Can 11th lord Jupiter in 10th house get you in software engineering? (Vedic Astrology)

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Vedic Astrology Birth Chart of Software Engineering Native
Here is the birth chart of a person who is in software testing(see on the left). If you are on mobile click here to open the chart in a new window. He is an Aquarius ascendant and his 11th lord Jupiter is placed in the 10th house in the sign of Scorpio. Software testing is nothing but an inspection of the coding and coding (or programming) is done to make the software run and function the way we want. When you inspect or code a software it is an act of Scorpio as Scorpio is the source code of all digital technology. Just right click on any website and then click "view source" and there you can see all the code that makes the site to function and look the way we want. This is what Scorpio is.

Also, 11th house is the house of networking as the sign of Aquarius rules this house in the natural zodiac and Aquarius is really a sign of networking, distribution and it also represents the masses or the public and even large companies and organizations which work collectively to accomplish a certain goal.

For an Aquarius ascendant Jupiter rules the 11th house and when it is placed in the 10th house in the sign of Scorpio it means doing the karma (as 10th house is karma or action as it ruled by Saturn in the natural zodiac) of coding or engineering using your wisdom as Jupiter is our wisdom and the sign of Scorpio represents coding. Since Mars, the lord of the sign of Scorpio or the lord of 10th house, is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 1st house it gives clear indication that the coding is done to make networks and over the internet everything is networking whether it is software development or web programming or app development.

Also, the lord of the 1st house, Saturn, is placed in the 9th house of publishing and it is in the sign of Libra which shows resolving the problems during publishing as Libra is a sign of resolving something and 9th house is publishing or writing on something whether digital or otherwise. But since the default ruler of 9th house, Jupiter, is placed in the 10th house in the sign of Scorpio then it gives a clear indication that here resolving is something related to Scorpio which is nothing but coding.

Also, since the lord of Libra, Venus, is placed in the sign of Capricorn in the 12th house it shows the passion is towards writing or editing codes as Capricorn is the default ruler of 10th house where currently Jupiter is seated in the sign of Scorpio and so the wisdom is being used in writing the code.

His Rahu falls on the sign of Gemini in the 5th house which shows the obsession is in Gemini (as Rahu is our obsession in life) and Gemini is key when you work over the internet as everything over the internet is nothing but communication which the sign of Gemini represents and 5th house is the house of knowledge and education. When the Gemini sign falls on the 5th house it becomes the knowledge and education of communication.

But since the lord of the 5th house, Mercury, is placed in the 11th house it shows the skills of hands and communication is being used to create networks or engineering as 11th house is the house of networking and engineering other than the public or the masses or the customers.

Also, Mercury rules the 8th house for an Aquarius ascendant and 8th house is all about coding which is the source of engineering and this Mercury is again seated in the 11th house of networking and engineering. This also confirms a career in software testing or software engineering.

Moon also here plays an important role and Moon is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 2nd house. Pisces is really a sign of the divine world from where all the intuition power comes to write the codes. It is not easy to write codes for engineering unless at least one of your planets is seated in the sign of Pisces and that is the reason, not every person can become engineer as none of their planets are in the sign of Pisces which makes the mind (moon) very powerful as Pisces sign is a divine power which helps in understanding the codes. It is the intuition power of the Pisces sign only which makes great painters, writers, coders, etc.

But the problem is one may lose a social life and friends circle or may even lose authority in the public as here 11th lord is seated in the 10th and 10th house is 12th from the 11th house and anything 12th is the loss. If you are a politician with this placement then you may lose in the election. Also, here your discretion may go haywire especially if in the Navamsa chart also your Jupiter is placed in the sign of Scorpio. This may cause you to lose money in your business or anything you do to make a living.

More Results of 11th lord Jupiter in the 10th house for an Aquarius Ascendant

Jupiter represents our discretion and in the sign of Scorpio Jupiter is more about knowing hidden secrets such as occult science which is all hidden and paranormal. When you do codes of programming and magic tricks that is also something paranormal. If a woman has this placement her husband may not be good in morals as Jupiter represents the husband in woman's chart and the woman may be harsh with his husband if Saturn and Rahu are aspecting the Jupiter in the 8th house.

People who do an inspection (as inspection is Scorpio) in the public such as the security guards who check your full body while you enter cinema hall, airports, railways stations, malls, etc. also have their Jupiter in the 10th house in the sign of Scorpio. Also, people who are running websites and youtube channels over the internet and giving information on occult science also have this kind of placement.

People who are driving emergency vehicles to help the public requiring emergency help are also seen from this placement as the sign of Scorpio also represents an emergency. Doctors who help the patients with an emergency surgery or operation may also have this placement. Military people are also seen from this placement who have to run for emergencies such as a war or attack from terrorists. People who gamble in the stock markets may also have this placement as gambling is also represented by the sign of Scorpio as it is a risk. If Saturn and Rahu are aspecting Jupiter then such people may lose a lot of money in gambling or stock market investments.

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