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Can Rahu Venus conjunction make you do a lot of shopping? (Vedic Astrology)

Yes, this is certainly possible that the Rahu Venus conjunction can really make you do a lot of shopping whether online or offline. All the luxury and fashion items are represented by Venus and when Rahu is conjuncting Venus in any given house then the native gets obsessed about the shopping of luxury items such as beauty products, fashion accessories and fashion clothing, and other fashion items and even decoration items.

Also, things like laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, computers, and other IT and communication products are also represented by Venus and so the native may get obsessed about buying such products quite frequently. This is because Rahu is a planet of obsession and Rahu is an illusion (Maya) and all the materialistic products are nothing but an illusion and so Rahu wants to acquire all these materialistic products.

Ketu, on the other hand, is a spiritual planet and so Ketu doesn't care about materialistic products and so Ketu Venus conjunction usually makes you go away from the materialistic life (such as shopping for luxury items) and so you don't want to buy anything new during Ketu Venus conjunction.

But every person doesn't have this combination of Rahu and Venus in their birth chart still they buy these luxury items (though occasionally) then how that is possible? This is possible because of transits.

For example, if your Rahu is placed in any given house, say 5th house, in the sign of Sagittarius (considering that you are a Leo ascendant) then when Venus will transit through your 5th house then certainly you will do some kind of shopping as transiting Venus is conjuncting your natal Rahu placed in the 5th house as Venus is transiting the 5th house and Rahu is placed in the 5th house.

So here Rahu Venus conjunction is forming due to transits. But dasa and transit simultaneously should support for the shopping to actually take place. So if Rahu dasa or anterdasa or pratayantradasa is running then the shopping is more so possible otherwise not, as only transits don't help and dasa should also support.

There are more kinds of possibilities as well. Suppose your Venus is placed in the 4th house in any given sign, say the sign of Gemini (for Pisces ascendant), and now suppose Rahu has started transiting your 4th house and has come very close to Venus in the natal chart then this is again really the time you could do a lot of shopping for your home as 4th house represents the home but dasa (or anterdasa or pratyantradasa) of Venus should also run at that time during the transit of Rahu in the 4th house for the event of shopping to actually take place and this is how you can easily track your purchases using Vedic Astrology.

Venus also represents a website and you can see many people buy and sell websites on sites like flippa.com and now if you want to sell a website then you can do so during the Ketu Venus conjunction and if you want to buy a website then you can do so in the Rahu Venus conjunction and this is how it works.

Now why Venus represents a website? This is because a website is designed by doing the coding such as HTML and PHP and coding is nothing but Scorpio and so when you do anything where the coding is required then you are doing that to design something and Venus is a planet of designing and it is also a fact that Scorpio (Scorpio) and Taurus (designing) go hand-in-hand and one thing is not possible without the other. Scorpio is a sign of going to the roots and when you do coding you go to the roots and coding is done to create a website which is Venus and that is the reason both Scorpio and Taurus go hand-in-hand.

But another question could be why Venus makes you do the shopping? This is because Venus is a planet of buying and selling or we can say it is a planet of making a business deal as it rules the sign of Libra and Libra is a sign of making deals and that is the major reason when Rahu is conjuncting Venus in some way then this conjunction makes you shop whether online or offline.

Now, it also depends on which house your Venus is ruling in order to know what kind of product you will buy. For example, if you are an Aries ascendant and if Venus rules your 2nd house then you could buy jewelry, gemstones, food items, luxury car, decoration products, etc.

If Venus rules your 3rd house then you could buy communication products such as mobile phones, laptops, and other communication devices. If Venus rules your 4th house then you could buy home-based luxury products such as beds, mattresses, curtains, furniture, luxury cars, etc., and so on......But still, a lot will also depend on the placement of other planets in the birth chart so look for that.

If Venus rules the 5th house (for a Capricorn ascendant) then Rahu Venus conjunction can even make the native get obsessed about acting or performing on the stage or even sports as the 5th house is the house of recreational activities and Venus is a planet of enjoyment.

If your Venus is placed in the Nakshatra of Rohini in its own sign of Taurus then Rahu Venus conjunction may even make you eat a lot especially fine food and you may also go for breakfast or lunch or dinner in a restaurant or hotel. Rahu is a planet of obsession and so it gets you obsessed about all the sensual pleasures of life when it gets conjunct with Venus as Venus a planet of sensual pleasures. So Vedic astrology is really a good way to know what could be coming in the future regarding the shopping or buying of something.

I also found that my friend bought a machine to manufacture food when his 10th lord Venus was conjunting Rahu in the 5th house in transit. Now here he bought a manufacturing machine because he is a Leo ascendant and for a Leo ascendant Venus rules the 10th house of machines and Taurus is a sign of food and so it makes perfect sense. The 10th house is the house of automation and so a computer or laptop is also represented by the 10th house as a computer is also a machine for automation. So a Leo ascendant could also buy a laptop or computer if Rahu Venus conjuncting is forming in the chart via transit but dasa should also support.

Rahu has a possessive nature and so it wants to possess things while Ketu is a spiritual planet so it gives up things or sell. If, suppose your Mars is placed in the 12th house and if Rahu is transiting through the 12th house then you could buy some property as Mars is the natural significator of land and property. But dasa of Mars should also run and also your 2nd house should be strong so that you have the required finances for buying a property. I don't reveal if a house is strong or not in free articles and for that you need to join my advanced astrology course and you can do that by clicking on the "contact me" link above. I reveal all the real secrets of Vedic astrology only in the advanced course.

If Rahu Venus conjunction is forming in the sign of Aries then the native may even get obsessed about sports during that period of transit. Sometimes when transiting Venus comes close to Ketu in the natal chart then even divorces or separation happens as Venus represents spouse in a man's chart. Or there could be a dislike for wife or spouse with this conjunction as Ketu is a planet of dislike or ignorance. You could also be ignorant to relationship or marriage when Ketu is conjuncting Venus in transit or otherwise.

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