What is Sin? Know with Examples

According to various religious books, there are some rules you need to follow to live peacefully on this earth. You must not do something which is against the rules of God (Dharma) or soul. Whenever you do something against your soul you are doing sin. Sin is something you do against the rules of God which can harm you or someone else or the whole humanity. So don't take your freedom as granted. You may think you have the freedom to do anything you like whether it's good or bad but ultimately all bad deeds will come back to you in one way or the other. But of course, if you will do something good for others, you will get something very good in return. This is what the rule of God is which is also called dharma.

But most people realize their bad deeds when they suffer. No one will come and teach you these rules but those are somewhat self-understood. Why I say self-understood because people who do sin know that they are doing something which is wrong but still they do. Even thieves keep their homes secure as they are afraid someone may steal of what they have. I remember, a thief caught someone who was stealing something from his home and said: "Don't you know stealing is a sin?" So this gives a proof that everyone knows what is right or wrong whether he is an honest person or a thief. This is because all human beings whether good or bad are soul and honesty is the quality of soul.

There are a lot of things which are also taught in schools and colleges to understand the rules of nature and God, and also you can read them in religious books. You may ask what is that which is against the soul which is called as sin? And what if you have committed a sin already? If you don't understand what exactly is wrong or sin, check with people around you. Suppose you want to know if smoking is something good or not. Just start smoking for few days everywhere and check the reaction of people around you like your family members, friends, relatives and other people whom you work with. You will find the majority of them saying "Hey don't smoke it's not good for health". Your friends may not say this because they may be like you and want to follow you. After all, they think smoking is passion for them.

Now to decide whether smoking is good or bad you need to listen to the majority, as most of the people on this earth know what is wrong or right and will tell you the truth though they themselves may be great smokers. Another great way to know what you are doing is sin or not: are you hiding when you are doing something? Then most probably this is a sin though not in all cases. This is because most sins are done in the dark. When a person steals something he does it in the dark so that he can hide. Another case may be if you are running after doing something than most probably you have committed a sin. Like it may be that you murdered someone and ran away from the spot. If you are honest you need not run.

Some people complain to God that God has snatched away everything from them. But truth is that God doesn't do anything. You might have done some sin in this life or past lives and that is the cause of your downfall. Another truth is that if you already have committed sins than definitely you will have to suffer and you need to accept it instead of complaining. However, there is a way to get out of all your sins. Your body will suffer for all the wrong deeds but it cannot affect your soul because the soul is free from Karma Bandhan(boundation). You must meditate and merge your soul into the complete soul and achieve the state of salvation to get rid of all sins. This is the only way to get freedom from all the sins we committed. Else just suffer according to rules of God and one day you will be freed from all sins and then you can make sure not to repeat.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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