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Why Capricorn sign falls on 6th house for Leo Ascendant? (Vedic Astrology)

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Leo is name and fame and top position as Leo is ruled by Sun and Sun represents a king and you need to fight for your status, power, and authority in order to become a king or achieve top position or top post. That is the reason the sign of Capricorn falls on the 6th house for a Leo ascendant as the sign of Capricorn is about status, power, and authority and 6th house is the house of fights or competitions and the job of a Leo ascendant is to fight for the top position or status as the ascendant lord tells the purpose of life. For a Leo ascendant, the purpose of life is achieving the top position or top post (as the ascendant lord is Sun) and that is not possible unless they fight or compete for their status and status is represented by the sign of Capricorn.

Just think of Sonu Nigam, the great Indian singer, and he is a Leo ascendant. See here > the actual birth chart of Sonu Nigam. In Google search, his birth chart is given as Libra ascendant on various websites which is wrong. Sonu Nigam is not always selected as the Judge of "The Indian Idol" singing competition as there many competitors (such as other singers) and so these competitors are creating a problem (6th house obstacle) in order for him to retain his position as a Judge. Also, the Judge is represented by the sign of Capricorn as it is a symbol of status and the Judge is an authority. So, this is a good example of how Leo is fighting (6th house) for his status (Capricorn). Though he may not fight or compete actually it shows getting the status or authority is always an obstacle (6th house) for a Leo ascendant.

Also, if you see 6th house is also the house of service (seva) and what kind of service do you think a king provides? He simply sits on the throne and gives orders and that is what the sign of Capricorn is all about as it is a sign of getting higher status and then controlling other people and giving them orders. But it doesn't mean dominating others but it simply means one person has to be a leader in order to manage all the employees in a company or to manage the workers in a factory and so on. So here we can conclude, in a way, that a king provides the service of a leadership position (Capricorn) and that is also the reason that the sign of Capricorn falls on the 6th house of service for a Leo ascendant.

Capricorn is also a sign of recruitment and so a Leo ascendant quite often provides the service of recruiting other people when the sign of Capricorn falls on their 6th house of service. Also, just think logically and you will realize a king is supposed to do that only. In olden days also a king used to appoint people in his kingdom for different posts in the kingdom even if it was appointing the soldiers who can fight for the safety of his kingdom. Also, when you become a judge in a TV show like "The Indian Idol" then there are also people like Sonu Nigam are doing the job of recruiting the singers for the Indian Idol post and highest post is also the representation of the sign of Leo or Sun.

Even I have done the job of recruiting as I was working for an IT company and I used to hire the best writers on freelancer sites in order to get articles done from them and my sign of Capricorn also falls on the 6th house of service. When you hire someone then that is nothing but also recruiting. Now it doesn't matter where the planets are placed in the birth but a Leo ascendant will certainly get an opportunity once or twice in their life where they will do the job of recruiting for self or for some organization. If Saturn is placed in its own sign in the 6th house then the profession of recruitment is more likely.

Suppose you are a sportsperson in the Olympics and you are targeting a Gold medal then that Gold medal is the symbol of status and that you will only get when you win and becomes no.1 in the competition. No.1 position or highest post is again represented by the sign of Leo or Sun and this again shows in order to achieve name and fame (Leo) you need to compete and fight for the status (Capricorn) and that is again the reason that the sign of Capricorn falls on the 6th house for a Leo ascendant. It doesn't matter what kind of competition you are involved in but Leo ascendant will always fight for the status as the sign of Capricorn falls on their 6th house of fights and competitions.

Also, Leo ascendant natives often get into fights or disputes with Capricorn ascendant natives due to the sign of Capricorn falling on their 6th house of fights, disputes, or quarrels. Even I got into a fight with my younger siling from the maternal side and he is a Capricorn ascendant while I am a Leo ascendant. He told me that I should make a site on stock markets and he will promote it and we both will share the profits and I wasted my 3 months to make a database-driven website but once the site was completed he gave up the idea as he got interested in something else and for this reason, we got into disputes. So if you are a Leo ascendant you should not work with people who are Capricorn ascendant as then it will be a problem for you as the sign of Capricorn falls on the 6th house of disputes for you.

Also, when the sign of Capricorn falls on the 6th house it also means doing difficult jobs related to machines as the sign of Capricorn also represents machines and 6th house is the house of accomplishing complicated tasks as 6th house is ruled by the sign of Virgo in the default zodiac and Virgo is a sign of difficulties and complications.

That is the reason Leo ascendant natives are also seen as electronics and electrical engineers but what is the logic behind being an engineer? This is because the Sun or the sign of Leo also represents lights and lighting as Sun is light. We also need light in almost every field of life whether cars, bikes, street lights, electronic items, etc. So Sun is strongly connected with light and that is also the reason they often work on machines that can help with the light and electrical and electronics engineers often do that work.

Also, Sun represents ultraviolet rays used in X-rays and other medical equipment and these machines help in taking the snapshot of the body organs and that is also the reason Leo ascendant natives are often seen as doctors working on patients through machines related to rays. So this is how a lot of things can be analyzed by just looking at the sign on a particular house.

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