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Can too many planets in 10th house make you workaholic? (Vedic Astrology)

10th house is the house of work and people having the majority of their planets placed in the 10th house can become extremely workaholic, futuristic, dry, and ambitious. This is so when planets like Rahu, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, etc all are placed in the 10th house. Such people, often, you will find them dry as they become emotionally and mentally drained. In other words, they become extremely right-sided and very much dominating as the 10th house is also the house of authority and power.

A human being can either be left-sided or right-sided or balanced in the center. People who are balanced in the center are the happiest people on this earth while others who are either right-sided or left-sided suffer a lot in their life. When you become right-sided then you lack the emotional side which is not good as then you don't have feelings and emotions for others as the left-side is our emotional side. Cruel people such as terrorists are often the right-sided.

Human beings are not just physical beings (right-sided) but they are also emotional beings (left-sided) and spiritual beings (too much spiritual). The thing is, we need to be a mixture of all the three beings and be in the center and then only all the problems of life will get resolved and that can be done by getting your cosmic energy awakened and then meditate regularly.

We cannot ascent in spirituality unless we are balanced in the center as the cosmic energy then doesn't rise as this energy always rises from the central channel. There are 3 channels in the body > right channel (Pingala Nadi), the left channel (Ida Nadi), and the central channel (Sushumna Nadi).

The cosmic energy or the kundalini energy always rises from the central channel and when we become either right-sided or left-sided then it becomes difficult for this energy to rise but through various treatments, in Sahaja Yoga, this imbalance can be cured and then it is possible to grow in spirituality through the central channel.

Right-sided people are worried a lot about their future and often they are very ambitious. They don't believe in God and they think they need to work hard in order to survive and you will often find them saying they do not have time for meditation and worshipping God. They plan too much about their future and they never get satisfied when it comes to money or wealth.

In other words, they don't care about their soul or so-called spirit and become too much money-oriented and as a result, sometimes such people suffer from a heart attack. For them every minute of their life is important and they think they should work, work, and work to make their life secure and they believe in themselves more than God.

All the people who suffer from the problem of heart-attack are extremely right-sided people. Moon represents our heart or soul and so when Moon is afflicted badly then heart attack is likely. For example, when Moon is aspected or conjucted by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu simultaneously then Moon gets highly afflicted and then problems like heart-attack can come. Saturn giving aspect to Moon is most prone to heart attack and also too many planets in the 10th house also make a person extremely right-sided and then also heart attack is possible.

When we work too much our emotions are drained and then we become dry from inside and that makes us egoistical too and then we don't even listen to others. We need to respect our soul or spirit and spend some time in spirituality in order to make our Moon better.

Relaxation and self-satisfaction is the major quality of a good Moon such as Moon placed in its own sign of Cancer. People having their Moon in its own sign of Cancer have a very strong heart (unless aspected by malefics) and such people cannot suffer from a heart attack.

Unless we meditate by the awakening of cosmic energy it is not possible to achieve the state of self-satisfaction. When Moon is not good we become anxious, worried, and also become insecure and that makes us suffer more as then the capability to make the right decision is lost. And the dilemma is people who are right-sided are most prone to losing their job and they actually lose their job quite often as the Universe (or God) punishes those who don't respect their soul and don't have emotions and feelings (Moon) for others and only engaged in making more and more money.

Good moon helps in intuition and through intuition only we make the right decisions as Moon represents our soul and it is our emotional self which is used for imagination and intuition by us. Moon is our emotional side or the left side (Ida Nadi) while Sun represents our right side (Pingala Nadi).

Left-sided people, on the other hand, are too emotional and depressive and they don't have any ambition or goal in life. They spend their life in darkness such as by having drugs or wine all the time and spending their life in isolation. Usually, people suffer from the disease like Cancer when they become left-sided.

 That is the reason getting your cosmic energy awakened is so important as by regular meditation it is possible to attain balance and follow the central path which gives us joy, happiness, and all the securities of life and that is also the reason meditation is important but meditation should be done by the method of kundalini awakening only as mentioned here. Otherwise, you may move in the wrong direction in life and that is going to make you suffer even more as there are also false Gurus or false teachers who take you in the wrong direction. You should only follow incarnations and here is an article > why you should not trust anyone other than incarnations.

The right-sided problem can be cured by putting ice on the liver while the left-sided problem can be cured by using a candle on the left side during meditation. You can learn more about curing left side and right side (through Sahaja Yoga method of kundalini awakening) by searching in Google as a lot of information is already there on this topic.

To know more visit > https://www.sahajayoga.org.in/energy-channel-ida-pingala-sushumna-nadi

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