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Birth chart of a person in government job in Pharmacy (Vedic Astrology)

birth chart- pharmacy
On the left side, you can see the birth chart of a person working in a government hospital at the retail outlet of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs. Click here to look at the birth chart if you are on mobile (will open in new window). The native is a Scorpio ascendant and his ascendant itself is quite favorable for the medical field as Scorpio is a sign of going to the roots such as all the body organs as these are the roots of the physical body.

11th house is the major house that shows how you serve the society and for a Scorpio ascendant the sign of Virgo falls on the 11th house and Virgo is a sign of health care. So a Scorpio ascendant could provide health care services is quite possible but the planets in the birth chart should also support that as not every Scorpio ascendant would go to medical or health care field and many of them are even businessmen and people like Kapil Sharma (who is also a Scorpio ascendant) is a comedian or entertainer.

You can see > the native's Jupiter is placed in the 5th house in the sign of Pisces. The sign on a given house tells about the quality of the planet placed in it but we need to look at the characteristics or significance of the house where the planet is placed in order to know what that planet will do for the native or what will be the prediction for the native for that kind of planet placed in that particular house.

In this chart, Jupiter is placed in the 5th house and the 5th house is the house of Sun as in the default zodiac (Aries ascendant chart) Sun rules the 5th house and Sun is about hobbies, fun, entertainment, ancient texts, brands, and also health. Sun represents our vitality or energy and it is the life force and so it represents health also.

Now when Jupiter is placed in the 5th house it means knowledge about all the things represented by the 5th house but how come you know whether his knowledge (as Jupiter is knowledge) is only about health care and not something else like ancients texts, fun, and entertainment, etc? His knowledge is about health care (pharmacy) only because his Rahu is placed in the sign of Cancer in the 9th house in the Nakshatra of Ashlesha and Ashlesha Nakshatra is a major Nakshatra signifying medical field and you can know more about this Nakshatra through some youtube video. The sign of Cancer falls on Ashlesha and the sign of Cancer is a sign of nurturing or curing and it is a major sign seen in the health care field.

Also, when Rahu is placed in the 9th house it means the native is obsessed (as Rahu is anĀ obsession) about giving knowledge and information as Cancer is a sign of nurturing or giving knowledge and information as this sign is falling on the 9th house of knowledge and information. Also, if you see his Moon is placed in the 2nd house which means his mind is always into interacting with other people as 7th house is the house of interacting with other people or making relationships with other people.

Also, his 7th lord, Venus, is placed in the 6th house and this shows interacting people regarding diseases or health care as 6th house is also the house of diseases or health care. Also, when a planet like Saturn is placed in the 6th house then 6th house is also about health care and this also confirms the profession could be related to health care and this is more confirmed when we see Rahu in Ashelasha and Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury also being placed in the 5th house of > knowledge of the health care.

But debilitated Saturn in the 6th house is giving this native digestive problem as his Sun is placed in the 5th house which is usually not considered good as Sun gives heat to the stomach or liver when placed in the 5th house as 5th house represents our stomach and 6th house represents our small intestines and these intestines play important role in the digestion. When Saturn gets debilitated in the 6th house then these intestines don't work properly and so it gives digestive problems such as gastric problems. Sun, in the 5th house, on the other hand, generates heat in the liver and that is the reason the native is suffering from bad health > related to stomach.

Also, if you see > his 6th lord, Mars, is placed in the 12th house which means his health care services are going to some hospital as 12th house represents isolated places like asylums, jails, and hospitals. Also, 12th house represents government organizations as these organizations work for the people or public from behind the scenes and 12th house is the house of working from behind the scenes.

Also, his ascendant lord, Mars, is placed in the 12th house which shows the purpose of life is also 12th house as the ascendant lord tells the purpose of life and 12th house represents hospitals and also represents spirituality and spirituality is also expressed by curing diseases and problems of others.

Also, when Jupiter is placed in the sign Pisces then here Jupiter is placed in it's own sign and Pisces is also a sign of intutition and this shows the intution of the native is very good and his wisdom is very good and that is the reason he was able to clear all the exams in the medical field. So you should look at the signs of planets in order to know how capable that planet is to give results.

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