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13 Predictions of Jupiter transit in Capricorn: 20 Nov 2020 to 5 april 2021

During the period from 20 Nov, 2020 to 5 April 2021 Jupiter and Saturn will transit through the sign of Capricorn while Rahu will transit through the sign of Taurus. Several things could come up in the world during this period and here are some of the possible predictions.

1) When Jupiter will transit through the sign of Capricorn it is possible that the crops would get damaged and plants could die and so the price of food would increase due to lesser production of essential commodities such as grains and vegetables. This is because Capricorn is a barren sign and Jupiter represents agriculture.

2) PM of India could make some big deal related to oil, petroleum, and fuel with other countries. India could also find some reservoir of oil or petroleum from the sea. This is because Jupiter represents the sea and Capricorn is a sign of oil, coal, and petroleum.

3) A lot of construction work is possible during this period and a lot of people will get engaged in the construction of their homes. This is because Capricorn is also a sign of construction or manufacturing and Saturn is transiting through the sign of Capricorn and Saturn also aspects the sign of Cancer (7th aspect) which is also a sign that represents shelters or homes. Road construction is also possible during this period.

4) A lot of people who are looking for jobs in the automation sector (information technology, IT) would get the job as Capricorn is a sign of automation and double transit of Saturn and Jupiter and aspect of Rahu on the sign of Capricorn is good to get them a job. Many people would also get the job in the oil, coal, iron, steel, and petroleum sectors. Many engineers would also get a job during this period as Capricorn is a sign of mechanical engineering.

5) Gardeners and farmers will suffer badly during this period as nothing will grow as Capricorn is a barren and dry sign and Jupiter represents the agriculture industry. In general, the agriculture industry will suffer a lot during this period.

6) Children in schools and colleges will also suffer a lot as their teachers will become very much strict with them as Capricorn is a very strict sign and Jupiter represents a teacher or a priest or an advisor.

7) There could be religious disputes throughout the world due to Jupiter being debilitated in transit as Jupiter represents all the religions of the world.

8) The government could also introduce some new laws related to business and manufacturing during this period. This is because Jupiter is the law and Capricorn is a sign of authority and power.

9) There could be a lot of darkness in nature and environment during this period, such as dark clouds, as Capricorn is a sign of darkness (no light) and Jupiter is nature. So there could be a lot of environmental problems during this period.

10) A lot of court cases will be resolved during this period due to the triple transit of Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu on the sign of Capricorn which is a sign of courts.

11) A lot of people will join online courses to start learning coding or programming during this transit of Jupiter as Jupiter in Capricorn is an extremely good placement for machine learning and doing coding or programming to develop websites, apps, robots, and software. In other words, the automation industry will flourish during this transit.

12) A lot of deaths will happen during this period as Capricorn is a barren sign and Jupiter is Jeevakarka. Also, Rahu is transiting Taurus which is a sign of Marankarka and Ketu is placed in Scorpio which is a sign of transformation (death and re-birth).

13) A lot of animals will either die or will be killed such as for meat or for any other reason during this period as Jupiter represents animals and plants and Capricorn is a sign of cutting as it represents all tools for cutting such as sword or knife.

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