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Do you know Sonu Nigam is a Leo Ascendant? Birth Chart of Sonu Nigam(Vedic Astrology)

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Sonu Nigam birth chart
Many sites over the internet show Sonu Nigam being born as a Libra Ascendant which is not true.

He is actually Leo Ascendant and you can check his birth chart on the left side. If you are on mobile click here to see his birth chart.

I can say this confidently because I heard him saying that he is a Leo Ascendant in this interview with Rajat Sharma of Aap Ki Adalat.

Knowing the date of birth and place of birth for famous personalities is easy through Wikipedia. But the time of birth is hard to get and without the accurate time of birth > accurate birth chart or horoscope cannot be generated.

But since he said he is a Leo Ascendant then it becomes easy to conclude that he was born somewhere between 7 to 9 am as during this time of the day only all Leo Ascendants took birth on 30 July 1973 in Faridabad (India).

Just try different times of the day on 30 July 1973 in this free Jagannath Hora Astrology Software and you will better know that Leo Ascendants were only born between 7 a.m to 9 a.m on that day as on other times Ascendants were different.

Leo is a very regal sign and it is a sign of being in the limelight, higher posts, top positions, and higher authorities and it is also a sign of creativity and 'fun and entertainment'. Sonu Nigam's Venus is placed in the first house in the sign of Leo.

This shows > being in the limelight (as Leo represents limelight) as a very creative person (as Venus is also creativity). Venus rules the 2nd house in the natural zodiac and 2nd house is all about sensual pleasures and when you sing and enjoy > it is also a type of sensual pleasure.

But that doesn't tell why he became a singer because Venus is also dance, acting, modeling etc. It is important to check what exactly his Venus is doing from the inside (inner soul) and for that, you need to check the Navamsa Chart.

In the Navamsa Chart, his Venus is in the sign of Cancer in the 3rd house of communication (as being a Taurus Ascendant in the Navamsa). Rahu also conjunct Venus in the 3rd house and so Rahu amplifies his emotions.

Cancer sign on the cusp of 3rd house of communication is all about expressing your feeling and emotions through communication which could be singing as well. That gives a clear indication that his Venus in the first house in the birth chart is all about expressing himself creatively as a singer.

But the career of singing cannot be determined only through Venus. We also need to check what mercury is doing in the birth chart and the Navamsa Chart as mercury represents the speech in Vedic Astrology.

In the birth chart his mercury is sitting in its own sign of Gemini conjuncting Saturn and Ketu in the 11th house. Mercury in the sign of Gemini is all about communication and since 11th represents masses and networks, it shows his voice is reaching to masses (11th house) through his speech (Gemini) through networks (11th house represents networks) of media and internet.

Saturn (conjuncting mercury) is giving the push to the Mercury for deeper penetration into the voice because Saturn is action and here the action is to the voice.

In the Navamsa Chart also Sonu Nigam's Mercury is in the sign of Gemini in the 2nd house. So his Mercury is Vargottama.

Sign of Gemini on the 2nd house cusp (in Navamsa Chart) itself means expressing your pleasure (as by default 2nd house is owned by Venus) through communication and when Mercury is seated there it actually happens.

His Moon in the sign of Cancer in 12th house gives a clear indication that his soul (feelings and emotions represented by the Moon) is into the other realm (divine world) represented by the 12th house. Cancer sign also represents the heart and the cancer sign on the 12th house shows that his heart is into the divine world of 12th house. When the heart is pure (cancer sign is of purity) singing comes better and from the heart (soul).

Sonu Nigam said, in an interview with Rajat Sharma, that when he is in the flight sometimes (air travel) his emotions come out and he cries a lot. This is because the sky (where the flight is) is an isolated place and represents the 12th house and his moon is in the sign of cancer in the 12th house.

His Sun in the 12th house also shows that his father is also a divine person. His Rahu in the 5th house shows his obsession towards the fun and entertainment world as 5th house represents that.

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