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Hi Your tutorials are coming very good Sir, thanks a lot, I don't want to respond to your mail as I may just be interrupting the flow, thanks a lot. Thanks so much for the knowledge. Being a professional myself I can't put a value for the knowledge. However, i don't think just a rs.2000 is the right price for your knowledge and I wish to pay 2000 more with all my humbleness and plz send me the link for the payment.

By Nagaraja Hegde

Thank you Sir for providing a detailed review regarding my horoscope. Indeed, it was one of the best explanation ever I got from anyone. It was beautifully written which depicts the hardwork and effort taken by you to come to a conclusion. You are very true Sir, I have gone through so much of mental stress during these yrs of Jupiter Antardasha. I am happy that it's going to end very soon. Yours words did boost me with positivity and determination towards the goal.

I have been in a stage of suppression and sacrifice many desires for the happiness of my loved ones, missed a very good opportunity for the sake of others happiness which I repent everyday but it did teach me a lesson in life. Well Sir, I am unmarried as you have written and I donot have any plans of getting married for next 2 yrs. Every single word written is so true regarding my life. I just wish after May 2020 some ray of light enters into my life. Thank you Sir once again. I am looking forward for such future help from you again.

By Barnali Medhi

I am thankful for your review and guidance. This consultation was very helpful to dissolve certain fears and questions regarding this area of life. And the way you reflected on these matters was very fascinating to me. Thank you you're amazing!

By Mohit Sharma

To be honest, I skipped the part on MB as it would only stress me out. These other methods are accurate so I'd rather not know when I'd be losing family members. This is all really great knowledge by the way. I look forward to testing the markets with these concepts in the near future.

FocusedJack - United States

I must say...your article is super...also you have good knowledge...i have never seen astrologer of indepth knowledge like you....i am greatful and my sincere gratitude to you...Sir...

Abhisek Bose , Kolkatta, India

Sir! I have never seen vedic astrology tutorials predicting so accurately. It is my humble request Sir plz do not share this useful information for so much low price. You deserve much more for spending years of your life in integrating everything that really works and filtering everything that doesn't work. There is so much confusion with all the mixed information over the internet regarding astrology and your tutorials really showed me the right path. Thank you so much for the tutorials! May God bless you and your family!

Komal Nahata , Jaipur, India

Thank you once again. You are a genius. Everything matched!!! May God bless you. Very much satisfied with your prediction.

Y.A. Sharif , Bangladesh, Dhaka

Dear Rajesh, I have ready your analysis and it is very bold prediction which I appreciate. The analysis is discrete and calls out perfect and I am very much impressed. The Tutorials, I will start leveraging as per your directions in the email. Just curious, If there are any remedies which can help my finance and career progressions & prospects, or do I change job or explore any business etc.. I would be thankful.

Amit , Manchester, UK

Nothing more to say these are the ultimate tutorials... and making predictions in astrology is total fluke without going through these tutorials. So don't hesitate to buy! you will never regret. You can make predictions on your own... its that simple and also you will know what problem you have (if any).

Mike Malony , USA

Thank you. I have just quickly perused through the information you have given me and I now have much greater appreciation of how deep the science of Vedic astrology is. I am thankful to you for generously sharing this level of information and insight.

Neil Bhatt , USA

Dear Sir I would like to inform you that as per your prediction I have travelled back to Qatar on 29th Sep 2020, First of all, thank you very much for your guidance and this is really a wonderful prediction considering the present global instability. I wish your progress and positive development in the future.


Ajith G (Chennai, India)

Good morning sir,

Myself Utkarsh sharma,

I had consulted you a few months ago regarding my career, and i see your prediction is absolutely true. Yesterday i had appeared in UPSC civil services exam and i calculated my marks now and they are around 8-10 marks less than than last years cut off, so it seems my dream of Upsc is almost coming to an end, literally 3years getting wasted. Thanks for your guidance and I will contact you in future for more help.


Sachin Temghare , Pune

Thank you sir,
I have never seen this kind of analysis..I' must say I'm blown away. Thank you

Bhavya , Bangalore, India

Thank you for your email and the detailed analysis of my daughter's horoscope. It was very insightful. I am also an amateur student of astrology and I could relate to most of what you explained.

Baldev , Hyderabad, India

Thank you so much for providing this much amount of information, knowledge and guidance at this cost along with the promptness in all your replies. I don't think any of the big names in astrology can provide this much help on personal level and attention to all their clients and your tutorials are simply eye opener for me. God bless you for helping people like me who are short on money side.If there's anywhere I can give review about your consultation service, please provide the link.

Diya Sharma , Jaipur, India

The Tutorials are absolutely brilliant ! I have learned more in a couple of hours just casually reading them than I have from endless books and articles. I can only imagine what I will know after going through each point in detail. Truly worth much much more than the cost.

Sandeep Bhatia, Executive director, MRSSIndia, BSE Listed.

