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What cancer sign on different houses mean in Vedic Astrology?

Cancer is a water sign representing your emotions and feeling and nurturing quality.

Cancer sign on the 2nd house (for Gemini Ascendant) means you are deeply attached to your family, money, and food as the 2nd house represents all these things.

Your voice is also very soft and full of emotions (like moon > the ruler of cancer sign) as 2nd house also represents the voice quality.

Cancer sign on the 3rd house means you are a Taurus Ascendant and you express your emotions and feelings through communication.

That is the reason many Taurus Ascendant people are good singers as singing is all about expressing your emotions through your voice and without communicating (3rd house) no one will know about your voice.

2nd house represents the quality of your voice but you need to speak out the words of the song in order to sing (communicate) and that is done through the 3rd house of communication.

Sonu Nigam, the great singer of India, is also a Taurus Ascendant in the Navamsa Chart though he is a Leo Ascendant in the Birth Chart.

The birth chart is your life's situation and how you are from the inside is represented by the Navamsa Chart.

Read more about it in the article > reading the horoscope of Sonu Nigam as a singer.

3rd house is not only about communication it is also about writing. That is the reason many Taurus Ascendant people are very creative and emotional writers especially if their Moon and Venus are well placed in the birth chart.

The sign of Cancer on the 4th house (for Aries Ascendant) gives a pure heart unless the 4th house is affected by malefic planets as the 4th house represents the heart.

In that sense, Aries Ascendant people are trustful > as trustful people are pure at heart, as they are moved by the zeal of their trustworthiness. But it is more so true if the moon is sitting in the Cancer sign in their 4th house and not afflicted or seated with malefics.

Those who are pure in heart are happy and they give away a lot instead of asking for something all the time. That is what the quality of an Aries Ascendant then becomes with the moon being in the sign of cancer in the 4th house.

They are then deeply attached to their mother and mother's home as the 4th house represents the mother. Such people then also like to do business related to products that can provide home comforts. Need to look at the placement of Saturn for more clarification.

Cancer sign on the 5th house means you are emotionally attached to the fun, entertainment, love, and romance, and the world of cinema and theatre as the 5th house represents all these things.

If Moon and Venus are placed in the 5th house in the sign of Cancer it makes the Pisces Ascendant people very romantic and fun-loving as well. Their profession then mostly become about things related to the fun and entertainment world or could be stock markets also as the 5th house represents stock markets.

Cancer sign on the 6th house could mean your emotions and feelings are towards the people who are sick, poor, diseased, mentally retarded, slaves etc but there could also be a lot of arguments in your mind.

Aquarius Ascendant, in general, have a very difficult moon (mind) and if Saturn is placed in the 6th house in the sign of Cancer the person could suffer from giddiness and feels insecure when it comes to fights and arguments.

Cancer sign on the 7th house means your emotions and feeling are towards your wife and in making relationships with other people (whether business or personal) as the 7th house represents your wife, relationships, contracts, and partnerships. This becomes more so if the Moon is placed in the sign of cancer in the 7th house.

Cancer sign on the 8th house means you are a Sagittarius Ascendant and your emotions and feelings are towards the hidden secrets of life such as death and rebirth, occult science, hidden sexual activities, transformation, in-laws, research etc.

But there is a lot of ups and downs in the mind as the 8th house is also of sudden ups and downs. Some of the Sagittarius Ascendant people are very aggressive in gambling and stock markets and this causes even problems in the mind.

If cancer sign falls on the 9th house then you are deeply attached to your father, guru, teachers, religious activities, higher studies, and pilgrimages.

If cancer sign falls on the 10th house then you are emotional about power and authority and you need to have power and authority to feel like you are leading a good life.

If cancer sign falls on the 11th house then you need to have a good social life in order to feel relaxed and have peace of mind.

For Leo Ascendants the Cancer sign falls on their 12th house and so they want to be mostly alone as their mind is in the divine world especially if the Moon is placed on their 12th house. That is the reason Leo Ascendants are very intuitive. Leo Ascendants mostly run away from social life and they only like one-to-one interaction in privacy. They desperately need a private life because their mind finds peace in isolation.

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