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Birth chart of a person working in Pharmaceutical industry (Vedic Astrology)

birth chart- pharma company person
On the left you can see the birth chart (or click here if you are on mobile to see the birth chart) of a native who is working for NIPER (National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research). He first completed his B Pharmacy course in 4 years and then he gave the GPAT (Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test) exams and got selected for NIPER.

As you can see he is a Capricorn Ascendant with the ascendant lord, Saturn, placed in the sign of Pisces in the 3rd house and 3rd lord Jupiter placed in the sign of Capricorn (debilitated Jupiter) in the 1st house. His Jupiter, placed in the sign of Capricorn, makes sense in the chart as he is all the time doing research using a microscope and microscope is a machine and a machine is seen by the sign of Capricorn.

Also, his Saturn, placed in the sign of Pisces, makes sense as Pisces is a sign that represents the virtual world and when you look through the microscope then the virtual world can be seen where you can look at microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, and fungus. Also, when you work over the internet using computers then this is also the virtual world or the digital world.

The native, however, also worked for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company where he used to work in the manufacturing department. Certainly, machines are used to manufacture medicines and you can watch this youtube video to know how machines are used to make medicines and all machines are represented by the sign of Capricorn or Saturn.

Also, if you notice his Rahu and Moon are placed in the sign of Virgo in the 9th house and Virgo, as you know, is a sign of health care and 9th house is the house of higher education. So profession in the health care or pharmaceutical industry makes sense here as Virgo is a sign of health care. Also, if you see, his 9th lord or the lord of Virgo sign, Mercury, is placed in the sign of Aries and Aries is a sign that represents boilers and people involved in the manufacturing of medicines often make use of pharmaceutical industry boilers.

Aries is a fire sign and Aries is energy and so it represents all things related to fire, boiling, fuel energy, heating systems, etc. and Mercury represents our hand and so when you work with boilers through your hands then Mercury in the sign of Aries is possible. Also, if you see his Mars, ruler of Aries or 4th house, is placed in the sign of Leo in the 8th house and 8th house is the house of transformation.

When you melt something and transform it to another product then this kind of process is seen through the 8th house. Also, Mars is placed in the sign of Leo in the 8th house and Leo is again a sign that represents fire as Leo is ruled by Sun and Sun represents heat as Sun is a hot planet. Also, chemical reactions carried out to produce medicines are also seen by the 8th house and so all these planetary placements give clear indication that the native could be working in the manufacturing unit of a Pharma company.

But Mars when placed in the sign of Leo in the 8th house would make the native very sexual as Leo is a sign of fun and Mars represents our sexuality and so it becomes fun through sex and 8th house also represents our private parts. Also, since 8th lord, Sun, is placed in the 5th house in the sign of Taurus then this become more confirmed as 5th house is the house of love and romance and also Venus is conjuncting Sun in the 5th house and Venus is also a planet of sensual pleasures.

Also, with this placement of 8th lord, Sun, in the 5th house the native could gamble a lot whether through sports betting, stock market trading, or anything else as Mars is placed in the 8th house and Mars is a planet of gamble and 5th house is also the house of speculation. His Ketu is placed in the sign of Pisces and Ketu in the sign of Pisces does very well when it comes to research as Ketu and the sign of Pisces have the same energy as both have to do with spirituality and going to the roots.

If a mobile phone is Rahu (Rahu represents all the latest technology) then going to the roots of the mobile phone to repair it or manufacture it is the work of Ketu. Rahu is considered exalted in the sign of Virgo and Ketu is also exalted in the sign of Pisces and so this chart is extremely good for scientific research especially in the field of medicine or health care.

Also, here Mercury, lord of Virgo, is placed in the sign of Aries and so the native is using his brain (as Mercury is brain) in studying things related to the sign of Aries such as heating systems, boilers, fuel, energy, fire, physical body and organs of a person, etc in the field of health care or medicine. Aries represents studies related to human organs as Aries is a new beginning or new life born and Pisces is end. That is also the reason the sign of Aries comes just after the sign of Pisces.

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