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Why Taurus sign falls on the 6th house for Sagittarius ascendant? (Vedic Astrology)

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There are people who are all the time dealing with rules and regulations related to finances such as the Chartered Accountants and people working in the government in the tax and revenue department. There are also people who are income tax officers and sales tax officers and all these people are concerned with the accounting or financial books of different businesses and such people are usually seen as Sagittarius ascendant. Such people make sure that different businesses or organizations are paying the government taxes and paying without deceiving the government.

Now think of what will be the difficult part in such people's (Sagittarius Ascendant) profession? The difficult part will actually be the sign of Taurus or Venus as the sign of Taurus represents the financial assets of various businesses and also of private and public listed companies. The balance sheet, profit and loss account, loans, debts, assets, etc are all part of the financial books or accounting books of these businesses, and all these financial parameters are represented by the sign of Taurus.

So this is the real reason that the sign of Taurus falls on the 6th house for Sagittarius ascendant natives as 6th house is the house of difficulties and their major problem or difficulty in life is to deal with the finances of various businesses which the sign of Taurus represents. Whichever sign falls on the 6th house > things related to that sign creates most problems in life as 6th house is the house of problems and difficulties.

The sign of Sagittarius is about law, rules, and regulations and these are generally related to finances as it is the finances only which makes the economy of any country to function. The government needs to collect taxes and use the revenue generated through taxes to work for the welfare of the country and the government also needs to pay salaries to the people who are protecting our borders and also other people working as government employees. Since the sign of Sagittarius is all about law, rules, and regulations and so the purpose of a Sagittarius ascendant also becomes that as the ascendant tells the purpose of life.

There are also people who are working in banks at various posts and such people also mostly deal with the finances or money and many such you will find them as Sagittarius ascendant as the major difficulty they face in their life is related to finances such as dealing with balance sheets of companies, carrying out financial transactions, dealing with cash money in the bank, stock trading, etc. and their difficulty is related to finances or money as a lot of hard work is needed in order to work with the finances all the time (and hard work is represented by the 6th house as it is the house of all the difficulties of life). That is also the reason the sign of Taurus falls on the 6th house for a Sagittarius ascendant native and there is a good reason to be so as I mentioned above.

Now you may say not all Sagittarius ascendant natives may be dealing with the finances? Yes! that is right but you should also know that the sign of Taurus also represents many other things other than money or finances or financial assets. And it also depends on the location of Venus, ruler of Taurus or 6th house, in the birth chart what in order to know kind of problems related to Venus or the sign of Taurus the native will face due to the sign of Taurus falling on their 6th house of obstacles and difficulties. The sign falling on the 6th house actually gives a good hint what the major difficulty will be in the life of the native.

If, suppose, Venus, the lord of 6th house, is placed in the 10th house in the sign of Virgo then the native may face problems at the workplace due to some woman or girl as Venus also represents females and 10th house is the house of workplace. But the question is why Sagittarius ascendant so prone to > getting in a dispute with some woman or girl? This is because the sign of Capricorn falls on their 2nd house and 2nd house is ruled by Venus in the default zodiac and so they mostly become strict with women or girls (and money) as the sign of Capricorn is a sign of strictness and when you become strict with the woman you cannot go along with them. Due to the sign of Capricorn falling on their 2nd house they become strict and disciplined when it comes to finances or money or even food as the 2nd house also represents food.

But the thing is the 2nd house also represents the wife of the native and so these natives also become strict with their wife or women or girl in general and that is also the reason the sign of Taurus falls on their 6th house as they face a lot of difficulties from females also. But people say 7th house represents the wife but it is not so and 2nd house represents the wife. If you want to understand the nature of your spouse then look at the sign on the 2nd house and it will tell accurately about the nature of your spouse. For example, if you are a Leo ascendant then your wife would be very much argumentative due to the sign of Virgo falling on the 2nd house as Virgo is a sign of arguments.

If, suppose, 6th lord Venus and ascendant lord Jupiter are placed in the sign of Aries in the 5th house then the native could face difficulties and problems in sports or some kind of race or during travel (depending on the location of Mars, ruler of Aries, in the birth chart) as Aries is a sign that represents something like fuel which produce motion and in sports, the motion is on different parts of the physical body depending on the type of sports. For example, in cricket, the motion is on hands as hands are used to hit the ball. When you are running the motion could be on your legs and so the Mars could be placed in the sign of Aquarius as Aquarius represents legs below knee joints while the sign of Pisces represents feet.

If, suppose, ascendant lord Jupiter is placed in the 6th house in the sign of Taurus and if Venus is also placed in the 6th house along with Jupiter then natives may also do a lot of detail-oriented work related to arts, painting, drawing, digital designing such as web design, app design, mobile design, etc. If Saturn is placed along with Jupiter in the 6th house then the native may also do some minute work such as the development of financial tools such as hr software, accounting software, money management tools, etc. 6th house is the house of detail-oriented or minute work and so these kinds of minute work as I mentioned above are also possible when the sign of Taurus falls on the 6th house. Designing a website is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort and 6th house is also putting a lot of effort as this is a house of difficulties and Venus or the sign of Taurus represents websites.

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