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How T-shirt printing could be a monopoly business in india?

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T-shirt with graphic on the front
T-shirts printing could easily be a monopoly business in India because the graphics that you will print on the front or back of the t-shirts could be patented. But for that, either you yourself should be a graphic designer or you need to hire a graphic designer.

I would say the most profitable business for a graphic designer could be the t-shirt printing business. Just check the graphics on different t-shirts sold on this professional website. If you could make such graphic designs on a piece of paper (chart) then it is not difficult to get these designs printed on the t-shirts as the printing machines do all this work.

It is not necessary for you to be a graphic designer but you need to hire one if you are not a graphic designer and it will cost you a salary to pay the hired designer. You can even get your graphic design done online on freelancer sites like upwork.com and freelancer.com.

Let me tell you how the process works. You can post a project on upwork.com that you need a graphic design done for your t-shirt. Write the details of the project properly > what kind of designs or pictures you need in the graphic. You will receive at least 30-50 bids from different graphic designers on your project. You can select the one who has the best profile, perfect ratings and willing to do the job as per your specific requirements.

Get your design in a PSD (photoshop file) file from the graphic designer and take it in your own computer. If you want to know how a graphic designer make use of photoshop lightroom and photoshop cc to create a graphic design for t-shirt printing you can watch this youtube video.

You can get a design done for as low as $10 as there is a lot of competition among the designers on sites like upwork.com and freelancer.com. You will also get the copyright of the design once you pay the designer. From one such design, you could print on hundreds of t-shirts with the help of the t-shirt printing machine. Infect you could keep doing this if you are getting the same design t-shirt demand again and again from the customers (if you are having your own t-shirt business) or from the t-shirt brand (the company) which you are working for.

Now once your design is ready (in the form of a PSD file on your computer), you can make use of professional printing machines like Freejet 330TX DTG Printer (cost INR 11-12 lac $17000) to get your design printed on the plain t-shirts. You can buy good quality plain t-shirts from the wholesale markets like Gandhi Nagar in New Delhi, India. Once the design will be printed on the plain t-shirts then those will become designer t-shirts.

The real job of printing is done by the DTG printer as mentioned above. This direct to garment (DTG) printer is manufactured by the world's best printing company > Omniprint International. The printer I mentioned above is the cheapest and you can also buy higher versions of this printer from Omniprint International if you have more money to spend for more faster printing.

The specialty of this printer is that it directly prints on the t-shirt or any other garment. You need to insert the garment in the printer. And so it is the easiest way to print without affecting the quality of the print. Many world's top e-commerce brands are using this printer and higher versions of this printer in their t-shirts manufacturing business. Here is a nice youtube video review of the printing machines offered by Omniprint International.

Along with this printer, you also get a software to be installed in your computer and with the help of this software you can vary the size of your design and get it printed through the printer. The printer will be operated wirelessly from your computer and so the printer will follow all commands given from your computer.

There are also many other types of printing machines but those are not good for high-quality graphic designs. I would say this is the best way to start a t-shirt printing business as the top clothing brands are doing the same way. This could be a monopoly business as well because the designs will be unique and the retailers cannot get the same design from someone other than you.

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Below is the picture of > Freejet 330TX Plus DTG Printer.

FreeJet 330TX Plus printer from omni international

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