Hi Rajesh, I thought of sharing an outstanding news with you that will help you in your research further and see what’s coming for me. Yesterday, I had received a job offer as mentioned by you (in the month of March). Thanks so much for your help and guidance. Can you please advise if this job is based on the time of birth as 4:45 am or 4:48 am as I am trying to find out if Venus is beneficial for me not? Thank you again.

Regards, Manoj Pant (Melbourne, Australia)

Bihani ji, Namaskar

Thanks for your tutorials and consultation. I could squeeze only recently some time to go through the invaluable material that you have provided. I really found the astrological tools given by you in the tutorials as very effective and result oriented. Though I will be applying these methods in various charts in the due course of time, I am nevertheless quite convinced of its usefulness. In this context, here under are few of my observations.

Pardeep Kher, Delhi

Hi Sir,

Per your confirmation last year, I had got job in Nov 2020. But have again lost job in Sep 2021. I had gone through the tutorials sent by you, but unable to determine why I lost my job again.Will you be in a position to check, as to why I have lost my job again in Ven- Rahu dasa when Rahu is in my mitra graha and as to when I will get job next. Will pay your fee.

Abhijit Das, Digboi, Assam

Namaste Rajesh Sir, I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. During January 2021, I contacted you with some astrological query and then I received astrological material with some specific details related to my birth chart as part of the course from you.However recently my old system got formatted and I have lost track of the study material shared by you. I have also lost the email attachment it seems.I am not very good in astrology, however some of your instructions, and techniques were really helpful for me in forecasting certain things in my life.I am requesting you to kindly see if you could forward the emails if you still have then it would be really helpful for me henceforth.

Vikas Kumar Thakur, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

Know your future on your own

My name is Rajesh Bihani and I am an astrologer from New Delhi, India.

Learn the real secrets of Vedic Astrology and become an expert yourself

Plz Note: I am giving tutorials (or you can say reports) plus I will resolve your 2 personal queries (2 predictions) for INR 2100 or $31. Once you go through my tutorials you can predict yourself as the tutorials are very practical (based on various astrological tools) and easy to understand and also tutorials will be based on your personal chart and so certainly you will get the general interpretation of your chart including things like wealth, good and bad periods, your strength and weaknesses, good and bad planets, good yogas, major turning points in life, etc but not more than 2 specific questions (2 predictions) will be entertained as then people keep asking questions after questions. You can ask a lot of questions regarding tutorials if you don't understand anything but predictions I only give 2.

If you want me to resolve your more queries (more predictions) then cost is INR 500 ($7) per extra query. The details are as given below regarding what you will learn from the tutorials. You can also predict on any given chart (such as your family member's charts) after going through my tutorials. I give tutorials because people ask the reason > what basis the predictions have been given < and for that I need to make you learn or understand all the astrological tools through tutorials and that becomes very much time consuming for me. But, in general, you should learn about these astrological tools as these will be very handy for personal predictions throughout your life.

Plz Note: I have the copyright of these tutorials and you cannot resell or reproduce but you can use for your predictions and personal use.

Some people ask > how they can trust me and my tutorials? For that, plz note: I do not befool people as I know if I will befool people they will sooner or later start giving me negative ratings in Google and till date I have 100% satisfied customers regarding the tutorials. I know something that most people are missing while making predictions and that is where my tutorials will be useful to you and that is also the reason I am offering you these tutorials. I also know about pending karmas > whatever good or bad we do > that really comes back to us as the pending karma. That is the reason I never misguide anyone and so you can always trust me. Also, the 100% original testimonials above tells it all.

Price: INR 2100 or $31. See below for payment details and payment options.

Hi, My motive here is to reveal you some real secrets of Vedic Astrology that really works and through which you will be easily able to know yourself the following things as below:

1) You can regularly track the incoming of wealth in your life (trust me it's very easy to know).

2) You will be able to know the major turning points in life (such as rags to riches or riches to rags)

3) You will be able to know what good or bad events can happen in your life (such as accident, death, marriage, travel, etc).

4) You will be able to know which dashas could make you rich or which dasha will take away your wealth.

5) You will be able to know when would you travel to some foreign place or foreign country.

6) You will be able to know when would you get promotion (if any).

7) You will be able to know if any change in job is coming or not.

8) You will be able to know which planet is causing a bad health or a particular disease and how to cure it and till when it will last.

9) You will be able to know which job or business is suitable for you.

10) You will be able to know the reason why you are not able to get married and whether you will be able to get married or not in the future.

11) You will be able to know why some early death occured in your family (if any).

12) You will be able to know till when your financial troubles will last (if any).

13) You will be able to know about your strength and weaknesses such as whether your mind is weak or intellect is weak or discretion is weak or heart is weak, etc.

14) You will also be able to know about the strength of your planets in the birth chart.

15) You will be able to know yourself whether you will be able to clear your competitive exams or not.

16) You will be able to know if you will get into debt and when will you overcome it.

17) If you trade in stock market or commodity market you will be able to know when the prices of commodities will rise or fall.

