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Which is the world famous village for accurate prediction through astrology?

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Pandit Nathulal Vyas
There is a village called Karoi in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This village is nearly 30 km from Bhilwara, the smallest city in the state of Rajasthan. Many astrologers in this village are world famous for their 90-100% accurate prediction.

Many people from foreign countries also visit Karoi to know about their future through the science of astrology. To give you an example, a Russian lady named Irina Rio visited an astrologer in Karoi named Pandit Nathulal Vyas who is involved in Bhrigu astrology. Bhrigu astrologers are more accurate than any other types of astrologers in the world because their knowledge comes from Maharishi Bhrigu, who was one of the 7 great sages.

After six years Irina Rio told that Pandit Nathulal Vyas predicted everything accurate about her. In her youtube channel, she even uploaded a video showing the live reading of her horoscope by Panditji. This video is quite interesting to watch. Even many Indian politicians often visit Nathulal Vyas and other astrologers in Karoi. In the recent past Smriti Irani, an Indian politician, was in news that she visited this same astrologer in Bhilwara.

There is one more very famous astrologer in Karoi known by the name Pandit Kailash Chandra (mobile no.9828551706). Even many Prime Ministers, politicians and film actors of India have visited him in the past to know whether they will win in the upcoming election or not, for their professional success, etc and the prediction was accurate.

I also know of an astrologer in New Delhi and his predictions also have never gone wrong. His name is Pandit Shailendra Pandey but he charges Rs.5000 per horoscope. With that fee, you can ask him as many questions as you want. The question could be anything whether it is professional success, marriage, job, health issues, tantra problems, etc. Best thing is that he helps with the solution of the problem as well by recommending gemstones and mantras.

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My sister-in-law and I myself have got the readings from Shailendra Pandey many a time and each time he predicted accurately. I don't write anything on my website which I am not sure about and so you can always trust the information I provide here.

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