Shani God protects the villagers and they keep home door open at night

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Shani Shingnapur
Mumbai is a very popular city in India, and it lies in the Indian state of Maharashtra. If it happens sometimes, that you are in Mumbai to spend your holidays, then you must not forget to visit a village called Shani Shingnapur. This village is also located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, near the city of Ahmednagar, and you can reach Ahmednagar from Mumbai. The strange thing about this village is, none of the families in this village have doors on their homes or shops. Locks are just far away, there are not even doors.

What does it mean? Aren't they afraid of their household goods being stolen by someone? Truly they aren't, because they worship a deity called Shani Dev who protects them all the time. There is a temple associated with the deity Shani Dev in this village, and it is very popular in the state of Maharashtra. A lot of people come to worship Shani Dev in this temple and takes his blessings. It is said that around 30,000 to 40,000 people visit this village every day as devotees and as tourists. This gives the sense of the popularity of this place.

Even the temple is open from above, and there is no roof on the statue of the deity. The statue of the deity is in the form of a black stone slab, and it has no physical structure. The devotees pour mustard or sesame oil on the slab and use flowers to worship the deity. There is some interesting historical story behind the coming of this stone slab in this village. To know more about this story you can visit official website .

People who are the residents of this village are actually very honest, religious, God-fearing, and trustworthy, and that is the reason they are getting so much of blessings from the deity. The blessings are in the form, that the villagers can live freely, and sleep peacefully at night, without worrying anything about their belongings. The official website says, from historical times there has never been a single case of theft, or murder, or rape, or even fight among villagers.

Open homes and open shops and still no one dares to steal anything? It has been said by villagers, that whoever tries to steal anything from this village becomes blind, or something else happens to them, and they suffer a lot in the end. So the blessings of the deity are playing very well here for the villagers. A lot of miracles already happened in this village, and that is the reason so many people from India, and other countries visit this place for the blessings of Shani Dev.

Also there is a very popular town called Shirdi , near the village of Shani Shingnapur, where once Sai Baba lived in that town (from 28 September 1835 to15 October 1918). Sai Baba was not an ordinary person, but he was an incarnation of Adi Guru Datatreya. He was a great saint of India with authoritative powers, and because of his presence in historical times still, there are positive vibrations in the state of Maharashtra. Shirdi is a very peaceful place, and people here are very simple and innocent. It is worth spending some time in this town.

Even the Bollywood film actor Irfan Khan made a TV episode called Mano Ya Na Mano based on the mysteries of the Shani Shingnapur village. You can watch this episode on this youtube video. He started talking about the village after 2 minutes in the video. So you need to keep patience for 2 minutes.

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