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Birth chart of a person who is a drunkard (Vedic Astrology)

birth chart- blood donation
On the left you can see the birth chart or click here if you are on mobile and this is the birth chart of an Aries ascendant native who is a drunkard. He drinks wine a lot and he is obsessed about it as his Rahu is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of Taurus and Taurus is a sign of sensual pleasures and here the lord of Taurus, Venus, is placed in the sign of Cancer which is a sign that represents drinks.

But the major problem is the Moon > as his Moon is debilitated in the 8th house in the sign of Scorpio and also the 8th lord, Mars, is also debilitated in the sign of Cancer in the 4th house. Scorpio is really a sign of addictions and when Moon is placed in the sign of Scorpio there is no control over the mind and here it is more so as here the lord of Scorpio, Mars, is also debilitated.

Scorpio is very chaotic and dirty sign especially when it falls on the Jyestha Nakshatra and Moon when placed in this sign makes the mind turbulant and depressive especially when the lord of Scorpio, Mars, is also debilitated in the sign of Cancer. In depression, often people take to addiction and that is what happening with this person. He cannot also go along with his spouse as his Sun is also debilitated in the sign of Libra in the 7th house of marriage and relationships. There is a lot of problems in his life and that is the reason he took to drinking.

Venus placed in the sign of Cancer and the lord of Cancer, Moon, when placed in the sign of Scorpio is the major placement for drunkard people and it could happen in any house for other ascendants too. This is because the sign of Cancer represents all the liquids we take in our life including wine, water, juice, etc. and Venus is a planet of our sensual pleasures and that also include the pleasure taken by our senses such as the tongue. Now, when Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer then the native enjoys drinking wine and here it is more so as here as the Moon, lord of Cancer, is placed in the sign of Scorpio which is a sign of all the dirty habits and all the filth and rotten things and wine is also made from rotten fruits.

Also, if you see his Rahu is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 2nd house and 2nd house, as you know, is also the house of food of the native and since, for an Aries ascendant, the sign of Taurus rules the 2nd house so these Aries ascendant natives enjoy food and drinks as Taurus is a sign of food and drinks and it is also a sign of taste as the sign of Taurus also represents the tongue. Now when Rahu is placed in the 2nd house for an Aries Ascendant then it makes them obsessed about acquiring all the good tastes of life such as the tasty food and drinks as Rahu is our obsession in life and so this placement of Rahu is also quite supportive for the addiction of wine as here the tasty drink is wine because of Moon being placed in the sign of Scorpio.

This person had actually a love affair but he was cheated by his partner and she got married to someone else and this is due to the fact that his 5th lord, Sun, is debilitated in the 7th house of relationships. 5th house is the house of love and romance and when the 5th lord is placed in the 7th house and get debiliated then you often get cheated in love and romance. So this is the major problem in his chart and this is making him depressed and also you can see his Jupiter is also debilitated. Too many debilitated planets in the birth chart makes the life very difficult.

Also, here the ascendant lord, Mars, is debilitated and this also makes the body of the native very low in energy and enthusiasm as Mars is a planet of energy and enthusiasm. Mars is actually the energy within us and when there is no energy then there is no enthusiasm. Such people cannot be good at sports or other physical activities. That is the major problem when the ascendant lord gets debilitated as then it affects the physical body or physical self.

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