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Pangong Lake
The popular Bollywood movie, 3 idiots, was declared as one of the "biggest blockbusters ever in Bollywood Hindi Cinemas" by Box Office India website. The shooting of the climax scene of this movie was carried out near a lake called Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake (Tso means Lake in Ladakhi language). You can watch the climax scene of 3 idiots again on this youtube video. The exact place, where the scene of the film was shot, is now better known as 3 idiots point. Pangong Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Usual color of water in the Pangong lake is deep blue (very unusual color), but the color changes and different shades of blue appear as the day progresses, and this is mainly due to the falling reflection of different types of mountains (in brown and white colors) all around the lake.

The water in the lake looks crystal clear, and the surrounding environment looks gorgeous, peaceful, and blissful. In the winter season, however, this lake is completely frozen, and then no tourists visit there. This is nothing more than heaven on this earth, and this tourist spot received a rating of 5 out of 5 (on tripadvisor website) from most of the tourists who already visited this place. Pangong Lake can easily be compared with Loch Ness in Scotland, which is the most famous lake in the world.

The mountains surrounding the Pangong Lake are, non-other than the part of the great Himalayan range of mountains, spreading 2400 km from Jammu and Kashmir in the north to Arunachal Pradesh in the east. This lake is near about 160 km from Leh, and this distance can be covered, within 5 hrs, by a car, or a taxi, or a jeep. But 50% of the path is bumpy, and you need to sit carefully inside your vehicle, else your head may hit the roof of the car. Leh is the town and one of the two districts in Ladakh in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh is at a height of 11,500 ft from sea level, and Pangong Lake is at a height of 13,940 ft from the sea level. This clearly indicates that you need to continue your journey at more higher levels, to reach Pangong lake, even after reaching Leh from any of the cities in India.

The total length of the lake is 134 km, and it extends from India to Tibet (Tibet is outside India). But only 40% of the lake is situated in India. Check this map carefully, to know exactly where from this lake starts in India, and what is its end point in India. Track the Pangong Lake Road in the map carefully, and it will take you to the final destination of Pangong Lake, drawn in blue color in the map. Just hold left click on the mouse on the map, and drag repeatedly along Pangong lake rd, to reach the Pangong lake in blue color on the map. In the map if you see, the lake actually starts from Lukung region in India (passing through Spangmik, Man and Merak regions) and ends at Bangong Co in India, but it crosses Indo-Tibetan border to reach Tibet. Mostly people travel to Spangmik to see Pangong Lake.

As one moves at higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure decreases. This may give rise to altitude sickness, as proper oxygen is not available to breathe. You will start breathing faster and deeper at high altitudes and will feel tired soon even after a little bit of exertion. So, people with breathing problems (like asthma patients for example) should not travel to places at higher altitudes, like Pangong Lake, or they should take an oxygen cylinder with them for survival. Normal healthy people though need not worry about this.

Atmospheric pressure is measured in the unit kPa. At sea level, 0 ft, (where we generally live but people living in mountains are higher than sea level) there is 100% of the oxygen available. Just make use of this altitude air pressure calculator and you can check that at an altitude of 13,940 ft (where Pangong Lake is located) only 16% of oxygen is available. So be careful while planning a trip to Pangong Lake to spend your holidays.

How to reach Pangong Lake?

To reach Pangong Lake, first, you need to reach Leh. If you are an international tourist and want to travel at your own convenience, you can book a seat in a flight from New Delhi to Leh, on sites like From Leh, a private taxi can be hired to reach Pangong Lake. Best is to directly book Leh holiday packages on sites like, and you will be saved from all the headaches to find ways on your own to reach Pangong Lake.

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