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Why Antardasa has to be analyzed in relation to Mahadasa only? (Vedic Astrology)

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It makes a whole lot of difference when you are running the Anterdasa of a planet and when you are running the Mahadasa of the same planet. As an example, suppose you are an Aries Ascendant and you started running the Mahadasa of Mars then it is possible that you become a sports player during that Mahadasa or you may become an army officer in that Mahadasha of Mars as the planet Mars makes you physically very active if it is your ascendant lord.

Now, suppose, you are running the dasa of Mars but it is not Mahadasa but let us suppose that it is the Anterdasa of Mars under the Mahadasa of Venus. Then instead of becoming a soldier or sports player yourself you may simply enjoy watching movies or TV serials related to war or you may be watching sports matches during the Mars anterdasa and Venus mahadasha as Mars is a planet of war and sports matches.

This is because Venus is a planet of enjoyment or sensual pleasures and here you are enjoying sports or a movie related to soldiers as Mars anterdasa is running under Venus Mahadasha. This is the major difference when it is Mars Mahadasa and when it is anterdasa of Mars under Venus Mahadasa. Mahadasha will always dominate and the results of the anterdasa will be based on Mahadasa.

Let us take another example. Suppose you are running the Mahadasa of Jupiter and Mars anterdasa is coming under Jupiter Mahadasa. Then here the Mars anterdasa will behave in an entirely different way than the Mars anterdasa in Venus Mahadasha. Jupiter is a planet of higher knowledge and Mars is a planet of motion (as Mars is energy) and so during Jupiter Mahadasa and Mars anterdasa the native may acquire higher knowledge about subjects like motion or fuel and these are being taught in the subject of physics. So, the native may be engaged in his higher education related to engineering during Mars anterdasa and Jupiter Mahadasha as you need to study physics in order to understand motion and fuel. So, you see how anterdasa has to be analyzed in relation to the Mahadasa only.

Now, if Mars anterdasa is falling under Saturn Mahadasa then the native may not acquire knowledge about motion and fuel but may actually work as an engineer in the manufacturing unit of some company as now his actual work of building machines (in engineering) has started. The native may also work for the repairing of automobile parts or even industrial machines during this Mars anterdasha under Saturn Mahadasha. You get education in Jupiter Mahadasa but now the education is completed and it is the time of actual work in Saturn Mahadasha and that is the reason the native will behave in a different way if it is Mars anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasha than when it is Mars anterdasa in Jupiter Mahadasa.

But some kind of accident or injury is also likely during Saturn Mahadasha and Mars anterdasha as both are malefic in nature and so you need to be very careful during this combination of dasas. But if Mars is placed in a malefic nakshatra then only some kind of injury or accident is likely otherwise now. I don’t reveal how to find the Nakshatras which are benefic or malefic for you in free articles. You can join my advanced astrology tutorials by clicking on the “contact me” link if you are interested. Which are the benefic or malefic nakshatras for you will depend on your birth details.

Even Mars anterdasa under Ketu Mahadasa may be malefic and can also give some kind of injury or even surgery as Ketu is the natural significator of the 8th house of turbulence and accidents and surgeries. Also, Ketu is a planet of past life deeds and so during Mars anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa the native may face some kind of trouble as the past life deeds will come to haunt. I have seen people getting heart attacks during Mars anterdasa and Ketu Mahadasa but this is more so possible if Mars is placed in the sign of Cancer in the birth as the sign of Cancer represents our heart. We express our emotions and feelings through our heart only and this is why the sign of Cancer rules our heart.

Mars anterdasa in Sun Mahadasha is best for sports and getting government jobs such as IPS (Indian police service) and even other civil services such as IAS. This is because Sun represents the government and Mars is an army officer and also Sun is a planet of fun and entertainment. Mahadasha and Anterdasha the native is currently running gives a great clue about the profession of the native. Usually the native completes his higher education between 20 to 30 years of age and so look for dasa and anterdasa during that period and that will give a great clue about the profession of the native.

If Venus anterdasa is running under Sun Mahadasa then this is the best sequence of dasa for starting romantic relationships as Sun is a planet of love and romance and Venus is a planet of relationships. If Venus anterdasa is running under Rahu Dasa then some kind of cheating is also possible in relationships or business partnerships so be careful as Rahu is a cheater and Venus is a planet of relationships, contracts, and partnerships. I have seen people filing a divorce during Ketu Mahadasha and Venus anterdasa as Ketu is a planet of giving things up and so here it becomes giving up the relationships. That is the reason Ketu Mahadasha is mostly bad unless Ketu is auspicious in the birth chart.

If Mars anterdasa is running in Moon Mahadasha then the native could even buy a property or home as Moon is the planet that represents the shelters and Mars is the natural significator of land and property. If Venus anterdasa is running in Mars Mahadasha or vice versa then during this period the native could become very sexual as Mars represents our sexuality and Venus is a planet of sensual pleasures and relationships and if somehow Rahu is involved then this could also be the case of sexual harassment.

If Mars anterdasa is running in Mercury Mahadasa then the native could advertise and market about land or property as Mercury is a planet of marketing and advertising or communication and Mars is the natural significator of land and property. If Venus anterdasa is running under Mercury Mahadasa then the native could market and advertise some kind of clothing or food & beverage business.

If Moon anterdasa is running in Mercury Mahadasa then the native could advertise and market home-based products such as furniture, beds, clothing, home appliances, vehicles, etc as Moon is a planet that represents all the home comfort products. Also, the native could market and advertise rental homes. People can also become public speakers and they may also speak in media during Mercury Mahadasha and Jupiter anterdasa.

If Mercury dasa is running and if Mercury is placed in the sign of Scorpio and if Mercury is your ascendant lord then during the Mars anterdasa (as Mars rules the sign of Scorpio and Mercury is placed there) the native may suffer from some kind of disease as Mercury is a planet of diseases as it rules the 6th house of diseases in the natural zodiac. Since Mercury represents our nervous system so some kind of neurological disorders are possible during this period.

Mercury is also a planet of short-distance journeys and so during Mercury Mahadasa and Mars anterdasa the native could travel a lot. Vehicles drivers such as bus drivers, taxi drivers, and auto-rickshaw drivers are often seen as running Mahadasa of Mercury as they travel all the time. But Mars anterdasa under Mercury Mahadasa could be a risk in travel especially if the ascendant lord is afflicted or not well placed in the chart. The ascendant lord represents the physical self.

If Jupiter anterdasha is running in Mercury Mahadasha then this could be the time for long-distance journeys such as from one city to another in a train, bus, or airplane. Jupiter period is the best period for even traveling to foreign countries as Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces which is a sign of foreign countries or isolated places such as sea and mountains. Ketu and 9th lord Mahadasas and Venus anterdasa are also good for marriage as marriages happen from luck and past life deeds and Ketu is a planet of past life deeds. But the dasa of the 7th lord is also good for marriage.

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