What if 4th lord Moon is in 7th house for an Aries Ascendant? (Vedic Astrology)

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For an Aries Ascendant, Moon will be placed in the sign of Libra in the 7th house when 4th house lord is placed in the 7th house.

4th house represents our heart and mostly we do karma (work) based on what our heart likes to do. Now when the sign of Cancer rules the 4th house the heart is driven by the mind as the sign of Cancer is ruled by Moon and Moon is our mind or soul or heart.

7th house is the house of relationships, partnerships, contracts, marriage, spouse, and creativity. I said creativity because there are three Nakshatras that fall in the sign of Libra and those are Chitra, Visakha, and Swati and there are also 4 Padas in each Nakshatra. Moon will be placed in any one of these Nakshatras in a particular Pada and accordingly, it will give results. So you need to look carefully in your Vedic astrology software where exactly your Moon is placed.

Out of these 3 Nakshatras, Chitra is only about creative as this Nakshatra is ruled by Vishwakarma who is considered as the divine engineer of the Universe. When your moon is placed in this Nakshatra in the sign of Libra in the 7th house then it makes your mind very creative. Then the mind wants to do something creative (like arts, crafts, designing, etc) but the lord of Libra > Venus > should also be placed in the 7th house along with Moon to enhance the creativity. If Jupiter is also placed here then it is even better.

Swati Nakshatra is more about making business deals as Rahu rules this Nakshatra and Rahu is all about the world of internet and online shopping (e-commerce). The sign of Aquarius which rules the 11th house is all about networking and the world of internet is also all about networking as without the networking internet cannot function and mostly all the latest technology is useless without internet. Phone calls and voice calls are also not possible without networks which represent the Rahu. Rahu co-rules the sign of Aquarius along with Saturn and you should know this fact in Vedic Astrology.

That is the reason if your several planets along with Moon are placed in the Swati Nakshatra then you could definitely be in online business. Women mostly have this placement of Moon in the Swati Nakshatra in the 7th house and as a result of it they do a lot of online shopping. Rahu is all about materialism and so all the latest technology is also represented by Rahu and so is this Nakshatra. The world of information technology (IT) is seen from this Nakshatra and you could be into IT with Moon being placed in this Nakshatra.

The 3rd Nakshatra > Visakha > is more about resolving the legal disputes through court cases and so your mind could be in resolving disputes of people when Moon is placed in this Nakshatra. You could even be a lawyer with the placement of Moon in this Nakshatra in the 7th house. Jupiter rules this Nakshatra and Jupiter is all about law and righteous deeds. Actually, the sign of Virgo is of disputes and resolving the disputes is the sign of Libra. You may go into the conflict resolution and mediation careers if your Moon is placed in the Visakha Nakshatra or in the sign of Libra in general in the 7th house.

You could also be involved in the business of clothing, food, luxury items, etc with the placement of Moon in the 7th house in the sign of Libra especially in the Nakshatra of Swati. Brokers of real estate and properties (or in any other business) are strongly seen from this placement as 4th house lord is seated in the 7th house and 4th house represents land and properties and 7th house is the house getting two parties into an agreement which is the job of a broker.

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