How you can make your body fly in Air through a Balloon? (Tourism)

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Hot Air Balloon
There is a company in India called Sky Waltz that is well known to organize hot air balloon safaris in many cities of India. The company runs as an authorized entity, as it has the required approval and license from the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Civil Defense, to conduct Hot Air Balloon activities across India. The pilots working on the hot air balloons in Sky Waltz are commercial pilots who are highly skilled and internationally certified. These pilots are from different countries and not just from India. So you can assume that your journey is into safer hands while taking a ride in the hot air balloon to move higher in the open sky. The equipment used in the hot air balloon also meet international safety standards and sourced from countries like UK and Europe (source: Sky Waltz).

There is some science involved in the working of a hot air balloon. According to science, when some portion of air is heated it becomes lighter than the surrounding air and as a result, that heated portion of the air starts rising. Just like when you boil water in a container, the air above the boiled water becomes lighter and starts evaporating. In case of a hot air balloon, the air which is only inside the balloon is heated through a furnace and as result, it starts moving in the upward direction taking the balloon higher as well. This happens because the air inside the balloon (when heated) becomes lighter than the air outside the balloon. It is entirely based on the scientific principle that warmer air rises in cooler air. To know more about this concept in detail you can visit howstuffswork.

Since the heating of air inside the balloon can be controlled by the pilot, the balloon can also be moved in the downward direction by reducing the heat inside the balloon. So the upward and downward movement of hot air balloon can be controlled by the pilot but one thing the pilot cannot control is the sideways movement or so-called the horizontal movements of the balloon. Horizontal movements will depend on the direction and magnitude of the wind flowing in the air. Just like a kite moves in the direction of the wind, similarly, the hot air balloon will move in the direction of the wind. This is the reason that sometimes hot air balloon trips are canceled if the wind is blowing too fast in a particular direction or the weather is bad. That is also the reason that the hot air balloon doesn't land on earth at the same point where it started. That is why the staff of the hot air balloon crew move in a car or jeep to reach the point where the balloon will finally land to receive the riders because there is no fixed point the balloon will land as it moves in the direction of the wind.

The hot air balloon safaris are scheduled in some particular months of the year only as all months are not suitable for the journey. But cruising in a hot air balloon is like wandering in heaven and it should not be missed by any chance. Thought its an expensive trip but worth; of what you experience from it. The flight in hot air balloon usually lasts for 60 min or so-called 1 hour. For online booking of tickets for this balloon safari you can visit Right now Sky Waltz offers hot balloon safari in Jaipur and Lonavala. You have to make a choice where you want to travel on this amazing trip. For exact months and dates when these trips will be held visit the official site . As a rider, you also get the certificate of first flight duly signed by the pilot. Here is the official video of Sky Waltz Balloon Safari on >>

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