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Which planet in the birth chart will give gains? (Vedic Astrology)

This article assumes you already have the basic understanding of Vedic Astrology.

Any planet that is sitting in the house or sign which is just next to the sign or house it rules then that is the planet which can give you a lot of gains in life during its period (Mahadasha or Anterdasha) or even if that planet is just once activated during its one of the short periods.

This is due to the fact that any particular house in Vedic Astrology is always the gain of its previous house. For example, 10th house is the gain of the 9th house as it is 2nd from the 9th just like the 2nd house is the gain of the 1st house as it is 2nd from the first house.

You are born in the first house and as soon as you are born you automatically get a family (2nd house also represents family) who feeds you which is nothing but the activity of the 2nd house.

2nd house is where you eat and that gives you the energy to put efforts in the third house of your self-efforts and courage. That is the reason the 3rd house is the house of your skills inherited from your family or through self-efforts.

When you get tired working the whole day and need to sleep at night or take rest then you go to the 4th house of rest, comforts, mother, security, nourishment and home.

Suppose you have the capacity to eat a lot at a time but if you can somehow utilize your this skill to make money then it can give a lot of gains in life. For example, just watch this youtube video and you can see the two boys are competing with each other (who eats the food first) in order to win and they are making youtube videos of their competition and that is how they make money by advertising their skills through the media (3rd house).

Since both of the boys are obsessed about eating > their Rahu must be in the 2nd house of food and their 2nd lord must be placed in the 3rd house of media as they are gaining from the media. But if you are only obsessed about eating but not gaining anything from this skill (as you might not be making youtube videos) then your 2nd lord can't be in the 3rd house.

3rd house is of media and also of writing. If you want to know whether writing can give you gains or not just check if your 3rd lord (as the 3rd house is of writing) is placed in the 4th house.

If you want to know if you can get gains from a foreign country or not, just check in your birth chart if your 12th lord is in the first house or 9th lord in the 10th house. Both the 12th house and the 9th house are of foreign places. The 12th house is of the permanent settlement while 9th house is > just go and come back or making deals in foreign countries through the internet. Even for the 12th lord in 1st house, it could mean making deals through foreign people via the internet (online).

But it is not so that 9th lord in the 10th house will always give gains from a foreign country. But it could also mean that you could get gains from the law field as 9th house is also of the law. For example, you can become a lawyer also and get gains from your profession if 9th lord is placed in the 10th house (of authority). 9th lord in the 10th house actually gives you the authority in the law field.

If the 7th lord is placed in the 8th house then you can get a lot of gains from your marriage or partnerships. If 4th house lord is placed in the fifth house it could give a lot of wealth from the real estate and home-related businesses.

If your 5th lord is placed in the 6th house then you can gain from any of the sports or fun and entertainment as 5th house represents those things.

If none of the planets in your birth chart is sitting next to the house it rules then good gains in life will be difficult (though you will get gains) but still, if any planet is sitting at least in its own sign then it will be good too for gains.

Also, gains cannot be just seen from birth but there are also certain wealth giving Nakshatras and these Nakshatras are different for different people according to their date of birth and time of birth. Now if benefic planets or even malefic planets are placed in those Nakshatras then also a lot of gains come in life. I cannot reveal how to find these Nakshatras in free articles but you can contact me through this site for an advanced astrology course and then I will reveal all the real secrets of Vedic Astrology.

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