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The sign of Aries in Vedic Astrology - in-depth article

 The 1st sign, Aries, is a fire sign and so wherever the fire is involved Aries is there. For example, during a cooking fire is involved so Aries has to do with cooking and you need to start the fire in order to cook and this word "start" represents the sign of Aries.

You might be driving a scooter or car and there is an internal combustion engine in such vehicles and so there is an ignition (spark) involved to start the engine and ignition is nothing but again fire and so Aries is involved there also.

Aries is also a sign to start something. You need ignition to kick start an engine. right? So you see ignition is needed to start something and that is what the Aries or Mars represents. You start something new during the dasha of Mars or Aries. 

Also, kids are born when parents do sexual intercourse and the fire is also involved in sexual intercourse and so here also Mars or the sign of Aries comes into the role and so Aries is also a sign of newborn or coming of new life. So many Gynecologists are seen as Aries ascendant as they give birth to new life by doing operation and surgery of a pregnant woman. So Aries sign is strongly connected to starting something new.

And Mars has also to do with sexuality as fire is involved in sexual intercourse. Venus is the semen that comes out after sexual intercourse and that is the reason Mars and Venus conjunction in the chart makes the native very sexual as it means enjoyment through sex as Venus is enjoyment and Mars represents the sexual behavior.

Mars is also the significator of land and Mars has a strong connection when it comes to logic as Mars rules Muladhara Chakra and the Deity of Muladhara Chakra is Shri Ganesha and Shri Ganesha gives us wisdom or discretion and logic is nothing but discretion (vivek). So people having strong Mars, such as exalted Mars, or if Mars is placed in the 10th house, 9th house, 11th house, can work with their logic to complete tasks on their own and they don't need the help of books and they can come to a certain conclusion through logic and don't panic in a difficult situation. 

Since Mars is associated with Shri Ganesha so before the starting of any auspicious activity people worship Shri Ganesha and so this again shows Mars or the sign of Aries has to do with starting something new. 

The element of Mars is fire and Mars is better known as Bhoomi Putra as Mars rules the land, properties, and all things that come out of the land such as grains (from underground). 'Bhoomi' means "land" and "Putra" means son. So "Bhoomi Putra" means "son of land". Both "Bhoomi" and "Putra" are Hindi (an Indian language) words. If your Mars is weak in the astrological birth chart then it will be difficult for you to acquire your own land, shop or home as Mars represents all these things.

The speed of Mars is never constant. It starts very slow and then it slowly picks up speed and then completes the revolution. You might have done some amusement park ride in a train and the train starts slowly and then pick up speed and then complete the revolution. This shows Mars is energy and it is basically used to kick start something. And from this information, a technique is derived for prediction according to which wherever the sign of Aries falls on a given house in a given chart there is nothing constant there and there will be a lot of fluctuations as energy always fluctuates and Aries is energy.

For example, when the sign of Aries falls on the 11th house of regular income then there will be a lot of fluctuation in the regular income (or customers as 11th house is also customers) of a Gemini Ascendant and the regular income cannot be constant due to the sign of Aries falling on the 11th house. The income of a Gemini ascendant can start slowly then pick up and then it will be constant or there could be a sudden outburst of money and then it stops suddenly and so nothing is constant. So this is how techniques are derived according to the qualities of signs and planets.

In Rashi dasha whenever the dasha changes from Pisces to Aries then you can expect something new to start in your life as Pisces > is end < and as said before Aries is a new beginning or a new start. You need to look at where the sign of Pisces and the sign of Aries falls in your chart and the change will be accordingly. Suppose the sign of Pisces falls on the 3rd house and the sign of Aries falls on the 4th house then you may give up your job (or self-efforts as 3rd house is self-efforts) and take rest at home as 3rd house is your self-efforts or skills of hands and 4th house is rest which means no work.

If in transit Rahu is transiting the 4th house and if Ketu is transiting the 10th house then loss of work or job is in a way confirmed as Ketu takes away things from that house whichever house it transits and Rahu gains from the house wherever it is transiting. Ketu is actually the karka or significator of 12th house of losses and so Ketu brings losses or Ketu takes away. Wherever Ketu is, you let things go there and become spiritual there.

Now suppose the sign of Pisces falls on the 2nd house and the sign of Aries falls on the 3rd house then you may get separated from your family and you could travel (when rashi dasha will change from Pisces to Aries) as 2nd house is family and 3rd house is travel. So this is how you need to make techniques on your own according to the qualities of signs and houses. But you also need to check where the 3rd house lord and the 4th house lord are placed and the happenings of the event could change accordingly.

