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Birth chart of a person who died of heart attack (Vedic Astrology)

birth chart of a broadcaster
On the left, you can see the birth chart of a person named Albert Meyer who died of a heart attack on 9 April 1965. Click here to see the chart if you are on mobile. The chart includes both the birth chart and the Navamsa Chart as looking at the Navamsa chart is also important for any kind of health problem.

As you can see this person is a Capricorn ascendant with Saturn and Mercury placed in the 1st house in the sign of Capricorn. The major problem in the birth chart is > Moon is badly afflicted in the 7th house as it is aspected by two most malefic planets Saturn and Ketu. Aspected by Saturn by the 7th aspect and by Ketu through the 5th aspect. Moon represents our heart and that is the reason afflicted Moon is often prone to a heart attack but this is not always so unless the Navamsa chart and other astrological tools also confirm that.

In the Navamsa chart, as you can see, his Saturn is placed in the sign of Aries in the 1st house and the lord of Aries, Mars, is conjuncting Moon in the 4th house and 4th house represents our heart and this is the major problem he was having as debilitated Saturn puts a lot of pressure on the heart especially when Mars is placed in the 4th house. The person's heart works a lot as Saturn is a planet of work and it is placed in the sign of Aries which is a sign of putting energy and effort and it is placed in the 4th house of the heart.

When the heart becomes overactive then it causes heart attack but this is not always so as many people have their Saturn falling in the sign of Aries in the Navamsa chart. The major problem is > his Moon falls under DZ in the timewheel and if you don't know about DZ and timewheel then you need to join the advanced astrology course which I am offering. Just click on the "contact me" link above to know more.

Unless you learn the advanced astrological tools you cannot become a perfect astrologer as astrology is just not limited to looking at the birth chart and the Navamsa chart but there are several other astrological tools that need to be looked at for confirmation of an event. The biggest misconception is that people think it is just enough to know about the birth chart and other divisional charts to learn astrology.

Also, in the Navamsa Chart, his Saturn is not just debilitated but it is also being amplified by Rahu through the 9th aspect as Rahu is also aspecting Saturn while placed in the 5th house. The biggest quality of Rahu is > it is an amplifier and so it amplifies or speeds up things. If Saturn is Aries makes the heart work a lot then Rahu is going to amplify the working of the heart even more. And that is also the reason the native died in Venus Mahadasha, Saturn anterdasha, and Rahu pratyantradasha.

The person was also suffering from a brain tumor and the brain is seen from the 1st house and Mercury also represents the brain and as you can his Mercury is placed along with Saturn in the 1st house in the birth chart and in the Navamsa chart also his Saturn is debilitated in the 1st house of head or brain.

Mercury alone is not a problem in the 1st house but Mercury is being amplified as Rahu and Mars are placed in the sign of Virgo which is a sign of Mercury. Moreover, Mars, lord of Aries, is also very weak in the Navamsa chart as Mars is also debilitated in the sign of Cancer in the 4th house, and since Mars represents the head or brain so it affected the brain and caused brain tumor. He got a heart attack when he was being operated on with a brain tumor and that is the time he died.

All these placements, still, are not the major problems as many people have this kind of placements but the true problem comes when a certain planet falls under DZ and it has low strength in Astakvarga and low strength in other kinds of strengths also which you can learn about if you join my advanced astrology course as mentioned before.

Also, when Jupiter gets debilitated in the Navamsa chart then this is again a big problem as then the person may take the wrong direction in life when it comes to religion and spirituality and this person was the head of a Church. Now when you do wrong things in life such as doing wrong mantras then it makes you suffer a lot as then body chakras are badly affected by wrong mantras and false practices.

In terms of Nakshatras here is the placement of his planets in different Nakshatras.

Lagna > placed in Sravana Pada 1

Sun > placed in PurvaBhadra pada 2

Moon > placed in Punarvasu Nak pada 4

Mars ((R) > placed in Hasta Nak Pada 4

Mercury > placed in Dhanistha pada 2

Jupiter > placed in Satabhisha pada 2

Venus > placed in Revati pada 1

Saturn > placed in Sravana Nak pada 1

Rahu > placed in Chitra pada 1

Ketu > placed in Revati nak pada 3

I have also uploaded a video explaining heart attack for a separate chart as here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgrtnDCcTAw . This person was a musician and he suffered from heart attack.

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