumbai and is near Chor Bazaar in Mumbai. The market is better known for shopping of items like antiques and hardware. A 2010 Bollywood movie Bhindi Baazaar was also set in this area.

How to reach Bhendi Bazaar in Mumbai?

Here is a good tutorial on Bhendi Bazaar and how to reach there on the site onefivenine.com . The full address of the restaurant is as below

Noor Mohammadi Hotel,
181-183, Abdul Hakim Noor Mohammadi Chowk ,
Bhendi Bazar, Mumbai-400003

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