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Why giving up is the best solution when things are not in your control? (Vedic Astrology)

It often happens that you want a certain person to follow you or respect you or follow your orders or you want them to listen to you but the thing is more you tell them more they are going to ignore you. A person will listen to you only if he/she is a big fan of you and respect you but if this is not the case then it is just a waste of time arguing with them.

It may also be that you want them to listen to you just because you care for them and want to help them out. Whatever your motive is but you will never be able to convince them unless they internally respect you. So for them to listen to you, you need to make yourself respectable first by giving up and leaving everything on God instead of arguing with them.

No one likes that anyone should dominate them and impose their own will on them as everyone has their own destiny in life and they want to follow their passion in order to reach their destiny. It may also be that they will have to initially follow the wrong path to learn a lesson and then follow the right path as people just don't learn without suffering (or before they suffer). And that is also the reason even God doesn't interfere even if people are doing the wrong things in life as people don't learn that they were wrong unless they suffer.

That is the reason it is important to listen and follow elders as they have already experienced everything in their life and so they can better guide us. But elders also need to understand arguing too much with the youngers will frustrate them and that way they will never listen to you as then it hurts their ego as, in a way, you are trying to dominate them. Elders need to build respect for themselves by being calm and quiet and trying not to dominate them and that is only possible by giving up and what is this giving up?

Giving up means surrendering to God without worrying about the consequences because nothing is in our hands and we cannot make the people of the world behave in our own way but we should develop a strong aura within us and that is the only thing that is going to help you as then people will automatically start following your advice if you have a good aura. If you don't know about Aura then you can learn more about it on Wikipedia here.

Aura is nothing but cosmic vibrations and if the level of cosmic energy is high within you then your Aura will be good. Aura is basically a surrounding environment near around your physical body and when the level of cosmic energy is high within you in your human subtle system then your aura will be good as cosmic energy is the ultimate spiritual energy within us represented by the sign of Pisces in Vedic Astrology.

This cosmic energy can even be awakened online and once this energy gets awakened within you, you can feel it as a cool breeze (or vibrations) flowing from the palm of your hands and top corner of the head (fontanelle bone area). You can follow my article on experiencing this cosmic energy online while sitting in front of the computer if you want to experience this energy and want to make your aura as > soothing to others.

When your Aura is extremely weak then no one is going to listen to you and they are also not going to respect you. You need to earn your respect yourself by making your aura as > full of positive vibrations and that is only possible through cosmic energy awakening or self-realization as mentioned above.

If you are arguing too much and trying to dominate others then your aura is already weak and then you cannot give up. Virgo is a sign of weakness and arguments and if your planets are placed in the sign of Virgo then you cannot easily give up and will do a lot of arguments in order to impose your will on others.

On the other hand, Pisces is a strong and spiritual sign and this is what the cosmic energy is and when your certain planet like Moon or Venus is placed in this sign then you can easily give up and your aura is strong but still, people cannot give up (surrender to God) as they don't know how giving up can help better instead of snatching.

Also, if Mars is weak (Mars in Virgo) then Muladhara chakra is weak and these natives do a lot of arguments and try to dominate others. Mars rules the Muladhara Chakra and this is a chakra of innocence and when Muladhara Chakra is weak you cannot have innocence and wisdom as Muladhara Chakra is ruled by Shri Ganesha and Shri Ganesha is the Deity known for giving discretion or wisdom according to the Indian traditions and ancient texts. Kids are good examples of innocence as kids or babies are extremely innocent. When you do immoral things in life then you lose innocence and then only troubles come in life.

When you become innocent like babies then everyone will take care of you just like we all take care of our babies and kids at any cost. You need to develop such innocence and then everything will be good in life and everyone will ask for your advice and then you don't need to argue in order to convince others. That is the reason it is important to improve ourselves instead of finding faults in others as it may also be that we might be wrong and they are correct.

That is also the reason getting the knowledge of Vedic Astrology is important and I am also an astrologer from New Delhi, India and you can contact me through the "contact me" page above if you need horoscope consultation from me. Also, just looking at which signs or rashis the different planets are placed is not enough and we also need to look at the Deity rulers in order to understand the nature of a person. I don't reveal Deity Rulers in free articles and you need to join my advanced astrology course as mentioned in the contact me page above in the top menu.

The heart is the major thing where we feel all the envy or hatred or dislike for someone and Moon or the sign of Cancer represents our heart. When our heart gets filled with this cosmic energy through regular meditation then you don't really care and don't even feel low when someone ignores your advice and never listens to you as then the heart becomes very strong as spirituality (cosmic energy) is strength and not weakness. If you feel low and depressive all the time then spiritually you are very weak and you don't even realize it as you think this is the default nature of every person on this earth which is not the case. People who are spiritually strong never feel bad about anything even if someone curses them.

When your heart is filled with spiritual power (Pisces) then you get the capability to tolerate everything in life. If you cannot tolerate a person then just try and use your discretion > can you even control a person by your domination? Controlling someone is also impossible but once you make your mind to tolerate a person and don't curse that person even if he is doing harm to you or others then a day will come in your life and you will find that person at your footsteps and that is what the power of spirituality is (giving up) as God is embedded in the spiritual energy and when you surrender to God by your give up then God comes to rescue you but you need to be patient as God may test you for several years.

That is the reason complete surrender is important which is nothing but making your mind that however bad you will get in life from others still you will stick to your patience and will never think of taking revenge or cursing them a lot. Just you will be calm, quiet, and surrendered to God, and busy performing your duties of life. That is what the real surrender is and that is the only solution as we are just puppets of God and there is nothing in our control and so better give up and trust me you will be much happier then.

To give you an example, many people have Saturn Moon conjunction in their birth chart or horoscope or their Saturn is placed in the sign of Cancer or if Rahu is conjuncting Moon and so such people may have some issue related to mind due to some past life curse or for any other reason and such people then need to improve themselves as their Moon (Mind) if afflicted and such people should never expect others to improve. It is important to understand who has the problem whether the girl or the boy if it is a dispute or fight related to relationships. Also, you should marry someone if the Graha-Maitri score is good as then the relationship will be good.

To give you an example, a person came to me and he was divorced and as per the decision of the court his daughter was supposed to live with him for particular months in a year and with her mother for the rest of the months. But due to lockdown this time her wife didn't send her daughter to him and he was constantly arguing with her wife but her wife never listened to him. I told him to simply give up and don't even bother to call his wife but he said he will fall sick if he cannot meet her daughter.

I told him that if God wants you to fall sick then accept it. He agreed and decided to do what I told him to do and after 2 months he actually fell sick and this news reached his wife and then she started caring about him and immediately sent her daughter to him and her daughter then stayed with her for 2 months. So this what happens when you give up or surrender as when you surrender nature or the Universe (or God) takes care of you and this is what the power of surrendering is.

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