Can seeing a white Rat bring good luck?

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A rat is a small animal which is found very common in households of the villagers in the state of Rajasthan, India. When there become too many rats in the home, the villagers would try to capture them by hanging a piece of food (roti) in a small cage and this cage is specifically made according to the size of the rat to capture it. The roti is hanged from one end of thin iron wire, and the other end of the wire is attached from the open gate of the cage. As the rat enters into the cage through the open gate and tries to eat the roti, the roti gets detached from the wire, and as a result, the gate gets closed at the other end and the rat is trapped into the cage. Then the villager would take that cage to some jungle and there he would free the rat but the rats are never killed by villagers or by the people in the town. So there is a lot of respect for rats in the state of Rajasthan.

There is a famous rat temple in a small town called Deshnok in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The name of this temple is Karni Mata temple or Karni Mata Mandir. In the Hindi language "temple" is called as "mandir". This is the place which attracts a lot of tourists from all over India and the world. This temple is very famous for rats and there are around 20,000 rats that are fed, protected and worshipped on a daily basis. You cannot enter this temple by wearing shoes as this is considered unholy and shows disrespect for the Goddess Karni and her rats.

After entering the temple naked feet, you could see rats all around on the marble floor of the temple and some of the rats may even rise and pass through your feet but they never harm you. In the beginning, even kids may feel scary but later they would also enjoy playing with the rats as they are so friendly. Usually, the rats in peoples homes disappear as soon as they see humans, but in this temple, they move all around fearless, and never hide as their mother Karni Mata is securing them and they feel that no one can harm them. This is the most magical thing about the rats in this temple. Usually, the rats are brown in color, but if, by chance, you can see here a white rat that is considered as good luck.

Even the discovery channel(national geographic channel) made a small documentary on this temple and it can be viewed on this youtube video. This documentary looks great to me and tells all the true story picturized in a very beautiful way. Spending some time in this temple would be a life-changing experience. Taking photos of your camera is also allowed here. The villagers at this place are innocent and not aggressive at all. You would enjoy talking to them, though some of them don't understand English. The state of Rajasthan is a place which is very calm and full of deserts. The summer is very hot (40-50 degree) while winter is very cold (0-15 degree).

How to reach Deshnok?

The two most important cities in the Indian state of Rajasthan are Jaipur and Bikaner. Deshnok is just 30 kilometers away from Bikaner. To reach Deshnok from Bikaner either you can hire a taxi, or simply reserve a seat on the bus. There is no rush for tickets as there are so many buses servicing in this route. If you are an international tourist you can reach Bikaner by train from New Delhi as there are no flights. Visit for more information on trains from New Delhi to Bikaner. Hope that will help in choosing a good holiday destination.

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