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Why Libra sign falls on 6th house for Taurus Ascendant? (Vedic Astrology)

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I have told many times before that the ascendant or the ascendant lord tells the purpose of life and for a Taurus ascendant their ascendant is the sign of Taurus and this sign represents all the materialistic things of life such as food, ice cream, sweets, cakes, bakery, chocolates, street food, luxury items such as fashion accessories, beauty products, cosmetics, readymade clothes, toys, etc. So basically the purpose of a Taurus ascendant native is to deal with all kinds of products as mentioned above but they may also do other kinds of professions also which we will discuss later.

Now you might have seen the retailers who sell the above items in their retail shops? What do they do? They basically do what the sign of Libra represents as Libra represents a weighing scale that is used to deliver the product based on its weight or number of items equivalent to the price set by the retailer. In other words, we can say Libra is a sign of business where you buy goods from manufacturers at certain rates and then sell them at a higher price in the retail.

Capricorn ascendant natives are usually the people who are into manufacturing and I have already written an article based on > why the sign of Gemini falls on the 6th house for Capricorn ascendant. The sign of Capricorn falls on the ascendant of Capricorn ascendant natives and Capricorn is a sign that represents machines and machines are used to manufacture goods and that is the reason they are usually seen as manufacturers.

Now coming back to Taurus ascendant natives, it is quite obvious their daily work routine is buying and selling goods or products (in wholesale or retail) as mentioned above and then making a profit out of it and that is the major reason the sign of Libra falls on their 6th house of daily work routine and this is also the major difficult work they do as they keep on juggling with buying and selling in order to make profits and that is also the reason their sign of Libra falls on the 6th house of difficulties.

The sign on the 6th house really tells about the work we do as it is the house that shows what kind of difficult work we are doing as our daily work routine as 6th house is the house of difficulties and problems. But it should make sense why a particular sign is falling on the 6th house depending on the sign located on the 1st house or the ascendant as the ascendant tells the purpose of life.

But the sign of Taurus is also about sensual pleasures such as pleasure through music, dance, and even playing musical instruments. So these natives could also be engaged in such things. But then how would you justify the sign of Libra falling on the 6th house? This can still be justified as the sign of Libra is also about creativity as it is still ruled by Venus in the default zodiac and Venus is a planet of creativity.

If suppose Sun and Mercury are placed in the sign of Libra in the 6th house then it becomes resolving fun and entertainment with communication which could even be singing as Libra is a sign to resolve or balance and here it is balancing fun through communication (such as singing) as Sun is fun and Mercury is communication but other planets in the birth chart should also support for that singing to exactly happen such as Rahu in Taurus and Venus in Cancer and Moon in Leo. The thing is any ascendant could be involved in any profession but mostly they are involved into a particular category of the profession as I mentioned above for Taurus ascendant.

A Taurus ascendant native could also become a Lawyer if Jupiter is placed in the sign of Capricorn in the 9th house and if 9th lord Saturn is placed in the sign of Libra in the 6th house as here Saturn rules the 9th house of law and so Law is resolved here when Saturn falls on the sign of Libra in the 6th house as Libra is a sign of balancing two sides or resolving disputes. But ascendant lord, Venus, should also be placed in the 6th house along with Saturn and other planets should also support for this Lawyer profession to exactly happen.

Also, Taurus ascendant natives face a lot of problems and difficulties in business deals or relationships as Libra is a sign of business deals and mostly these natives do a lot of trading of goods and products and sometimes when the goods delivered are not per the expectations then they get into disputes with the buyers or sellers and that is also the reason the sign of Libra falls on their 6th house of disputes. If pada of A6 falls on the 7th house then they may also get into disputes with their life partners. If you don't know about padas and also want to learn about various other astrological secrets then contact me through this site and join the advanced course I am offering.

If Venus is placed in the sign of Aries in the 12th house then such natives could also get involved in sports competitions as Aries is an aggressive sign and aggression and enthusiasm is needed in sports competitions. If ascendant lord Venus is placed in the 2nd house then these natives are mostly involved in business but they could also work in the field of IT (information technology) as Venus also represents websites and apps and also graphic designing. Since Venus is also a planet of acting so a lot of Taurus ascendant natives are also working in the film and television industry as an actor.

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