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For a Scorpio Ascendant, Sun rules the 10th house and it will be placed in the sign of Capricorn in the 3rd house when 10th house lord is placed in the 3rd house.

Sun is our image or identity in the society we live in and that is the reason the sign of Aquarius (representing the society or public) is always opposite to the sign of Leo, ruled by Sun. When the sign of Leo is placed on the 10th house it means Sun (the lord of Leo) represents our profession.

Now when the 10th lord Sun is placed in the sign of Capricorn in the 3rd house it means the native is known as someone who could be very strict, disciplined and status oriented. But actually how the person is by the soul is known by > Atmakarka > which is the planet with the highest degree in a given birth chart. In the astrological software just check the planet denoted by > AK > and that planet will be your Atmakarka.

For example, if the Atmakarka is Mars the person could be a soldier, cook, engineer, police officer, sportsman, etc. You should know what Mars represents in Vedic Astrology and then you will know why it is so. But here we need to talk about the 10th lord in the 3rd house.

Capricorn is a sign of government and leadership. Also, 3rd house is 6th from the 10th house which means it is the house of obstacles or difficulties and competition in your profession but since the sign of Capricorn falls on the 3rd house it shows these difficulties or obstacles could be related to status or getting higher position. This is because anything 6th represents obstacles, problems, and difficulties in Vedic Astrology.

Also, the 3rd house is also the house of your skills and courage. When the sign of Capricorn rules the 3rd house your skills are related to Saturn as the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

Just think of a sportsman (such as an Athlete or any other) who wants to win the race to achieve the top position or highest status (which the sign of Capricorn represents) and he has to face a lot of difficulties, obstacles, and competition. So you could be a sportsman when 10th lord Sun is placed in the 3rd house in the sign of Capricorn. In general, Sun also represents sports as it is part of fun and entertainment which the sign of Leo or Sun represents. But this is more so possible if your Mars and Saturn are also placed in the 3rd house especially in the Dhanistha Nakshatra as this Nakshatra is ruled by Mars and falls on the sign of Capricorn on its first 2 Padas.

But Dhanistha Nakshatra is also about music as the symbol of this Nakshatra is "musical drum" and so you could also become a musical instrument player (such as table or drums) especially if your Mercury is also placed in the 3rd house along with Sun but in the Dhanistha Nakshatra. In general, Sun also represents fun and entertainment and playing with musical instruments is also fun so this is definitely possible that you could become some musician in your profession.

But there is also another Nakshatra falling on the sign of Capricorn and ruled by Moon which is Shravana. Your Sun could also fall in this Nakshatra in the 3rd house and if this is so then you could become a recruiter or a social worker. In other words, you could be a human resource professional who is somehow involved in the hiring of employees for a company or working on an HR Software. This is because the sign of Capricorn also represents jobs and career as it rules the 10th house in the natural zodiac.

The symbol of Shravana Nakshatra is ear and so this Nakshatra is about hearing to people's problems and resolving them. This could mean a social worker or a politician. The son of Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, a political leader, is a good example of that. You will often find him reaching to the farmers of India and listening to their problems related to land, electricity, finances, etc and then resolving them. His Ascendant falls on the Sravana Nakshatra. You could also become a counselor with this placement of Sun. A counselor is one who counsels people regarding their problems related to marriage, mental illness, etc.

If your Sun is placed in the sign of Capricorn in the 3rd house and if Saturn is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 4th house then this is a great placement to have to earn a lot of money in life through real estate or through agriculture or some home products related business or by being at some higher government post and becoming a social worker. This is because Saturn in its own sign expand your network circle in whatever you are doing.

You could also do a government job if your 3rd house lord Saturn is placed in the 10th house in the sign of Leo and 10th house lord Sun is placed in the sign of Capricorn in the 3rd house. In olden days people used to go for a war to extend their borders. Such people were also having their Sun in the sign of Capricorn especially in the Nakshatra of Uttarashadha whose 3 padas also fall on the sign of Capricorn and this is the 3rd and last Nakshatra falling on the sign of Capricorn. So you could also become someone in police or military with this placement of Sun.

Saturn represents iron and steel and so also represents gun and other weapons and so when the sign of Capricorn falls on the 3rd house you could have skills related to using the weapons or you could even be a mechanic as Saturn is mechanic.

Capricorn is all about authority, status and power and you get these when you extend the borders of your country and that is what the Nakshatra of Uttarashadha is about. You could also become a CEO of a company or at some higher post in the government with this placement of Sun in the 3rd house.

Some lower kind of jobs such as a waiter and working on the machines to transform or manufacture something is also possible as the sign of Capricorn represents machines as they are made of iron and steel.

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