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How to Meditate By Kundalini Awakening Method?

seven chakras and kundalini
If you are directly coming to this page you must first read another article written about > benefits of meditation. That will give a clear idea what we human beings are and why we should meditate. Meditation actually is not possible unless Kundalini Power gets awakened. All other methods are just ways to concentrate that could even possess you but that is not meditation. Kundalini Power is located inside the body of every human being above the Muladhara Chakra. See the coil(kundalini) above Muladhara chakra in the picture on left. One becomes in the state of self-realized(connected to God) after Kundalini Awakening. Why Kundalini power need to be awakened to meditate?

We all human beings are actually soul and not the body. When Kundalini gets awakened it connects human being from his/her soul, and as a result, the energy of soul starts flowing through various energy chakras located inside the body. This flow of energy is in the form of cool breeze which will flow from the palms of hands and fontanel bone area(the top corner of the head) while you are meditating. You can imagine Kundalini Shakti as a hole through which energy of soul enters your body and clean and nourish the seven chakras inside the body. This makes your chakras powerful. All the different diseases you get in your body are due to the faults in any of the seven chakras. When Kundalini gets awakened it powers your chakras and makes you free from all diseases.

If you still didn't get your self-realization (kundalini still not awakened) and try to meditate, you will end up as feeling tired after meditation. So it's important kundalini should get awakened to be able to meditate. How is that possible? A highly authoritative person can only awaken your kundalini power on request. You do not have to do any sort of physical exercises or Yoga to get your Kundalini awakened. One who teaches that way are not the real people who can connect you to God.

An authoritative person like Shri Nirmala Devi (founder of Sahaja Yoga) can only help regarding this. She is the primordial mother on this earth. I know it's difficult to trust anyone regarding this. But since I have experienced it, I am writing here and also benefited a lot from it and still doing meditation. I don't say to trust anyone blindly. There is some reason to trust. There is no harm in experimenting something. You try and feel it and if you like, you will love to do it again and again.

It only needs your sincere desire to have your kundalini get awakened. You can experience this online. What do you need to do? Simply go to www.sahajayoga.org (will open in a new window). Over there you can see mother's photograph? Yes ok. Now sit in front of mother's photograph and have your both hands (with palms in the upward direction) on your laps. Close your eyes after staring at mother's face for sometimes and relax for few minutes. You should be completely relaxed and no thoughts should be there in your mind.

Now after closing your eyes simply pray mother from your heart and say "Mother Please Give Me My Self Realization". If your chakras are clear and you are an honest and innocent person, this sincere request for self-realization will awaken your kundalini immediately and you would go to thoughtless state. Try and feel the cool breeze coming out from palms of both hands and also check over fontanel bone area. This is entirely free of cost and not commercial in any way. One cannot pay for the experience of Divine Love.

As you might have heard there are actually seven energy chakras in the human body. Those are in order of sequence from bottom to top as below:

Mooladhara > Swadishthan > Nabhi and The Void > The Heart or Anahat > Vishuddhi > Agnya > Sahasrara

To know more about these chakras go to sahajayoga.org/chakrasandsubtlebody/default.asp?mode=text

Kundalini Shakti is located above the Mooladhara Chakra. When it rises it crosses the seven chakras and finally reaches to Sahasrara Chakra. As a result, Sahasrara Chakra opens and cool breeze starts flowing from your fontanel bone area. Once your Sahasrara Chakra opens you become realized soul. Just getting the Kundalini Awakened is not enough. Now you need to meditate every day (at least twice a day) to grow the energy level.

This was just an online self-realization. It's important to visit the nearby Sahaja Yoga center to get a photograph of mother and learn all the protocols of Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is practiced in more than 86 countries and centers are located in every major city in the world. The origin of Sahaja Yoga is however in India and it is practiced most in India. Just go to sahajayoga.org to find the nearest center at your location.

Now let us see how to meditate at home after kundalini awakening. Once you have become realized soul (your Sahasrara Chakra has opened after kundalini awakening) the only thing you need to do to meditate is to sit in front of mother's photograph, keep your hands (with palms in upward direction) on your laps, close your eyes, take Bandhan and raise your kundalini (this is a protocol and you must visit center to learn it) and start meditating.

You don't have to make any efforts to meditate. Just sit and relax for few minutes first. Just watch your breath when it goes up and down. Don't do any efforts to stop breath but only keep your attention over the breath when it goes up and down. When you will watch your breath like this for few minutes, your breath will automatically come to rest and as a result, your thoughts will also come at rest. This is called relaxed state. Once you are in the relaxed state, pray mother to raise your kundalini power (your eyes should remain closed during this whole process). As soon as you pray, you will realize kundalini has started working in your body. Again make sure don't do any efforts. Just let kundalini do whatever she wants to do in your body. She would clean your chakras slowly, give energy to them and after 10 min to 15 min you can find yourself much energetic. This is enough for one-time meditation. For the meditation, you can choose a time like early morning when thoughts are at rest. Or you can do this in the evening. And you must not forget to do the Jal Kriya (a protocol) before meditation.

This headband device can tell if you are meditating correctly or not by reading your brain waves.

Here is a great video where Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga) tells everything about kundalini awakening and its benefits. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi interviewed by Audrey Hope

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