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What if the sign of Aries falls on the 7th house? (Vedic Astrology)

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The thing is whichever house the sign of Aries falls you put a lot of energy or effort into things related to that house as Aries is a sign of putting energy or effort. For example, the 7th house is the house of making relationships and business partnerships. So, you will spend a lot of your life in making relationships with other people or making business deals if you are into business. 7th house is also the house of interacting with other people and so you will spend a lot of energy in interacting with other people like talking on the phone (or through internet chat) with your friends or professional network circle all the time.

But if you are a sportsman then you can also interact with different people in sports competitions. There are different ways to interact with other people and it is not just the interaction via communication such as communication through phone, email or chatting. A boxer can fight with another boxer and thus can interact that way. A male and female can interact with each other through sexual relationships and that will also be considered as interaction.

You can also interact with your customers to make a business deal. Two people can play the game of chess and that is also interaction and that is what the sign of Libra is all about > one-to-one interaction. If Rahu is placed in the 7th house then the native gets obsessed about making relationships or interacting with other people. But Libra or 7th house is also about resolving disputes between two parties so you may also spend a lot of your life in resolving disputes and bringing peace or agreement between two parties such as a lawyer, a marriage counselor or even a sports referee or even a commodity or grain broker as all these people resolve disputes between two parties or two individuals.

But the sign of Aries, in general, is not considered good falling on the 7th house as then the native becomes very aggressive with his/her spouse but this is more of a problem only if Rahu and Mars are conjuncting in the 7th house and it becomes even more problematic if Saturn is also aspecting the 7th house or placed in the 7th house. But, in general, when the sign of Aries falls on the 7th house it also means the native spends a lot of his time with his/her spouse whenever they are together.

But one disadvantage is that these people could have multiple relationships when Rahu is placed in the 7th house and 7th lord Mars is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 8th house as Rahu never gets satisfied and Rahu wants to make more and more relationships in the 7th house especially if Venus is also conjuncting Rahu in the 7th house as Venus is a planet of relationships or business partnerships. Also, when the 7th lord is placed in the 8th house then it brings a lot of change in relationships or partnerships as the 8th house is the house of change or transformation or ups and downs which could even mean multiple relationships.

Now when you are spending most of your energy in making relationships (Aries in the 7th house) then how could you be much good in acquiring higher education? That is the reason mostly Libra ascendant natives are not much good at studies as they don't put the effort in studying like Leo and Sagittarius ascendants but there is a certain talent inbuilt in some of the natives and that comes from their past lives and then that really helps to acquire success in this life.

So it is not also necessary that the sign of Aries should fall on education houses to put the effort in acquiring knowledge and also you need the brain (good Mercury) to succeed in examinations and not physical energy of Mars. But the thing is the ascendant of Libra ascendant is > Libra which is again not in any way related to brain (Mercury) or mind (Moon) or even discretion (Sun) or intuition (Pisces or Jupiter) which are needed to get success in studies. So in general Libra ascendant natives cannot be good at studies due to the sign of Libra on their ascendant as this sign is not in any way related to education and ascendant represents the forehead in Vedic Astrology and forehead has to do with the intelligence of the person.

But since Libra is a sign of resolving disputes so subjects related to resolving disputes come naturally to them and so they become more successful than any other ascendant when it comes to resolving disputes. So you should always choose a profession according to your ascendant as ascendant tells the purpose of life and also whatever the ascendant represents come naturally to you unless the ascendant is debilitated in the birth chart. Receptionist jobs are often considered good for female Libra ascendant natives as they are good at interacting with other people and that is what you need to do as a receptionist or by being in customer care.

Now the sign of Scorpio falls on the 2nd house for a Libra ascendant which means sensual pleasures through private parts as Scorpio represents the private parts and 2nd house is the house of sensual pleasures. Now if 7th house lord, Mars, is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of Scorpio it gives a clear indication that the native is putting a lot of energy in sexual relationships or it could also be doing research in the food and health care as Scorpio is also a sign of research and 2nd house represents food. So this is how you can also interpret the results of 7th lord in different houses for a Libra ascendant.

Also, 2nd house is 8th from the 7th house and anything 8th is change or death so this placement could also give multiple relationships or multiple marriages. Read more > Can 7th lord in 2nd house give multiple marriages? Suppose 7th lord, Mars, is placed in the 3rd house in the sign of Sagittarius then such native may put a lot of energy and effort in resolving disputes (or interacting) through communication while communicating about law as 3rd house is communication and the sign of Sagittarius represents the law. So such native could be a Lawyer or ticket checker in the train (as 3rd house is also traveling) or someone involved in resolving people's problems related to legal contracts or legal matters as 7th house is also the house of contracts and partnership deals.

If suppose 7th lord, Mars, is placed in the sign of Capricorn in the 4th house then the native could be a sportsman as 7th house is also the house of one-to-one interaction and Mars represents sports and in the sign of Capricorn Mars becomes determined to achieve the status of winning as Capricorn is a sign of higher status and it could even be a status in sports. But with this placement, the native could also work on machines to resolve problems in the machine as Libra is also a sign of resolving the certain problem. If Virgo is a sign of problem then Libra is a sign of resolving that problem.

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