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How Saturn can affect your life according to Vedic Astrology or Jyotish?

Saturn represents iron and steel and Moon represents water and emotions in Vedic Astrology. So now what is the difference between the two planets?

We can say one is for hardship (Saturn) as iron and steel are hard and the other (moon) is very soft and as it represents our emotions and feelings and mind.

If you are totally unaware of the concept of Astrology you can first generate your free birth chart (also called kundli or horoscope) and check in your birth chart (also called lagna) which house and which sign Saturn is placed.

Check this article > signs and houses in Vedic Astrology if you are still unaware of the 12 signs and 12 houses in Vedic Astrology. Each sign in Vedic Astrology represents something.

The planet Saturn rules two signs in Vedic Astrology which are Capricorn and Aquarius. In your birth chart (or Kundli or horoscope) if Saturn is placed in any of its own signs (i.e Capricorn and Aquarius) then it is really not going to trouble you throughout your life.

All the planets sitting in their own signs in the horoscope always give great results unless aspected by malefic planets.

Also, if Saturn is placed in the sign of Libra in the horoscope then also it is not going to trouble you as Saturn is said to be exalted in the sign of Libra. In fact exalted planets in the birth chart give great results in life.

The major troubles come when Saturn is placed in some other sign in the birth chart other than the three signs mentioned above. But there are exceptions too.

Saturn is actually a planet of discipline, delay, and restriction. Saturn is like a judge who takes care of your karmas. If your karmas were not good in the previous lives it will restrict accordingly in this life by sitting in a sign which is not owned by it.

For example, Saturn seated in the sign of Gemini alone in the birth chart may give trouble related to communication (as Gemini is a sign of communication in astrology) during the first 25-35 years of life but if the lord of Gemini, Mercury, is also seated with Saturn then actually Saturn will not give any trouble in life.

Or if Mercury or Jupiter is aspecting (giving dristi) Saturn then also trouble will be reduced if not fully eliminated. Mercury aspecting its own sign or house (where Saturn is placed) protects it.

Saturn sitting alone in the sign of Taurus may give trouble in life > related to food and money (you may be born in a poor family also) but if Venus is also seated with Saturn then there will be no trouble as Venus rules the sign of Taurus and when it is seated in its own sign it protects that sign and house.

Venus represents money, food, and sensual pleasures in Vedic Astrology. If Venus is not seated with Saturn but if it is giving dristi (aspect) to its own house (where Saturn is seated) or if there is a dristi from the most positive planet Jupiter to Saturn then also there will be no problem in life >related to food and finances.

Similarly, in the sign of Cancer Saturn can give insecurity because Cancer sign is a sign of security, emotions, and feelings as it represents our heart.

Saturn is the restriction in astrology and so it restricts the emotions and feelings when seated in the sign of Cancer. Exceptions are just the same as mentioned above with other signs.

The 5th sign i.e the sign of Leo is all about expressing yourself creatively. Leo sign gives you the courage to lift up your head and speak and perform in front of the public.

Saturn in the sign of Leo can restrict this quality and you may be fearful to express yourself creatively. Even you may have stage fear. Exceptions are the same as already mentioned above with the other signs.

The 6th sign Virgo is about arguments and solving calculations and performing detail-oriented work with the brain. Saturn in the sign of Virgo can restrict these qualities for at least 25-35 years of life if Mercury (lord of the sign of Virgo) is not seated with Saturn or if Mercury is not giving aspect or dristi to its own sign or house.

When placed in the sign of Sagittarius Saturn can delay or restrict your higher education and dampen your philosophical and religious beliefs. It could also delay your marriage and also result in divorce if you are married at an early age.

But the marriage may not be denied. Marriage is a ritual and so represented by the sign of Sagittarius as the sign of Sagittarius is also about rituals and religion other than the law.

Now when Saturn is placed in the sign of Sagittarius (in the Nakshatra of Purva Ashadha) it will restrict or delay the rituals such as marriage as Saturn is a planet of restriction and delay.

The best placement for Saturn is in its own sign Aquarius. If Saturn is sitting in its own sign in the 2nd or 11th house then it can give tremendous wealth. Read more here > Which placement of Saturn can give a lot of wealth.

If Saturn is sitting in its own sign Capricorn the person becomes very disciplined but authoritative.

Saturn in the sign of Pisces also gives great results and the work becomes like child's play for you as Saturn represents work in Astrology. All planets in the sign of Pisces give great results except mercury where it is debilitated.

But Saturn is still a natural malefic planet and so can deliver negative results in life if there is an aspect on some house or planet in the birth chart from the transit even if it is well placed in the birth chart.

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