Do you know ghosts or bhoots are just human beings?

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Most of the people are afraid of ghosts and you should be because they can make your life miserable once they enter your body. But do you know who the bhoots or ghosts are?

The thing is even the bhoots or ghosts were once human beings like you and me. This is because the ghosts are nothing but people who faced a sudden and untimely death (unnatural death) in life such as murders, suicide and sudden accidents whether an accident on the road, airplane crash, rail accident, etc. That is the reason it is said that you should never think of suicide as then it can surely make you a ghost after death.

Demons may be some other entities but ghosts are simply the souls of people who died under circumstances as mentioned above. Such people when they die they don't go to the usual Pitri Loka but they enter a Loka called Preta Loka where they become ghosts. So a ghost is nothing but the soul of a person who suffered a death which was not normal (as already mentioned above). So we should not be afraid of ghosts as they are simply people like us but in the form of soul and in the invisible subtle form. Also, ghosts cannot harm us physically and people mostly suffer from mental problems when dead spirits or ghosts enter their body. This is what happens when you don't do good karmas in life as then you become a ghost.

For example, if you have killed someone in the past life or did something that caused the death of someone then you may suffer from sudden death in this life and then you become a ghost. If you are a good person then that doesn't mean all are good. There are many evil people also on this earth who are murdering their wives, parents, kids, and others. They don't even hesitate to plant bombs at public places. Such terrorists and low-quality people mostly face sudden deaths in their life.

But even good people also sometimes die an untimely death as they suicide but in God's book this is a sin and so it can also make you a ghost after death. One reason the people become ghosts (enter into Preta Loka) after death is because they want to take revengue from the person who might have killed them. This is the main reason some souls enter into the Preta Loka instead of going to the Pitri Loka. What they do is that they become a ghost and then enter into the body of the person whom they want to take the revenge with. But bhoot may still enter into any living person without even a reason such as > for taking a revenge.

The thing is bhoots are more comfortable in a body than living on some tree in an invisible form in the Preta Loka. You should know > Preta Loka is still surrounding the earth but in a subtle and invisible form. In a body (even if it is someone else's body) the bhoot or dead spirit can enjoy a life that human beings enjoy and that is the main reason they possess other people and get into their body.

But bhoots cannot possess just any person. Infect bhoots run away from people who are chaste. Usually the immoral people get possessed by bhoots and people who go to false Gurus and tantriks (people who do tantra) also get possessed by ghosts as the tantriks and false gurus control many dead spirits and they deliberately put those spirits in your body so that you become their slave and give all your money to them. Such dead spirits have the capability to do some miracles and you get impressed by that and this makes you to surrender to those false gurus.

People who are not leading their life according to Dharma or doing the wrong things in life usually get possessed by bhoots. For example, a drunkard who is all the time drinking may get possessed by bhoots who are fond of drinking as the bhoot is also able to take the pleasure of drinking by being in the body of a drunkard. Also, prostitutes and people engaged in immoral sex may also get possessed by bhoots (as they are not chaste) as some bhoots love sex.

Most of the people who went to Osho Rajneesh got possessed (as he was a false guru) and started dancing and jumping as when you get possessed your body is not in control of you unless you are too strong. Some people say it is due to the kundalini power awakening but it is not so and you dance and jump simply because you are possessed now. Kundalini power awakening should give you cool vibrations and happiness and joy and not something like jumping and dancing.

How do you feel when you get possessed by a bhoot or dead spirit?

Mostly it gives you mental problem as your attention is affected and attention is nothing but the state of your mind. It also depends on which part of the body is affected as bhoot can enter into different parts of the body in the human subtle system. Some bhoot can even paralyze you if there is a stronghold. If it is in the stomach your stomach will never be at rest and will make you mad with the attention.

If you are facing a problem for which there is no solution with the doctors then certainly there is a bhoot inside you. Most people don't realize is that there is a bhoot inside them and so they go to doctors for the treatment but unfortunately, they don't find any solution and a lot of money is wasted on their health for years. This is the biggest problem that people even don't know that they are possessed as dead spirits inside the body doesn't give you any physical pain but it is still a very unusual and bad experience.

Sometimes when some food is stuck in your teeth you keep struggling to get it out as it is causing uneasiness to you but this doesn't give any physical pain. Same is the kind of thing you feel when you get possessed. There is all the time uneasiness in the part of the body where the bhoot is affecting you and you don't know how to get rid of it. There is a total mental imbalance and so even doctors recommend you to go to a psychiatrist. There may also be a personality disorder because of possession. Infect this is the most common problem faced due to the possession.

But there are also many other types of problems faced by people and I will recommend you to watch all the different videos in the youtube channel of Bhoot Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra - Karauli Sarkar to experience what kinds of problems are faced by people possessed by bhoots and dead spirits. The head of this organization is a priest who is even able to communicate with the bhoots inside any person. He can even ask questions to the bhoot such as why did he enter the person's body. You can know more about it in my other article > How to get rid of bhoots.

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