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How your Venus can be affected by relationships before marriage? (Vedic Astrology)

Venus is a planet of relationships. If you are making relationships (sexual or even love and romance) before marriage then certainly you are spoiling your Venus and this is how Venus goes bad. When Venus goes bad then divorce is also possible after marriage and it is also possible that you may not get married at all as you may be rejected by every girl or boy you want to marry.

I am an astrologer and in most of the cases I have seen that people who got divorced had already made relationships with someone else before marriage. If you are making relationships before marriage then in a way you are cheating your future spouse and when you cheat in relationships Venus goes bad and then divorces happen. That is the reason following chastity is very important in life as it helps you to build trust or faith with your spouse when you get married. If you want to learn about chastity then read this article > how power of chastity can be understood.

Making relationships before marriage (even if it is just a love and romance and not sexual intercourse) is a sin and it is something that is against Dharma. Why it is against Dharma and a sin? This is because it is cheating your future spouse and any kind of cheating is against Dharma or a sin. Read more > what is Dharma and why you need to follow it?

In olden days, people never used to make relationships before marriage and so their married life was always good and no one even thought of divorce and hardly there was any divorce but this is Kalyuga and people have lost their morality in Kalyuga and don't understand Dharma. Also, remember when you do any type of sin it makes you go to hell after death and if you don't believe that there is life after death then read this article > life after death.

You might have seen most of the film actors and actresses are facing divorces especially those who don't hesitate to give kissing scenes in the movie though they are already married (or even if they are not married they are not hesitant to give kissing scenes and half naked scenes). They are facing divorces because they are spoiling their Venus by being immoral. Actors give excuses that it is the demand of the movie script but then why you are accepting to play such roles where there are kissing scenes? What is more important for you? Money or a good family life? I want to tell you that a little less money is ok then later on facing divorces due to bad Venus.

Also, if you think that you will be happy in life without marriage then that is also a big mistake. Getting married is your Dharma and when you don't follow your Dharma then it is a sin you are doing and that is going to give more troubles in life. People are behind you and respect you as long as you have money and when you spoil your Venus then even the wealth also goes away (sooner or later).

The wealth may go away in this life or in the next life depending on your past life deeds and so don't think the money will stay forever. Bad Venus is the number one cause of not having wealth in life if you don't respect women or girls who are known as Venus or Laxmi according to Indian traditions. And just think why would God give money to you when you don't want to have a family? You get stability in life only when you follow Dharma and getting married is the biggest Dharma. God is absolutely not with you if you are not following the path of Dharma.

Many people have doubt whom to marry and whether he or she will go along with him/her or not etc. You do not have any right to judge any girl or boy but your duty is to surrender and tell God > whoever you will ask me to marry I will marry. Best is to leave everything on your parents and let them decide. If you don't have parents then marry someone who likes you and eager to marry you though you may not like him or her as then at least he/she would take care of you.

Just use your discretion and see > with which person you have that internal connection and feeling of a soul mate?. Still if there is no such feeling and everyone around you is asking to get married to a particular person then the nature is giving signs to you that you should get married to the person that most of your friends or relatives or parents are recommending. Your surrounding environment (including people) tells you what you are supposed to do and in order to follow them you need to give up your ego. Ego is the biggest hindrance in having a good married life.

But of course there are also people who have some sort of curse and they cannot get married in this life even if they want to get married. I am an astrologer and I can let you know if there is any such curse in your birth chart (kundli) and for that you need to get a consultation from me. Just click on the "contact me" link above to get more details on the consultation and tutorials process.

However, true love is something different and that doesn't involve sexual lust and true love comes from the heart or soul which is pure. In such love, your thoughts are pure (not sexual thoughts) and and then it doesn't give you bad Venus. But most people don't understand true love and they simply want to spend a night in the bed with someone and then go away. This is most dangerous when you go to prostitutes and then it gives you a miserable life and it could be this life or the next life and then your Venus is very badly affected and such people then don't get good wealth in their life. So you need to be careful before making any relationship before marriage.

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