18) You will also be able to know if some spirit or ghost (paranormal) exists in your body and that is causing some incurable problem or disease.

19) You will also be able to do birth time rectification on your own when you will learn so many techniques of predictions. I will also let you know how to do it and how exactly it is done.

20) I am not an expert in astrovastu and pending karmas so don't come to me for that.

Plz note: These tutorials are unique and different that actually helps you to predict accurately and that is the reason I am offering you. The basic astrology information you see on my site is not even 10% of what the real astrology is and I mean it when I say accurate predictions. Also, while giving the tutorials I will mention about everything good or bad I am seeing in your chart though you can also learn yourself through your chart in more details.

All as I mentioned above are possible to know through the tutorials I will give to you and these tutorials are not theoretical at all but they are very practical and useful. I will give you some free tools and just you need to look at the various astrological tools and predict your life events and it is that simple. All these tools will give accurate predictions and that is the reason I am offering you. You can also become an expert astrologer yourself by knowing about these tools and you can learn within just a day or two. Then you can also make use of these tools to predict events in the life of your family members as well.

It is very easy to do. These are simply practical methods and not theoretical at all and so they will be very useful and will give accurate prediction. Now if you trust me and if interested in my offer then pay $31 using this paypal link (for outside India) > https://www.paypal.me/rajbihani.

If you want to pay via debit card or credit card (only Indians) in India then make use of this link to pay > INR 2100 https://pmny.in/xIkZXGeMpMut (plz note: this payment link will work only if you are using a computer or laptop. It will not work in mobile). My Paytm mobile no is same as given on this site > 9560693390 and here is the link for Paytm QR code > QR Code Paytm . Here is QR code for Google Pay.

If you want to pay through net banking then below is the detail of my bank account to pay INR 2100 as the tutorial fee.

Name: Rajesh Kumar Bihani
savings account no. 02171000070608
Bank : HDFC Bank
Branch : Mahalaxmi Building, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi- 110006
IFSC Code: HDFC0000217
SWIFT Code: HDFCINBB (Head Office)

I give you 100% satisfication guarantee. Also, with the payment, send the following details in the form as below. Accurate time of birth is important for accurate prediction. The normal astrology information you see on my site is not the real astrology and it is only basic. The real secret astrology I will never disclose for free and that I only will use to serve the paid customers. So opt for paid horoscope and I will also reveal all the real secrets of vedic astrology and will also tell something about your own horoscope while giving the tutorials.

Learn the real secrets of astrology

People who are using the free astrology software or free apps to look at their horoscope will never be able to make accurate predictions because the settings of such softwares are not accurate and so 95% of the people are reading the wrong charts. There are a lot of changes that needs to be done in the settings of the software to get correct padas and without correct padas predictions will never come accurate.

Also, you cannot predict just using the birth chart but there are many other astrological tools such as tithi pravesh, tajaka, strengths, amsa rulers, kota chakra, kal chakra, maandi, gulika, padas, different dashas, charts of past lives, different divisional charts, astakvarga points, vibration of houses, nakshatras, combustion, navatara, aspects, Navamsa, etc. After analysing through all these different tools only it is possible to pin point an event. You cannot know astrology just by looking at a birth chart as that is just basic and not even 10% of what the real astrology is.

Suppose you want to know when you will get a job then you need to look at least 3-4 dashas such as Vimsottari, yogni, kalchakra, rashi dasas, etc. If job is confirmed through all these dasas simultaneously then only the happening of event is possible otherwise not. Also, you need to check whether wealth will come or not because if the dasha is not showing wealth then job is also not possible.

Also, there are certain specific dashas only that tells about the turning point of your life and major events happen during that dasha period only. Using such dashas I will let you know when major shift or change will come in your life. Such dashas only make you rags to riches or riches to rags. So there is a lot of hard work required to pin point events so don't think this is an easy job for an astrologer. I have completed my astrology education through an expert Guru and without a Guru you cannot learn anything serious as there are so many protocols and principles that need to be followed otherwise things will backfire in Vedic Astrology.

I will also make you learn how to correct the software setting so that the predictions come true and accurate. What you will learn on your own in 3 years a Guru can teach you in 3 days. If you are interested or if you have any questions or concerns then contact me using the form below or call me here > 9560693390 .

Plz send the following details on my email > [email protected].com (contact form doesn't work properly so send only email).

1) Your Name:
2) Your Gender (compulsory):
3) Your date of birth (compulsory) > day, month and year (in the format like > 15 june 1980)
4) Your time of birth (compulsory) > don't forget to mention whether AM or PM (or day or night)
5) Your place of birth (compulsory) > mention the city and country
6) Your question (if any whether it is career, marriage, jobs, children, spouse, home, property, etc)
7) Married or Unmarried? (compulsory)

Make use of this below form to send all your details as mentioned above and it will come to me or send an email to > [email protected] with all your birth details.

Plz Note: I respect your privacy and all your personal details will remain private and never be shared with any third party or person.

Plz note (important):

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You will get the reply within next 24-48 hrs

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