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Pisces sign on the 2nd house. What does it mean? (Vedic Astrology)

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There could be several meanings when the sign of Pisces falls on the 2nd house for an Aquarius ascendant.

1) Pisces is a spiritual sign (where you don't think > thoughtless awareness) and 2nd house is the house of your food appetite and money and so you don't think (lost) when it comes to money or food. In other words, you may keep spending money without thinking about the consequences (spendthrift). Similarly, you keep eating more and more food and never think if it can spoil your stomach. Also, when it comes to managing money you are almost lost and cannot keep track of your expenses and profits. Because of this reason, Aquarius ascendant natives, in general, are not good in accounting and finances as 2nd house in Vedic Astrology represents finances.

2) The sign of Pisces may not be good when it comes to calculation of money and accounting but this sign is good on the 2nd house when it comes to acquiring sensual pleasures of life. For example, listening to music is also a sensual pleasure and now when the sign of Pisces falls on the site 2nd house you are lost in listening to music and keep listening and listening. Similarly, when you watch television you are lost and keep watching episode after episode.

3) If Saturn is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 2nd house then it can stop the careless spending and if Mars is placed in the 2nd house then it can increase the careless spending as Saturn is a restrictive planet while Mars is a spendthrift and the sign of Pisces is a careless sign where you become optimistic and don't care much. When you become too much optimistic then it creates a lot of problems when it comes to wealth as Pisces rules the 2nd house of wealth for an Aquarius ascendant.

4) Pisces is a sign that represents the sea and 2nd house is food and so the native could be fond of eating seafood or the native could be fond of visiting sea beaches and isolated places or he could be enjoying sea beaches and ice mountains through television programs.

5) Since Pisces is a sign of isolation (and losses) the native could be isolated from his family during the period (Dasha) of Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, as 2nd house also represents the family of the native. In other words, the native could travel to some other place or country and thus get separated from his family.

6) If the 6th lord, Moon, is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of Pisces then the native may lose his mind and may take money from someone as loan (as 6th house is loan) and thus he becomes a debtor. The loan could be on food or clothing or real estate related business as Moon represents food, clothing, and real estate. If 11th lord, Jupiter, is also placed in the 2nd house along with Moon then some investors could invest in the business of the native as 11th house represents people who are investors.

7) If the 6th lord, Moon, is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of Pisces then the native could also lose a lot of money in court cases or disputes especially if 2nd lord, Jupiter, is placed in the 12th house of losses. This is because the 6th house is the house of disputes and court cases and Pisces is a sign of loss. With this same placement, the native could lose money on mother's health.

8) 2nd house also represents the clothes you wear and since the sign of Pisces falls on the 2nd house you may wear clothes having some photo of fish or sea or sea beaches or ice or aquarium or something related to sea as Pisces represents the sea and sea products.

9) Pisces is a very pure and sacred sign and so the native doesn't like impurity when it comes to food and kitchen as 2nd house is food and kitchen. For an Aquarius ascendant woman you will often find her kitchen having a lot of purity and spirituality. They will always prefer eating or cooking pure and natural food.

10) If you are an Aquarius ascendant you should hang art on the wall of the kitchen that gives the sense of deep-sea or open sky or Outerspace or an aquarium and that will really help to increase the purity of your kitchen and thus the food cooked will be the best (full of purity and good vibrations)and will receive a lot of praises from the consumers. That is the solution when no one praises your cooked food but it is meant for only Aquarius ascendant people.

11) Wherever the sign of Pisces falls you don't worry about the consequences there as Pisces is a sign of negligence and so you become negligent when it comes to your eating habits as 2nd house represents our eating habits. Also, you become negligence to family assets or family wealth or even family business as 2nd house represents that also.

12) Due to the sign of Pisces on the 2nd house, these natives always like to wear good looking clothes and do all the great makeup on their faces and they will always keep their face and body neat and clean. This is because the 2nd house represents face and Pisces is a sign of cleanliness. Their dressing sense is good and they don't just wear any clothes.

13) Aquarius ascendant people if they do a business related to spiritual products (natural products) such as spiritual cosmetics, anti-aging cleansers, bamboo cosmetics, crystal infused bath salts, natural beauty, and soap products, natural herbals, etc then they would make a lot of money because of the sign of Pisces falling on their 2nd house as Pisces is a sign that represents nature and natural products.

14) The sign of Pisces is also associated with seawater and water softeners or water conditioners and these Aquarius ascendant people could also deal with such products in order to make money. They could also do the business of something related to sea animals such as oysters, fish, frogs, crabs, etc and also products obtained from animals such as perfumes, ivory, yarn, wool, woolen clothes, etc.

15) If you are an Aquarius ascendant and sometimes if you are angry and not in a good mood then sit in your kitchen and relax there for sometime and you will get better as the kitchen has a spiritual environment for an Aquarius ascendant as kitchen is associated with the 2nd house and the sign of Pisces falls on the 2nd house for them.

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