Someone asked me What is Soul?

Have you even seen a dead body? How does it look? To me, the dead body looks as if the life has gone out of it. Exactly! The life which has gone out of it is called the soul and the dead body left is non-living and lifeless just like a collection of integrated human bones. The body is simply a skull when life goes out of it. When you are reading this article on your computer it's your soul(actually you) that is reading it and your soul resides in your body. The only body cannot read an article because a body is non-living but it's the soul residing in the body which is reading the article. A soul is present inside every living creature on this earth whether animals, birds or insects. All the organs of a body work as long as the soul resides in the body.

Once the soul is gone out of the body all the organs stop working and the body dies. When someone says: "my grandfather died", it simply means Grand Father just got separated from his body but not actually died as the soul of a person never dies. Actually, your Grand Father's body died when it got separated from your Grand Father. When something becomes lifeless we say it is dead. So here your Grand Father's body has become lifeless so the body has died and not your Grand Father. You may wonder where the soul goes after death. Just read this another article for this >> Does life exists after death? Truth is that soul neither dies nor takes birth. A soul is something which exists forever. Soul only changes body.

The thoughts coming in your mind are also away from your soul. A soul is away and far from mind, body, thoughts, desires, time, attention, greed, ego, sex, etc. Then what exactly soul is? The soul is an ocean of love, peace, and complete satisfaction. It's an ultimate energy of the universe. The soul residing in a living creature is just the part of the complete soul(God) from which the whole universe has originated. Once the soul of a human being is completely merged into the complete soul of the universe it is called salvation. Salvation is the ultimate goal of a human being but not many people are interested in salvation as their desires don't let them achieve the goal of salvation. The complete soul is also away from atoms and molecules you read about in science. Even the atoms and molecules originate from the complete soul. You need to meditate to achieve the goal of salvation.

A soul is also different from spirit. Some people are confused and don't understand the difference between the soul and the spirit. Usually, a soul goes into the stomach of a pregnant woman after a person dies to acquire a new body of a child. However sometimes after sudden death, the soul does not acquire new body immediately and remains in the air for a long time and such souls become spirits. This usually happens when the death of a person is not natural and it's sudden like deaths occurred in accidents, murders, suicide, etc. In such cases, a soul becomes a spirit and remains in the air as it doesn't have the rights to acquire a new body due to bad deeds in their life. A spirit can enter into other person and harm him/her as he/she might be envy or want to take revenge. When some spirit enters your body you get possessed which is very painful and life threatening. Medical science does not have any solution for possessions and usually, they declare the possessed person as mentally ill.

If you will suicide you will certainly become a spirit because suicide is a sin. When you do crimes you are put into jail. Similarly when you suicide it gives you the life of a spirit which faces a lot of difficulties in the entire lifetime of a spirit. Ghost and spirit are just the same things. People like Osama bin Laden should also become a spirit after death because he was officially not buried and his dead body was not given fire by any of the family members. His body was just thrown away in sea by the American Military Force without any cremation.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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