Now suppose the sign of Aries falls on the 3rd house then there will be nothing constant in the 3rd house and since the 3rd house represents communication so there will be a sudden outburst of energy in communication which shows your communication could show a lot of anger or there will be a lot of spend of energy (efforts) in communication whether verbal or through internet communication. Since Rahu is an amplifier so the presence of Rahu in Aries or Rahu with Mars could amplify the anger or spend of energy while Ketu will reduce that as Ketu is just opposite of Rahu.

Wherever your Mars is placed in the chart you will get the job done very easily there as you are putting the energy and efforts there. Remember Rahu always amplifies things and Ketu becomes down to earth. Rahu crosses the boundaries or limits while Ketu protects the boundaries. Ketu encodes while Rahu decodes as Rahu is a hacker. Ketu is basically a faqeer (saint like Sai baba) and not interested in materialistic life while Rahu is extremely materialistic. But Ketu is headless and so you don't think there whichever house Ketu is placed and you take action without thinking blindly.

Since 3rd house also represents marketing and advertising and when the sign of Aries falls on the 3rd house it also means, in general, Aquarius ascendant puts a lot of energy and efforts in marketing and advertising as Aries is energy or putting efforts. But Mars is also a soldier or a police officer and when Mars is placed in the 3rd house the native's neighbor could be in police or military or the native could communicate a lot with police officers or soldiers. But Mars also represents sportsman and so the neighbor of the native could also be a sportsman when the sign of Aries or Mars falls on the 3rd house. The sign or planet on the 3rd house always tells about your neighbor. Since 3rd house is communication and so Aquarius ascendant kids playing video games may play games related to police and soldiers or fighters (as Aries sign represents police and fighters) as games are played on the internet where everything is communication only.

 Also, 3rd house is the house of documents and when the sign of Aries falls on the 3rd house it could also mean the native could deal with documents related to land and property in his life if the sign of Aries or Mars falls on the 3rd house as Mars also represents land and property as said before. This is more so possible if dasha of Mars is running. The color of Mars is red and when we get angry then our eyes become also red and so this shows Mars is also associated with anger. If Mars is not good and afflicted (such as debilitated Mars) then a person cannot control his anger and such people can also become terrorists or rapists. For example, if Mars, Mercury, and Rahu are placed in the sign of Taurus in the 3rd house then you could even slap someone as Mars is energy and Mercury represents our hands and shoulders and Taurus is a sign that represents our face and 3rd house is the house of putting efforts through hands.

Any malefic planet in a given house promotes the non-living things and kills the living things and vice versa < you should remember this as this is very useful. Now since Mars is a natural malefic and if it is placed in the 2nd house then it will be good for the money (non-living) but will destroy the family life (living-being) and teeth or nose or face or face skin. So this is how it works. If Mars is in 3rd house then it will kill the relationships with your younger siblings (living) but will promote communication and marketing (non-living). On the other hand, a benefic planet like Jupiter will be good for family life (living thing) in the 2nd house but will destroy the wealth (non-living). So Jupiter cannot be good in the 2nd house of wealth.

If suppose the sign of Aries falls on the 10th house of Career and the sign of Pisces falls on the 9th house for a Cancer ascendant then after the end of Pisces dasha in Kal chakra dasha you could start a new profession and may give up your higher education as 9th house is higher education and 10th house is profession. So this is how it helps in prediction.

If suppose the sign of Aries falls on the 9th house and the sign of Pisces falls on the 8th house (for a Leo ascendant) and if the dasha of Pisces ends in rashi dasha and the dasha of Aries starts then the native may face sudden transformation in life and give up his self-studies or self-investigation and may move to some foreign country for higher studies or may take a new course as 8th house is the house of transformation and self-research or self-investigation and 9th house is the house of higher education or courses. Also, during the Dasha of 8th house some death may occur and then you may need to travel to pilgrimage (such as Haridwar) for cremation. Also, 8th house is fraud so the native may face some fraud and move to court (9th house) to expose the fraud.

If suppose, the sign of Aries falls on the first house and if the sign of Pisces falls on the 12th house (Aries ascendant) and if the dasha of Pisces ends and if the dasha of Aries starts in Kal chakra dasha then the native may return to his home country after making a foreign trip or go for a foreign trip as 12th house is a foreign trip and 1st house is self. It depends on whether the dasha is moving clockwise or anti-clockwise in the chart for whether the native will return to the home country or will go to foreign land.

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