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The sign of Taurus falls on the 11th house for a Cancer Ascendant. This shows that they enjoy serving the public or the society they live in as 11th house is the house of the public or customers or the society we live in and the sign of Taurus is the sign of enjoyment and sensual pleasures. But not all the Cancer Ascendant people will enjoy serving the people of the society in the same way. Some may enjoy by providing the entertainment services to the society while others may even enjoy by healing through their knowledge of medicines or any other method they use to cure the patients. This will depend on the location of the lord of the 11th house, Venus in the birth chart.

But here we will only discuss what the results will be when the 11th house lord, Venus, is placed in the 4th house in the sign of Libra. Libra is a sign that is just next to the sign of Virgo and so if Virgo is a sign of difficulties and problems then Libra is a sign to resolve those difficulties and problems. Libra is a sign of bringing peace and harmony and resolving the disputes between two parties by being physically active. I said physically active because the sign of Aries is just opposite to the sign of Libra and both the signs go hand-in-hand when any one of them acts. But a lot will depend on the location of Mars (ruler of Aries) to exactly know whether the problem is resolved by being physically active or not.

For example, if a person is walking on the road and if he needs the travel service then a Rickshaw puller can resolve his problem by making him reach to the required destination by being physically active as he will be working hard to pull his rickshaw and so it will be a physical activity. So this is what Libra is when you resolve a problem or obstacle or an inconveniency by being physically active. But you can also resolve a problem by being not physically active depending on which sign Mars (as Mars makes us physically active) is placed.

In general, rickshaw pullers do serve the society by helping the people with the travel (helping here is Libra) by their physical efforts and so they may have their 11th lord Venus in the 4th house provided Mars and Saturn are located in the 10th house in the sign of Aries. Mars in Aries means putting energy (as Mars is energy within us) or self-efforts to move the paddle of the rickshaw and Saturn is the action on the paddle and 10th house is of physical work as it is ruled by Saturn in the natural zodiac. So here a rickshaw puller serves the society by being a Libra and so Venus in the sign of Libra in the 4th house is possible in the birth chart of a rickshaw puller. But it is still just a possibility unless the positions of all the planets in the birth chart are known.

Also, 4th house is 6th from the 11th house and anything 6th is service, obstacles, problems, disputes, debt, disease, competition, cleaning, etc. So with this placement of 11th lord Venus in the 4th house the native will provide a service to the society that will involve difficulties, arguments, disputes, competition, etc just like the rickshaw wala faces with the difficult job of pulling the rickshaw as I mentioned above and he is the one who also provides a service to the society.

But nowadays our society is not just confined to the physical form but we also have a society or customers over the internet whom we serve online. The people who are doing arts and designing over the computer or the internet may also have such kind of placement of 11th lord Venus in 4th house. This is because Libra is also a sign of creativity as it is ruled by Venus. Doing artwork and designing using online tools like photoshop is not easy and a lot of complications are involved and so Venus being placed 6 places away makes sense. Usually, Saturn in the sign of Gemini in the 12th house will make you work over the internet.

Lawyers and brokers are another group of people who resolve the disputes or make a deal happen (work of Libra) as a mediator and so this placement of Venus also holds good for them in their birth chart. But other planets in the birth chart must also be supportive for this to happen. The lawyers resolve the disputes by being aggressive (Aries or Mars) in law and so their Mars could be found in the sign of Sagittarius and for brokers, it will depend on which business field they are operating as a broker.

There are also people who are involved in the promotion of world peace (humanitarian and social workers) and Libra is also a sign of peace and harmony and so such people can also be seen from this placement of Venus especially if Mars, Jupiter, and Venus all three are placed in the 4th house in the sign of Libra and Saturn being placed in the sign of Sagittarius in the 6th house.

Different types of counselors such as marriage and family counselors, rehabilitation counselors, mental health counselors, etc can also be seen from this placement of Venus. People who are legal advisors to different businesses or corporations may also have this kind of placement. This is because 11th house also represents the big businesses and corporations.

Just think of people like Sandeep Maheshwari who is a public speaker but he speaks to resolve the problems of the young generation. You might have watched his youtube videos. He is a peacemaker and such people's act are also the act of a Libra and such people can also be seen from the placement of 11th lord Venus in the 4th house. But teachers and professors can also be seen from this placement as they resolve the problems and difficulties of the students and thus they are also the peacemakers. Any situation where you resolve disputes or problems and bring peace and harmony can be seen from this placement. Here is a complete list of careers in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

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