How to view the Himalayan Mountains clearly from Nainital?

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As you know, the Himalayas are the group of mountains, which spread across 2400 km, passing through Jammu and Kashmir (Indian state in extreme north), Himachal Pradesh (India state below Jammu and Kashmir), Uttarakhand (Indian state on right and below Himachal Pradesh), Nepal (a country on north of India), Bhutan (a country aside Nepal) and Arunachal Pradesh (Indian state in the extreme east). Just get a view, how the great Himalayas passes through all those Indian states and countries, as mentioned above, in this Google map. It will really clear things a lot better. As mentioned above, the Indian state of Uttarakhand is also one of the places, from where, the range of Himalayas passes, and so it is possible to see the Himalayas from this state of India as well.

There is an important hill station and tourist spot, in the state of Uttarakhand, which is Nainital, and it is from here the panoramic view of Himalayas is just fantastic and eye-catching. Nainital is 2,084 meters (6,837 ft) above the sea level, which means it is located quite high from the plains of Northern India. There are no direct flights or trains to reach Nainital, as it's a hill station. You have to hire a car, or buy a ticket in a bus to reach there. Your car or bus will run on a road, where the road is finding its way after piercing the mountains in different directions, and the journey itself is so scary.

Also, once you reach Nainital, you will find that this town itself is surrounded by more hills or mountains, which mean you can still move higher, than the plains where Nainital is located. Once such spot which is higher even from the plains of Nainital is the Himalayan view point, or Himalayan Darshan (5km away from Nainital), on the way to Kilbury, and this is the spot you need to target to get a view of the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges filled with snow. Since Himalayan viewpoint is at a great height from the earth, it gives a great view of the Himalayan mountains.

At the Himalayan View Point, some people offer services to see the Himalayan Mountains through a high power binocular, which really gives a closer look at the icy mountains. Here are some photos showing views from View Point. This would be a fabulous experience. Also, you can enjoy shooting here, where you need to hit balloons on the screen with a big gun. The best way to reach this spot is through horse riding services, offered by various people in Nainital, or by a taxi.

Another spot to reach is the Snow View Point which is about 3 km from Nainital. It provides an enchanting view of the town, and 350 km long range of the Glittering Mighty Himalayas as well. The whole town of Nainital is visible from Snow View Point, and it looks simply amazing. Best way to reach the snow view point is by a ropeway cable car, which is a type of trolley running on thick wires, and it takes only 2-3 minutes to reach the destination point. To know more about this cable car visit Nainital tourism website, or watch this youtube video, where people are enjoying the ride by cable car. The major attraction in Nainital is its beautiful lake, located in the center of the town, where you can enjoy boating.

How to reach Nainital?

If you are an international tourist, best is to first reach New Delhi (the capital city of India), and from there you should book a ticket in some air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned bus, or directly hire a taxi or car, to reach Nainital in short time. Bus ticket can be reserved on sites like Another way is to directly go for a tour package to Nainital, and they will take your entire headache. Tour package to Nainital can also be booked online on sites like . Hope that helps.

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