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Aries sign on the 9th house: What does it mean? (Vedic Astrology)

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It could mean a lot of things when the sign of Aries falls on the 9th house. Here are some of them.

Aries is a sign of putting energy and efforts and since the sign of Aries falls on the 9th house for Leo ascendant natives so these natives spend a lot of their energy (or put a lot of their efforts) in acquiring knowledge and information as 9th house is the house of knowledge and information. But you may ask what kind of knowledge and information?

You can see that the sign of Sagittarius falls on the 5th house for a Leo ascendant and so their knowledge is about what Sun represents as Sun rules the 5th house in the default zodiac. Sun represents ancient texts (such Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible, occult science, etc), health, wealth, financial markets such as stock markets, fun and entertainment such as sports, cinema, lights and lighting (as Sun is light), electronics and electrical, etc And so Leo ascendant natives spend a lot of their energy or efforts in acquiring knowledge and information about the topics I just mentioned. Now they may make use of books or internet websites or youtube videos or newspapers and magazines to acquire such knowledge and information.

Now just think of Aries ascendant natives. The sign of Aries falls on their 1st house and this shows these natives are more about spending a lot of their energy or putting efforts on their physical body (and things like physical activities) and they mostly don't put efforts in acquiring knowledge and information like the Leo ascendant natives. But you may also find Aries ascendant natives acquiring knowledge and information too but this happens due to the change in dasha.

If an Aries ascendant native is running the rashi or sign dasha of Leo then we should make the Leo as ascendant and then their life will become more like a Leo ascendant but in general, their life is more about doing something that will make them put their energy and efforts on their physical body such as sports or even it could be a labor job.The sign of Aries in a given birth is most important to look at as this shows where the native is putting his energy and efforts. If we want to know about the profession of the native then the profession has to do with work and work is nothing but putting energy and efforts and that is the reason I said looking at the sign of Aries is most important in a given birth chart.

Now coming back to the Leo ascendant, if the 9th lord, Mars, is debilitated (placed in the sign of Cancer in the 12th house) then such native may not have the willpower to acquire knowledge and information as it was the planet Mars which was helping the native to put energy and efforts in acquiring knowledge and information but now this energy is lost due to > Mars being debilitated. So higher education may suffer due to the debilitated Mars or even debilitated Sun.

But if Rahu is also placed along with Mars then Mars cannot be considered as debilitated as Rahu is an amplifier and so it amplifies debilitated Mars to make it a normal Mars. So whether the native will be good at acquiring higher education or not (as 9th house is higher education) will also depend on the position of Mars and other planets in the birth but this is the way to interpret a birth chart.

Also, it doesn't matter where the Jupiter is placed in the birth chart for a Leo ascendant but it will always carry the knowledge related to the 5th house or Sun (which I mentioned earlier) as Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and this sign is falling on the 5th house. If Jupiter is debilitated in the 6th house for a Leo ascendant then again it will create problem in acquiring the higher knowledge as Jupiter is controlling the higher knowledge for a Leo ascendant native as I mentioned earlier (Sagittarius is a sign of higher knowledge).

If suppose Jupiter is placed in the 7th house in the sign of Aquarius then the native will be active in giving his knowledge and information to the masses (as Aquarius represents the masses or the public) through media (such as internet or television) or by being a Guru or a teacher and I already told you what knowledge and information Leo ascendant natives possess. The sign of Aquarius is actually a sign of distribution and when Jupiter is placed in the sign of Aquarius it means the distribution of knowledge and information. 10th house is business brand and business products and 11th house is the distribution of those products and 11th house or the sign of Aquarius are just the same thing.

When the sign of Aries falls on the 9th house it also means that the Leo ascendant natives become very aggressive when it comes to law, rules, and regulations and they cannot tolerate lies or deceiving or cheating someone unless their Mars is debilitated. They are very honest people as the Sun is honesty and so they become angry and very aggressive when someone doesn't follow the law or cheat or deceive other people. They are like a king and the main job of a king is to resolve disputes by following the righteous or legal path which is also called as following the Dharma in Hindi or Sanskrit language.

The sign of Aries on the 9th house also means that these Leo ascendant natives spend a lot of their energy and efforts in carrying out religious activities or studying law or even moving to foreign places for pilgrimages as 9th house also represents pilgrimages. In general, they move to foreign countries a lot as their sign of Cancer falls on the 12th house of isolation which means their mind wants to remain in isolation or at a place where there is isolation such as a foreign country and that is the reason the sign of Aries falls on their 9th house of long-distance journeys as you do what your mind says. If your mind needs isolation then you need to move to foreign places or isolated places and to move you need to travel a lot.

Also, many Leo ascendant natives move to foreign places due to sports as they are sportsmen, and sports are also carried out in isolation. 9th house is also the house of exploration such as exploring the sea or exploring the jungles (for hunting) or exploring the new places such as monuments or exploring mountains such as the peaks of mountains, etc and so the Leo ascendant natives can also put their energy and efforts in exploring things and even sports or recreational activities.

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